Synonym Alpine Snow General refers to Silver, a year of herbal plants, a year of herbal plants

morphological characteristics

a year. Herb. The root fiber is fine, with very much branches, long up to 20 cm or more, 3-5 mm in diameter. Slimates, from the base, up to 60 cm, high of 60-80 cm, 3-5 mm in diameter, smooth, often hairless, sometimes flexible. Leaves, oval, length 5-7 cm, width of about 3 cm, first end, small tip, base flat interceptive circle, green, fullness; no handle or near no hand; total 2-3 Music, ellipse, length 3-4 cm, 1-2 cm wide, first round, base is gradually narrow. Whole edge, green, white side; umbelline 2-3, length 1-4 cm, softer or near hairless; bias leaves, 1-2 cm long, 5-7 (9) mm, first round The base is gradually narrow, and the neutral neutral sequence is born in the barefelt or several quasiors, the base has a handle, the handle is 3-5 mm, the secret is soft; the total abuse, 5-6 mm The diameter is about 4 mm, the exterior is flexible, the edge 5 is fed, the rift triangles to the circular shape, the pointed to the microples, the edge and the inner side are flexible; the gland 4, semi-circular, the marginal large white accessory, Length and width exceed the gland. Most of the male flowers, extended out of the abad; 片 片 状; 花 花, long, up to 3-5 mm, extends out of the total, is soft; the subscriber is soft; flower column 3, separation; positor 2 is shallow. Capsule is near spherical, long and diameter is about 5.5 mm, with longofitting, length 3-7 mm, flexible; flowers, split into 3 decisions when mature. The seed is cylindrical, pale yellow to gray brown, 3.5-4 mm long, 2.8-3 mm in diameter. Tmal or short hint or unexpected protrusion; no seed. June-September - September.

Origin Habitat

The sunshine of the silver-edge, not yin, happy, afraid of moisture. Requires good drainage, soil landscape, fertile loose soil, drought resistance, avoid water, do not resist thin, can grow in light alkali soil.

Silvering is distributed in North America, widely cultivated in mainland China; most provinces and municipalities in China have cultivated.

Reproductive method

Sowing or cutting reproduction, straightness, good live, spring seed breeding, can also reproduce. Cutting breeding should be inserted into the dry soil, and the juice that flows out of the cut is absorbed and then water.


Spring is usually carried out in late March until mid-April. Direct seeds directly in an exposed gentle bed or basin. The seedbed is flat, and the water is watered, and the seeds are evenly spread in the seedbed after dryness. After the soil, cover the plastic film to heat preservation, moisturize. The general temperature is maintained at around 20 ° C, and it can be budged from the circumference. After the seedlings are unearthed, it is necessary to uncover the film in time, usually before 9:30 every morning, or after 3:30 in the afternoon, the seedlings will be the best, most seeds are out of time, and the seedlings are performed. The weak seed is unplugged, and when most of the seedlings grow 3 or more, it can be transplanted or on the basin.


Choose a tender branch of growth, no pest harmful branches, cut around 10 cm long, cut into the flat, lower horses, and cut the cutting from a certain line 3-4 cm insertion. Due to the phosphis containing emulsion, it cannot be water immediately after the insertion, otherwise it is easy to cause part of the insert to rot, and after the emulsion is sucked, it can water. Or in front of the grass wood ash, drying with plastic films, placed in a cool place, requires humidity to be more than 95%, and can root root of 10 days.

Sednation management:

  • Wen degree: The optimal temperature of the root root root is 18- 25 ° C, less than 18 ° C, interrupted rape root, slow; higher than 25 ° C, the cutting of the cutting scissors is easily rotted and rotted, the higher the temperature, the greater the proportion of rot. When you encounter low temperatures, you can keep the film insulation. When the temperature is too high, it is timely to cool down. Silver

  • Humidity: The relative humidity of the air must be maintained at 75-85% after cutting. Generally 1-3 times a day, more spray in sunny, rainy day, no spray or not spray

  • light: cutting should not be light irradiation, otherwise, plugging It will be susceptible to water due to high temperature, so after inserting, it must be placed in a yin (light transmittance 20-50%), after the root is long, then gradually remove the shade net, generally sunny every day from 16:00 pm On the next day, it covers the sunshade network.

  • Cultivation Techniques

    The silver side is a direct plant. But put it seedling. It is also easy to survive. Usually sowed in early April. Migrated after 1 month. After planting is survived, the seedlings should be taken once and to promote branches. Inhibit height. Can spray 150x10 -6 15% multi-effects once, it can effectively inhibit the growth of too high, and the plant is well known. During the growth period, we have to dry and then poured. From 5 to August, 20% of the cake fertilizers or fertilizers were taken half a month, and the loose sand was worried. The fruit is mature in September, pay attention to observation. Work-time harvest.

    Pest control

    This flower is growing and strong, almost no pests are harmful. There will be fly to wear a honey juice that sucks flowers between the flowers, generally can spray the lactu emulsion 1200 times liquid control.

    Main value


    [Sexual effect] bitter, Xin, slightly cold blood transfer, swelling and disappearing.

    [Common Formulation] 1 The moonlight is not adjusted: the silver is 3-9 grams, Shuijianbi. 2 Treatment of non-name swollen poisons, falling damage, swelling, silver, freshly leather, smashed the external application of the affected area.

    [Modern Research] Modern clinical is used to treat menstrual irregularities, non-name swollen and bruised injuries.


    Yinyan green, green, silver white, flowers, color cleans, often used as a flower bed, it is also easy to grow, or next to the trail of the courtyard Plant.

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