Singapore Jinsha Entertainment City


Binhai Bay Jinsha is developed by the Las Vegas Jinsha Group, is known as the most expensive independent casino buildings in the world, including land costs. 8 billion Singapore dollars. This construction group is designed by Canadian Israeli Design Master, Savi Sadfie. The entertainment city officially opened on June 23, 2010.

Binhai Jinsha is located in Bay, covering an area of ​​20.6 hectares. Including casinos, Opera House, Art, Science Museum, Grand Hotel, Exhibition Center and Banquet Hall, a total of 6 architectural series, with 2,500 rooms in hotels in a 55-storey hotel.

Amusement item


The resort has two first-class theater, but also accommodates 4000 viewers, and the audience can appreciate the various styles. Artistic performances in various regions of various regions have also become an internationally renowned musical - "Lion King" of the Permanent Theater.

Singapore Jinsha Entertainment City

Art, the Science Museum brings together famous artworks from all over the world.

High-altitude shim

It is said that this pool is the world's highest outdoor pool, 150 meters long, 3 times the length of the Olympic pool, built on the top of 55 floors.

Flying "Ship"

The most special place in Jinsha Entertainment City has its own aerial garden. The 3 main buildings supported the huge air garden, looked up, a Noah's giant "spacecraft" hangs above 3 200 meters high.

The garden is about 340 meters long. "The bow" is completely suspended above more than 200 meters.


Singapore Bay Sands Sands, the entire construction group consists of three 55-storey main buildings, the roof is designed as a large air garden, the entire project lasted four Year completed.

Binhai Bay Sands Entertainment City is nearly 200 meters, including 2,500 rooms, 250 luxury rooms, a large business center, two theaters, one Super contemporary museum, casino, as well as a number of restaurants and bars.

an open-air platform with a length of 340 meters. The open-air platform is located at the top of the three main buildings. It is integrated, and the length is parked in 4 and a half A380 aircraft will become a large "aerial garden".

The huge open-air platform can accommodate 3,900 tourists, which will have a green coverage area of ​​1240,000 square meters, and the area of ​​the garden is approximately 10 Olympic Standard Swimming Falls. There is also 250 trees, with larger trees being fixed by steel and concrete to prevent frightening by wind. It also built an open-air swimming pool, known as the world's highest outdoor pool.

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