Simpson's seventh season


Name: Simpson's seventh season complete works

English name: The Simpsons Season 7

Director: Wesley Archer

Starring: Dan Castellaneta / Hank Azaria / Yeardley Smith

Language: English pronunciation Chinese subtitles

Premiere Date: 1995-09-17

single Concentration length: 30 minutes

plot introduction

Simpson is the most common five-way home in the United States: Dad Homer Simpson is a simple man who cannot be simple, Springfield's nuclear power plant reluctantly a job, just being fired and hired again in the same position ... Homer spent a lot of time in the pub, because only there He can be welcomed by others - the premise is that he consumes. The pub is a place that is fully able to relax in Homer. He can use his own key to make a bad voice, you can rub the snot on the shirt, you can take a cup to taste the tempting beer. Homer will be there as a place to drink a few glasses, eat one or two haloges, let everything look into a possible place: After all, the life is too short, it is impossible to save money, so his wish It is: Take the tart in the sky, the richness overnight. Mom Ma Zhi Simpson belongs to the perfect woman behind the successful man, is the cutest "adhesive" between the Simpssen family, supports every family with an incredible optimistic attitude.

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