Single-choice questions

The title characteristics

The question is a variety of cases in context design and contract, the subject limbs are often similar, confused, slightly neglect, will choose the wrong. Each question has a correct option, and other options are either in line with the meaning, or wrong, ask candidates to compare four selected items, select it correct and fit.

Single-choice type is common: "Best Choice", "Combination Selection", "Fill Choice", "Material, Core Selection", "Causal Selection". Regardless of how the subject changes, the key is to choose one. This item is not "best item", it is "unique". In recent years, the college entrance examination has increased its number of questions and scores, a total of 24 questions, 48 ​​points, accounting for 32% of the total test volume, and therefore, it should be paid attention to in this type of test.

The type of several single-choice questions is set forth below:

1. The characteristics of filling the blanking choice, this type is relatively simple, usually with major events at home and abroad, mainly examine the re-recognition of candidates, generally requiring candidates to select the content lack of blanks.

2. The characteristics of the combined selection questions. This type of choice is essentially deformed in the choice of choice, which is designed to increase the difficulty of single-choice questions, mainly examine the comprehensive analysis of candidates and the ability to think of multi-angle thinking.

3. Characteristics of judgmentary choice questions. Such options mainly examine candidates' ability to distinguish, and ask candidates to make "what" or "nothing" on relevant knowledge, theoretical knowledge requires high.

4. The characteristics of the causal choice questions. In this type of choice, the instructional relationship with the problem of the subject matter and the subject limbs is usually provided by the questions, and the result is selected in the topic. Such options have complex causal relationships, direct, indirect, revealed, concealed, main, secondary, strong interference. The form of topics is generally used "The root cause", "reason is", "due to", "this is because" said the question dry with the subject matter.

5. Characteristics of the classic selection questions. Such options typically quote certain arguments in someone, a document or work, let candidates analyze the truth, mainly examine the understanding, analysis, comprehensive and evaluation of candidates. The topic is usually used "This sentence has the truth", "this paragraph", "this paragraph to our revelation is", etc.

6. The characteristics of the comic multi-selection questions. This type of choice is generally given or several comics, some are pure comic artificial. This type of testimony mainly examines the reading and comprehensive evaluation ability of candidates.

7. The characteristics of material choice questions. The topic of this type of topic is selected from the group consciously political life or economy. The major examples of living, require candidates to think, analyze relevant knowledge contained in materials, or require candidates to analyze the major issues in real life, comprehensive understanding. In this type of topics, the inscribed materials are outside the textbook, but the basics used are still within the textbook. Usually "this example (fact) description", "This material indicates", "this indicates" and other words will be joined to the subject.

Solutions Guide

Solution Step

1, review the meaning of the question, and grasp the eye. The meaning is the specific provisibility of the question of the question, the review is to fully and accurately grasp the specific connotation of the questions; the eye is the key words or sentences that refer to the meaning of the question, which determines the title of the subject. Thus, review the meaning of the question, grasp the topic, is the key to the problem.

2, examine the subject limbs, clearly. Four kinds of theme generally explain the four aspects of content (there are also different contents of language expression), in a review, it is necessary to understand the meaning of each type of limbs.

3, dry limbs, have a hit. Pick the subject matter of the limbs in accordance with the respective connotation of the question and the subject limbs. Do a single choice, you should pay attention to the choice of the topic of the subject, that is, choose the best limbs;

4, rationalizing the road, paying attention. After selecting the answer, you should check if the idea of ​​the solution is correct, and the internal logic relationship between the question and the theme is established to ensure the correctness of the selection.

Solution method

Select question method, the most commonly used is: "Excluding" (including: 排 谬, row, hard, etc.), "Preferred", "Comparative Analysis".

Use the "Route" in the Exclusion Method to exclude obvious errors or non-compliant options, do not consider; then analyze the remaining options, use "preferred law" Select the option that is best in line with.

"排 法 法" excludes obvious wrong options (such as the question requesting the wrong choice to make the correct exclude); "Right" consistent, repeat each other, repeat each other, or can be launched each other, choose It will be eliminated by multiple elections; "qualifications" excludes the options that have nothing to do with the meaning; "exclusion method" is repeatedly excluded with the title. The remaining options reuse the "preferred method" will clearly meet the meaning of the question, generally not much problem. As the saying goes: "Not afraid of not knowing the goods, I am afraid of goods to fierce goods", pick a "best choice", the so-called "best choice", mainly "best choice Say. It is relative to those "correct" options, but not "best" answers.

If "combined selection", that is actually a variety of varieties. However, the difficulty is reduced in the combination.

always says that the answer sheet must grasp the following three situations, three ideas and three methods.

(1) contains only a choice of the only correct answer. According to the rules required by the question, eliminate other errors, the remaining one will be correct, or directly to find the entry of the question with the options.

(2) The best answer, the four options in the question, there are more than two or all of the questions, but one of them is the best answer, which meets the rules of the title, directivity Requirements, it or answered the most important or most fundamental issues in the objective phenomenon reflected by the test questions, or answered the most direct or most essential contacts or problems in the objective phenomenon reflected by the test.

(3) A number of combined selection questions In addition to the decomposition of the previously described, there is a simple way to exclude the wrongme, and then compare.

Solution This type of question must master certain skills and correct ideas. The first step is to read the question, to give a question, accurately grasp the rules of the question, that is, what is the question requested by the question, what is the problem, aspect, aspect, angle or condition, to answer this question. The second step is to identify and determine the selection of the right limbs. The subject matter option is divided into two categories, and one is not in line with the meaning of the question. This is divided into three types: one is that the object option itself is wrong or contains the wrong ingredient. The test requirement is correct; the two is the topic option itself, but it is not relevant to the question request; the third type of theme The epitaxial requirements of the concept or judgments in the option are greater than or smaller than the extension requirements specified by the question. Another category is the most conformable of this selected type of limbs. In the solution, you can use the exclusion method to make all the questions, no matter whether it is right, reverse thinking, or the problem of the problem itself itself, and then excludes, then more than the remaining topic, use The concepts, views, principles determine whether it is correct, and consider which most cost, whether the option can answer the direction, scope and meaning of the objective phenomenon reflected by the test questions.

1, select the filling of the blanking

In recent years, there are more forms of political test questions in recent years. It has uniqueness, which is not suspicious, and individuals are also used to assess people and assessments. Basic knowledge.

2, citation, material

This is the most common in recent years, and the most common form of propositions. The content of the question is selected for the major factual materials in real political life or economic life, requiring candidates to think about the basics contained in the materials, or analyze, comprehensive and evaluate the basic knowledge. This topic is mainly used to examine the analysis, comprehensive and evaluation of candidates. The form of this type is commonly used in "this example", "this indicates" and other words to connect the subject to the subject matter. The answer method is to first grasp the center or key words in the material to accurately grasp the meaning of the material, and then take the subject and the subject, and if you can correctly analyze, evaluate the subject of the material, it is correct questions. limb.

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