Side suction range hood

Synonym side suction range hood generally refers to side suction range hood

Introduction to range hood

The working method of range hood itself, if it is classified according to the working principle of the range hood, There are mainly two types of side suction and top suction (T-shaped machine). The original range hood is mainly top suction, but in 2008 and 2009, side suction range hoods gradually became popular, which also means that people are Smoking requirements are getting higher and higher.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages here are mainly relative to the top suction range hood


Fume separation< /p>

The patented product in the side-suction range hood-the oil fume separation plate, completely solves the problem that the oil fume is difficult to remove from the top cooking It has a long service life, and achieves the effect of oil fume extraction more effectively.

Don’t meet your head

Users who use Chinese style hoods and T-type machines must have such troubles, that is, when cooking vegetables, their heads often touch the range hood, or else You have to lean back a lot, which is very uncomfortable. The side-suction range hood does not have such defects. The hood is 20cm-40cm away from the outer edge of the countertop, which makes people not feel depressed. It can be said that the side suction range hood completely solves the problem of the previous range hood meeting.


The side-suction range hood has side air intake, the air inlet is greatly reduced, only smoke, not flames, near-suction range hood with oil and smoke separation plate It can not only suck off the oil fume, but also the harmful gases in the gas. Especially the oil fume separation filter plate of the near suction range hood can be described as a feat in the reform of the range hood, and its fume absorption rate can be Reaching over 99%, the oil fume purification rate has reached 90%. In the kitchen, even if you stir fry the peppers, you can't smell the smell, which is especially suitable for open kitchens. The side suction range hood with the oil fume separation plate has become a range hood that truly conforms to the cooking habits of Chinese households with its high standard of oil fume removal rate and oil fume purification rate.


To talk about the disadvantages, we can only say that the development of side-exhaust hoods is not yet mature

Side-exhaust range hoods have few styles and collections. The inner cavity of the cigarette cannot be formed in one piece, and the cleaning is troublesome and noisy. Few styles are only a few years after development, and the technology is not strong enough. The more troublesome cleaning means that it should be cleaned frequently, not difficult, because the side smoker is very close to the stove. The noise is loud, I think it is the weak technical force, and the international brands have not injected it.

Purchase tips

How to choose a side suction range hood

Some side suction range hood manufacturers or terminal sales personnel tend to exaggerate the side suction type The smoking effect (smoking rate) of the range hood, the smoking rate of the side-draft range hood can reach 90%, but it is a bit exaggerated to reach 99%. In fact, the smoking of the side-draft range hood There is no obvious difference in effect. Smoking effects are almost the same, generally reaching more than 90%, just like a car can drive up to 100 hours. However, there are some small differences in the smoking effect of side-draft range hoods. Generally speaking, the factors that affect the smoking effect are the motor power, the size and shape of the smoke collecting chamber, etc. The higher the motor power, the better the smoking effect; the smoke collecting chamber is appropriately larger , It is beneficial for the wind pressure to be evenly applied to the fume separation plate, and the smoking effect will be better. When you smoke, you can see that the fume is sucked in from the lower part of the separation plate. Of course, the shape of the smoke collection cavity also has a certain influence. "Open it a bit bigger and have a smoother wind flow. Of course, the effect of smoking is better.

The purification rate of oil fume (that is, the degree of grease reduction) mainly depends on the structure and material of the separation plate. At present, the shape of the separation plate of the near suction range hood on the market is divided into two types: arc type and straight type .The curved shape is beautiful, and the straight shape is simple. The separation plate is generally made of stainless steel, stainless iron, aluminum alloy and other materials. Different materials have an impact on the purification rate. The stainless steel material has a texture and grade (stainless iron is worse). The purification of aluminum alloy is not as good as that of aluminum alloy (aluminum is not as good as copper, but copper is expensive and easy to change color, and currently no manufacturer has adopted it). Aluminum alloy has two characteristics, one is that the heat dissipation effect is good. We all know that oil fume is In the gaseous state, the oil fume separation process is the liquefaction process of oil, and the gas can liquefy when it is cold. Aluminum alloy is a good conductor of heat, and it is just right to make the separation plate material; the second is that the surface tension of aluminum alloy is very strong, and the oil molecules are separated. The plate can be condensed into water droplets and will not adhere to the wall of the plate, which reduces the pollution of the separation plate. However, because aluminum alloy materials are lighter than stainless steel, they do not feel good when they are in the hand, so many manufacturers currently The stainless steel separating plate is used in the production.

When purchasing the side-suction range hood, it is necessary to see what material the side-suction range hood is made of. There are generally three types of body materials: stainless steel, cold-rolled steel plate paint, and cold-rolled steel plate spray.

The stainless steel body is generally made of 0.6mm thick 201 stainless steel, but some people say that it is made of 304 stainless steel. It is probably "blowing" because the range hood rarely uses 304 stainless steel. 304 stainless steel is often used for tableware, sinks, medical appliances, etc. When purchasing, you should also check whether the fuselage is all stainless steel or partly stainless steel. Some fuselages "cut corners" on the back, using 0.4mm thick stainless iron (430 steel), and some even have some "refills". Some of the back of the fuselage is made of cold-rolled steel plate and sprayed plastic. The price of a machine like this will be lower.

The body's cold-rolled steel plate paint adds colorful elements to the range hood, which is very beautiful and easier to clean than stainless steel. But pay attention to whether the paint is uniform, smooth, and detailed, whether there are "bulging" bubbles, and the gloss. At the same time, pay attention to whether the exterior of the side smoking machine is completely painted or partially painted, and whether the inside of the machine cavity is painted or sprayed. All painted will be more beautiful and beautiful!

The machine body is cold-rolled steel plate sprayed with plastic, which is generally used by special machines, and the price is more favorable. Spraying also depends on whether it is uniform, smooth, and meticulous. The plastic spray has no metallic reflective luster, but it also looks simple and beautiful!

When buying a side suction range hood, after looking at the materials used in the body of the range hood, you should look at the "heart and organs" of the range hood, which affects the quality and performance of the range hood.

First of all, we must understand what the "heart" is made of. The "heart" is undoubtedly a motor. One is to understand the power of the motor. The power of the motor is generally between 60W and 80W. Generally, the higher the wattage, the greater the wind power (the noise is also greater); the second is to understand whether the motor is fully enclosed or semi-enclosed. The motors of suction range hoods are generally fully enclosed, and the fully enclosed motor coils are generally made of all copper wires. All copper wires generate less heat, quickly dissipate heat, and are not easy to burn, so they can be fully enclosed and fully enclosed. Can better protect the motor. Semi-enclosed motor coils are generally made of copper-clad aluminum, aluminum or even iron wire. They generate high heat, slow heat dissipation, and are easy to burn out. The third is to understand how the motor bearings are composed. Many people will say that they are Japanese NSK bearings. In fact, they are almost the same. Just ask where the motors are produced. Generally, the bearings produced in Zhejiang will not use bad bearings.

Secondly, we must understand the "organ", that is, is the impeller made of iron or plastic? Of course iron is good; is the wiring made of all copper wire or copper clad aluminum wire? Copper wire is of course good; is the switch a mechanical switch or a touch (light touch) switch? Mechanical switches look low-grade, not easy to press, but relatively durable, touch (light touch) switches look high-grade and fashionable; lamps are the eyes of range hoods, usually made of LED lamps, but it depends on a few lamp beads Yes, generally 20 lamp beads are better than 10 lamp beads, and they are more beautiful and brighter. It also has 20 lamp beads. It depends on whether the switch is equipped with a "transformer"? The one equipped with a transformer is a little darker than the one without a transformer, but it is not easy to burn out. Of course, the one with a transformer is more expensive.

Again, it depends on the accessories of the side suction range hood, such as the thickness of the smoke pipe, the toughness of the air outlet, and the quality of the oil cup (oil box).

The exterior design of the side-suction range hood has curved curves, simple straight panels, and curved inner straight jackets. Just like clothing, there are many styles, so you can choose according to your Like it, the so-called "snails and vegetables have their own love." There are also long and short sizes. The long one is generally 90CM, the short one is generally 75CM, and there are more than 80 cm. The overall sales of the long one are larger, and the length should be selected according to the size of your kitchen; the height should also be paid attention to, the height of the whole machine is average 80-90CM, generally the higher the machine, the longer the fan hoarding, which looks more coordinated. Some hoardings are made "short" for the purpose of "saving" materials, and they look uncoordinated. The height of the hoarding is generally 40- 45CM is appropriate; choose a cabinet wall cabinet with a thickness that suits you. Of course, it should not be too thick, as it will be easy to meet. What we should pay attention to here is that the appearance design cannot affect the work effect.

The internal structure design of the side-suction range hood is a key purchase issue. Open the oil fume separation plate and look at the structure design of the fume collection chamber to see whether the wires are easy to fall off, whether the oil guide pipe is well connected, whether the wind wheel is exposed, whether there are too many rivets in the fume collection chamber that affect the appearance and so on.

The craftsmanship and workmanship directly affect the grade of the range hood. Generally speaking, a well-made range hood uses good materials. It is very difficult to do a good job if the materials are not good, but although the materials are good , Also pay attention to the workmanship: whether the solder joints are neat and detailed, whether the joints are beautiful and generous, whether there are gaps exposed, whether the smoke collection cavity is beautiful, whether the back is beautiful, whether the arc "arc" is smooth, whether the whole machine is easily scratched Hand place? and many more.

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