Six railway


2009 Nian 8 Yue 10 officially started.

2013 Nian 12 Yue 28 Ri 7 40 pm, 55011 times a truck loaded with goods leave from North Station Fuyang, Fu six straight railhead more than 160 km away - Luan station, marking the construction of which lasted more than four years to Lu'an Fuyang railway official opening and operation.

Since July 2, 2014 the official opening of passenger service.

Project Overview

A total of 42 railway bridge, wherein the bridge 10, bridge 13; the four traction, the two power distribution, laying catenary 301.365 km , through line 380.9 km, 179.98 km optical cable, the communication base station 29.

Fu six railway line construction is divided into two sections, the construction of China Railway 15th Bureau Group

A Lot Fu six railway construction (4)

, China Railway 24 Bureau Group, the construction of two tenders construction. Since the program was started August 10, 2009, under the unified leadership of the Shanghai Railway Bureau, Yang junction headquarters, construction units around the "quality engineering, safety engineering, conservation projects," the main line, meticulous planning, careful arrangements, solid promote the project, has cracked the thousands of construction problems, to ensure that the project safety, quality controlled. The project was May 18, 2013 to achieve across the board to pull through, delivered the opening December 26, December 28 into the national railway operation chart officially began operations.

open passenger

Fu six railway official opening of passenger services with effect from July 2, 2014, will be opened to train a group of Shanghai. Is expected to open future EMU, which will end the history of the car did not move Fuyang, Fuyang railway has great significance.

Six railway

K8361 train (rapid air conditioning) (Order tickets July 2, 2014), originating station: Fuyang; end of the arrival: Shanghai; a total of 11 full stops:

station sequence station train

departure time arrival time


1 fuyang K8361 17:30 --------

2 huoqiu K8361 19:04 18:56 01:26

3 Luan K8364 20:00 19:54 02:24

4 Hefei K8364 21:15 21:02 03:32

5 Nanjing K8361 23:50 23:35 06:05

6 Zhenjiang K8361 00:37 00:33 07:03

7 Changzhou K8361 01:25 01:21 07:51

8 Wuxi K8361 02:06 01:52 08:22

9 Suzhou K8361 03:17 03:12 09:42

10 Kunshan K8361 03:57 03:42 10:12

11 Shanghai K8361 - - 05:18 11:48

K8362 train (rapid air conditioning) (tickets Order 2014 on July 4), originating station: Shanghai; end station: fuyang; total of 11 full stops:

order station station trips Departure time Arrival time last
1 Shanghai K8362 23:36 ----
2 Kunshan K8362 00:12 00:09 00:33 arrived the next day
3 Suzhou K8362 00:40 00:36 01:00 arrived the next day
4 Wuxi K8362 01:12 01:08 01:32 arrived the next day
5 Changzhou K8362 01:44 01:39 02:03 arrived the next day
6 Zhenjiang K8362 02:34 < / b> 02:31 02:55 arrived the next day
7 Nanjing K8362 03:35 03:18 < b> 03:42arrived the next day
8 Hefei K8362 05:54 05:42 06:06 arrived the next day
9 Luan K8362 07:03 06:58 07:22 arrived the next day < / td>
10 huoqiu K8362 07:53 07:47 08:11 arrived the next day
11 Fuyang K8362 ---- 09:25 09:49 arrived the next day
< h2> significance

Fu six railway, is included in the national "long-term railway network plan (2008 adjusted)" project, planning is the northern section of the railway Fu Ying Shan. By the China Railway Construction joint venture in Anhui Province and Beijing-Kowloon Railway to Lu'an Fuyang large hub of railway, August 10, 2009 officially started, the national planning and construction of Fuyang - Lu'an - Anqing - Jingdezhen important part of the railway, North and South East China has an important role to improve rail transport pressure on the national trunk railway network layout, building regional integrated transport system, effectively alleviated. At the same time, to Lu'an Fuyang railway is "Lianghuai" tons of coal and iron ore resources Sinotrans channel Huoqiu, to promote "Lianghuai" coal production bases and Huoqiu iron ore resource development, protection of coastal areas along the Yangtze River and the southeast energy and raw materials supply is of great importance.

Fu Fu six railway north railway Huai Yuan territory of Fuyang City, Village Station via Ying Eastern, Yingshang County, Huoqiu County, Lu'an city, Lu'an City to end, and Nanjing-Xi'an Railway crossing points station practice, ballasted normal speed electrified railways is disposable within the province singlet opening speed of 160 km first. 167.8 km long main line across the board, a total of 13 stations, including the new six shilipu, according to the South, near the water, wells Feng, Wu set, White Lotus, estuaries, Huoqiu, Cao Temple and Qingliangsi 10 stations, six alterations Ann, crossing points, Yuan Village three stations.

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