In addition to Philips, France has entrusted SISVEL SPA to charge the patent fees, the Fraunhofer Institute has provided licenses to THOMSON MultiMedia, which is responsible for collecting patents, and downloads to MP3 The company charges 1% of the tax, and the hardware company pays 50 cents per unit. The products involved in the certificate include: MP3, MP4, DVB-T, DVD and other products.

Guangdong Oriental Jinyuan Law Firm Intellectual Property Lawyer Jinxin told reporters that the SISVEL SPA's large-scale enterprise charges the two patents for patent fees: ISO / IECLLL72-3 and 13818-3 Standards, through patented retrieval, its patent holder is actually the French telecommunications and Philips.

Patent trap

"I don't have fewer foreign orders now, but I don't want to be weak in the circle in the circle, and even give up." Mud, "Mud," Reporter: "Now directly with sisvel."


Follow SISVEL, MP3 supplier finds the SISVEL Hong Kong company interview, need to set up a fixed account at Sisvel, one-time deposit 150,000-00,000 US dollars Five years of guarantee, and then determine the payment standard according to the quantity of monthly production.

"The public offer is $ 0.6 per unit, and the number of large companies are generally up to 0.4 US dollars." Wang Sheng, who is engaged in SiSVEL certification, revealed: "When you find that you have violations The fine will be deducted from the margin. ""

The distributor payment mode is abandoned, and the biggest problem in facing Sisvel is too high. Wang Sheng revealed that most of his customers were born because of their guarantee of more than ten thousand dollars, but had to purchase SiSVEL certification privately.

In addition, the most MP3 manufacturer has a licking, SISVEL is penetrating through a direct authentication mode.

Guangdong Oriental Jinyuan Law Firm

Jinduxin Introduction: "Patent Rights has geographicalability, the patents in Sisvel have not been applied in China, so Chinese companies are in China Sales do not have to pay the license fee. And the patent has been put into commercial operations abroad for many years. It has lost its novelty, so it will not apply for patents in China in the future, so it is not a big impact on the domestic market. ""

But Wang Sheng believes that: "SISVEL is intended to contact the brand seller through direct contact with brand sellers, in order to charge other market patent fees except European market patent fees."

Past MP3 manufacturer is The external list (mainly) is handed over to the SISVEL certification plant processing, while the local and non-European people have through ordinary factory, and Sisvel can only charge the product patent for the European market. Once in direct cooperation with Sisvel, Sisvel is likely to purse MP3 companies in a global packaging method.

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