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In the early years

Xintian really swords 12 years old still in the United States, accidentally see the shore valley and the temple Kang Wen The video of the player playing Earth Gorgeous stage drama "The tears of the Star" video, after reading the video, he was shocked, very excited, so germination of the dream of doing actors.

Until the 17-year-old New Tiantian Youli still live in Los Angeles in the United States. At the age of 17, Xintianzhen Jianyou returned to Japan and entered the entertainment circle.

Performing Arts Experience

2014, starring Japanese drama SP "World Wonderful Story 2014 Autumn Special article" Boxing Practice ", playing a boxer in the film.

2015, the social drama film "Collective detective 25:00 ~ Flower cautiously, there is a sleep", in the play, a bad boy, the duck Ren Zhi; May, the suspended drama "Dream girl "And playing is shaking. In the same year, I cooperated with Guangyi Bail, Yusu Village Zhouping, starring the real version of the dynasty movie "Flower Parade", and playing the protagonists in the drama to enter the bodcasting world.

Xintian Zhenjian You (14 photos)

In April 2016, with Rencun yarn and starring SP love drama "will be love with you tomorrow", In the film, I played Xiang too; May, announced the starring the movie "Peach Girl", playing the hardship and refreshing East Temple Sen Sen, who is engaged in the baseball; the bloody campus drama "admire my master" broadcast, play Muhairo Lianglian; in September, he met the film "Sweet taste", playing the post-lattice garden; October, playing suspense movie "girl", playing the mincedum.

In March 2017, Xintianzhen Jianqi won the 40th Japanese Film Academy Award - Newcomer Actor's Award ; Moved from the Personal Office of the father to Topcoat, and Change the name "Xinjian You" to "Xintian Zhenjian You"; August, starring the film "Jojo's wonderful adventure: no diamond first chapter", playing Hongcun Yitai; starring inspirational youth movie "cheerlead Dance: Female High School Students use cheerleading dance to conquer the true story of the United States ", playing Xia Xiaoxiao; in July, we do what we do in the campus", playing the city bridge in the drama.

In January 2018, the TV drama "Terminal Kiss" starring is starred by Yamazaki people; in March, the sci-fi action film "The Horizon: Thunder is released" in the United States, playing in the film Liangyi; June, starring Qi Yinglang director competition "OVERDRIVE", Xintian really sword " (playing Lushan direct) and Dongxing Chang (playing Mountain" Playing brothers in the film.

In January 2019, the reasoning suspension film "Twelve I want to die" directed by the Dike Fortuna, and played the new Lang in the film; in March, I was selected as the magic winter house. 2019 Spokesperson.

January 2020, he starring the youth music love movie "Goodbye 30 minutes" released, playing music people autumn in the film; in the same year, the movie starring Sato Jijun " Chapter "; On May 3, the first stage drama" of his starring "is designed in the territory of the Star", playing in the play because of the people who live in the wandering place with ethnic minority exchanges; 7 On the 26th, the predicted drama "Remote Drain" broadcast. On December 19, 2020, I announced that after April 2021, I will exit the firm "Topcoat", and the development of the performance in Japan will be suspended to develop in overseas.

2021, its starring youth campus movie "Brave-Group War -" released, playing the master's Western wildcraft in the film; in the same year, it starred by the Slim Suspense film starring Rock Family " The end of the end of the film, playing a father-in-law, a father who is playing a father.

Personal life

Xintianzhen Jian You and family (4 photos)

Xintian really sword born in an actor family, his father It is a Japanese actor's thousand heaf and one (formerly known as the front field frame, August 2021 Dented) ; your brother is an actor Zhenxiontown; his homologous mother is Japanese actor is in the trees; uncle is Japanese actor.

May 2021, Xintian's true sword bless no symptoms infected new crown.

Main work

Extended TV series

    • remote implementation 2020-7-26 31

      Shuang Sakura 2019-10-9

    • two motherland 2019-03-23 ​​

  • Termination of a kiss 2018-01

  • < P> is our 2017-07-18
  • special commander country nuts 2016-10-22

  • Admiral Yugui 2016-07 -17

    be sure to love with you tomorrow 2016-04-11

  • Sakura bloom 2016-03-06

  • < P> Chusen Bemars 2015-07-10
    • < P> Dream girl 2015-05-16
    • conservation detective 25:00 ~ Flower 咲 咲 一 一Sleeple sleep 2015-01-16

    • World Wonderful Story 2014 Autumn Special Article < / b> 2014-10-18

    • Astro ball group 2005-07-25

  • Paver Movies

      • < B> BRAVE - Cluster War - 2021-3-12

      • The end of the world's end of the world < B> 2021-1-29

      • Romant's sword heart final chapter 2020- 07

        30 minutes before you see 2020-1-20 < / b>
    • gambling defaults 3: Final game 2020-1-10

    • Twelve I want to die 2019-01-25 11 < / p>

    • Overdrive 2018-06-01

    • Jojo's wonderful adventure: no diamond first chapter 2017-08-04

        < Li>

        Peach girl 2017-05-20

      • cheerleading dance: female high school The true story of the world is the real story of the United States 2017-03-11

      • Girl 2016-10-08

      • bitterness with sweet taste 2016-09-10

      • Flower medal love 2016 -04-29

        The sentence of the flower card is 2016-03-19

      • Theatrical Edition Food Knight DrivesurpriseFuture 2015-08-08

      • Noise 2015-05-23

      • TakeAChance 2015

        spaceman 2013

    Get a stage play


    work name

    Casting character

    January 2016 05,

    "pattern man"

    Ximen 総 総 郎

    April 09, 2018


    May 3, 2020, 20020

    "Showing the tears on the earth



    Off date



    February 1, 2019


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