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"Poetic Sound" detailed the "Book of Songs", the ancient sound of the rhyme, where he thinks the words of the ancient and modern pronunciation, indicate that this word ancient sound should be in the ancient rhyme One, and statistics on the number of words in the "Book of Songs", in other scribes, as the number of rhymes, what are the rhyme.

Gu Yanwu self-recognized this book is the most important part of the "Wushu". "Yin Yin" examines the ancient sound of "Yi Jing", the basic method is the same as "poetic", but it is not like examining the "Book of Book", but the sentence of the Book of Jingjing, but the sentence he thinks It is pointed out the ancient rhyme of the middle rhyme. "Tang Yunzheng" is to correct the so-called mistakes of "Tang Yun".

Gu is studying ancient sound on retro tendencies, and all "Tang Yun" and ancient sounds are not in charge, he thinks it is "Tang Yun" wrong. It is actually taken out of many of the evidence that should be put in "Poetic Sound" and can be seen as a detailed note for "poetic sound".

Work version

Known earliest version is Kangxi six years in Jushan, the number of people is still much, then there is also the eleventh year of the four years of the four-massed crops imitation, Guangxu Xiang Yino (Qing Dang), Xiang Yin (Qing Dynasty), was published in the sixteen, and Changsha Six Singer.

Author's introduction

Gu Yanwu (7 photos)

Gu Yanwu (1613-1682), thinner, historian, Jiangsu Kunshan people. At the age of 14, I went to the age of 27, and I found out that I was in the scorpion of the public, and I wrote the "Tianxia County Guili Book" and "Magnoli". Ming death, he has been clear. In the next ten years, in the heart of Fu Fu, there is nearly 50 kinds of books such as Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Shaanxi, "Japanese Record", "Sports Wood".

Gu Yanwu's profound, in the eagerness, history, sound rhythm, Jinshi, Archaeological, Fang Zhi, Ji Shu, and poetic students, have a deeper understandance, and summarized Lu Wang Xin, and in sex and heaven, , The propriator, knowing, and the whatever you want, there is a different interest in the study of Cheng Zhu Chi. He abandoned the "sex and heaven" empty talk, and he promoted "Bo", "the line has been shameful" is the way of learning.

Related Evaluation

"Ancient Somatheraography" is a summary of Gu Yan Wu's ancient audio research, change the "Tang Yun" order, divide the ancient sound into 10, use the form Listed. The "Sound May Book" has been completely denied Ye Yun from the theory and practice, and has laid the foundation of the ancient sound, and opened up a new field of phonology research.

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