Shuangcheng Guanyin Temple

Geographic location

The Republic of China is re-repaired in the second year of the country. During the "Cultural Revolution" period, it was destroyed, only three of the true temples; the temple was changed by the factory workshop, and then became a desolate. After 1981, we will build a large Xiong Temple, Mountain, Maitreted Temple, San Holy Temple, Tibetan Temple, Yanshou Hall and East and West. The famous name is changed to "Guanyin Temple".

Shuangcheng Guanyin Temple consists of Maitrend Temple, Daxiong Temple, Tibetan Temple, and East and West Hall. Daxiong Temple is in the porcelain roof, two dragon red bead sculptures, three floors flying four out, the carved dyeing, the temple is a peaceful Sakyamuni Buddha, the seat Guanyin Bodhisattva, the temple is open Such as washing, jack-cast iron incense burner, the top two lions in the palace left and right, and the temple of the temple is red painted, and the sauce painted. There is a temple in the temple, engraved "Double City Guanyin Temple", and also supports four capsules, and is precious. It is now the Heilongjiang Province Key Temple. On May 13, 1993, Guanyin Temple held a Lighting Fair, but the decisive fault, the manufacturer did not process it as a scheduled time, and the four disciples participating in the Fa Conference have come from outside the province. There is a hit, it will affect the Fa Conference, Anhai Master prayed to the Bodhisattva. On the day of the light, the inner lights gave a morning in the morning, and I found a mouthful of ancient clock on the east side of the main hall, about more than one hundred pounds, and the two could barely move. It is the night temple door close, and there are more than two meters of high walls around, and the clock is from He. It is a mystery. Everyone calls it "flying".

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Human History

Anhai Master is compassionate, feeding another abandonment. On October 29, 1990, a baby girl was placed on the front step of the temple, and the umbilical cord did not fall. The old mage is very sad, the baby, the neighbors are raised, milk powder, clothes, care, medical expenses are borne by the old mage. The child is named after the decline, and is now eight years old, and the Anhai Master is still studying. On December 15, 1995, there was another baby boy to abandon the mountain gates, but it was a lip, and he took a milk. After the Anhai Master received, he sent a special person to the hospital, and the second affiliated hospital of Harbin Medical University was subject to surgery. He corrected the baby's lips, but spent 4,000 yuan in Anhai Master. The child cured, the family will come to claim, Anhai Master immediately handed a child, only the words did not make money. On September 17, 1997, it was also adopted a abandoned baby, only one year old, name the name. After entering the summer in 1998, Heilongjiang Province had a large flood, a serious disaster, and Anhai Master organized four thousand people to donate more than 3,000 yuan and support the disaster area. In addition to the construction of Guanyin Temple, Anhai Master also led the believers in the second kilometer from Guanyin Temple, the tower is 36.9 meters, and there is a large Daxiong Temple, the mountain gate, the thousand-hand Guanyin Temple, release the pool, the hall, squatter, etc.

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