Shihezi Garden Airport

Historical Level

  • Shihezi Shan Danhu Airport

2004 On October 26, the overall planning and design review meeting and airport preliminary design and estimation review of Shihezi Shan Dan Lake Airport passed the expert review. According to the overall planning, the airport nature of the recent (2015) of Shihezi Shan Danhu Airport is still general airport. The flight area level is from 2b to 3B. Forward (2025) except for general aviation, it also develops civil aviation business, and the airport is under construction, and the flight area level is from 3b to 4C.

In 2010, Shihezi Garden Airport became the flight training main running base of Xinjiang Tianxiang Aviation College.

  • Shihezi Garden Airport

2008, Shihezi Shan Danhu Airport Relocation Engineering Entering the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" development plan of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the scale of relocation is 4C-level branch airport, the runway is 2400 meters, width 45 meters; on April 23, Shihezi Shan Dan Lake Airport Relocation Project First Situation is determined to be a stoneheon Materials factory site.

2009, Shihezi Shandan Lake Airport relocated project project.

October 16, 2010, Shihezi Shantan Lake Airport Relocation Project was approved by the State Council of the People's Republic of China, the Central Military Commission of the People's Republic of China, and the airport can meet the annual passenger throughput of 180,000. Use of 270 tons of throughput.

On April 23, 2012, Shihezi Shan Danhu Airport Relocation Project was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission of the People's Republic of China, and the airport nature was used in China's domestic spline airport, and the military group was responsible for construction. And management management; May 29, Shihezi Shan Danhu Airport Relocation Project is started.

In May 2013, Shihezi Shan Danhu Airport Relocation Project was officially grounded.

In August 2015, Shihezi Shan Dan Lake Airport relocation project was completed; on October 23, Shihezi New Airport was officially named "Shihezi Garden Airport" by China Civil Aviation Administration; October 30 On the day, the Shihezi Garden Airport is successful. The task is implemented by the Boeing B737-800 in Southern China; December 26th, the stone corridor garden airport is officially navigating, the first route is the Urumqi route that the Boeing Bay B737-800, China.

February 23, 2016, Shihezi Garden Airport opened the first civil regular route (Kashi-Shihezi-Zhengzhou), flying by China Southern Airlines; in March, Shihezi Garden Airport apron expansion project started, The research report began to prepare it.

March 27, 2017, Shihezi Garden Airport officially opened air freight; July 6, Shihezi Garden Airport was established in Xinjiang's first low-altitude flight service station.

On May 1, 2019, Shihezi Garden Airport was renovated and expanded; On July 18, Shihezi Garden Airport was expanded from the expansion; October 27, Shihezi Garden Airport

Hardware facility

Terminal area

Shihezi Garden Airport Terminal is 3,000 square meters, the design of the terminal is integrated with the unique military culture of Shihezi The appearance is like two five-collar stars, the roof arcs, the streamers on the glass curtain show, the five-pointed representative victory and the beautiful military culture.

Shihezi Garden Airport also has 3,800 square meters of gains, 200 square meters of truck start and 3,800 square meters of maintenance gains, 1000 square meters of overhaul room, 1500 square meters of airline library .

Shihezi Garden Airport

Flight area

Shihezi Garden Airport Civil Aviation Station Ping set 7 Class Class Class Class Class Class Class, another 10 units; runway number is 09/27, 2800 meters long, 45 meters wide, 27 Runway Configuration ILS Equipment and Class I Precision Glow Lighting System, Airport also sets with Vor / DME, NDB / DME and other navigation facilities; 2 civiodo vertical contact with 211 meters wide, 23 meters wide; Truncy parallel roof channel / vertical contact sliding path.

Operation situation

Route Note

2020 Summer Autumn Near, 5 Airlines in Shihezi Garden Airport opened 8 routes, 13 new city ​​.



Huaxia Aviation Co., Ltd. (G5)

Cull, Hetian, Burjin, Aksu, Tumock

China International Aviation Co., Ltd. (CA)

Hami, Beijing capital, Chengdu, Yining

nine yuan Aviation (AQ)

Xi'an, Guangzhou

Spring Airlines Co., Ltd. (9C)

Lanzhou, Shanghai Pudong

Urumqi Aviation (UQ)


Costage Vessel

According to Nine Empty official website in August 20, Shihezi Garden Airport Circuit Value Vehicle Counter stops handling the boarding pass 30 minutes before departure from China.

Convenient facilities

Shihezi Garden Airport Terminal features a maternal and child room, baggage visualization system, security service suggests intelligent robot, face recognition and other convenient facilities.

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Construction planning

Shihezi Garden Airport The expansion was started on May 1, 2019, including 2400 m runway to westward 400 meters to 2,800 meters, building a C-class head in the west end of the runway, 4 Class C is expanded on the west side of the civil aviation station The station, transforming the original Class B-Class Ping, the expansion of the station reached 7 (7C); newly built a vertical liaison road in the west side of the station, the newly built North side and the west side of the expansion point Work lane, in the expansion zone new flight area perihood 3265 meters, new construction, reconsideration of the patrol road 4214 meters; supporting construction navigation light, distribution, navigation, communication, fire rescue, special garage and other accessories, configuration special equipment and 27 special vehicles, etc.

Transportation Transportation

  • Airport Bus

    < B> Via site

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    line name


    Airport bus

    Shihe Tower (Tianfu Hotel) - Garden Airport

    10 yuan

    Shihezi Bus 17 Road

    original red flag shopping mall (mobile Company) - Shihezi Garden Airport

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    Value meaning

    Shihezi Garden Airport put into use not only meets route needs of Xinjiang, surrounding provinces Also as the nearest airport from Urumqi, it provides an average service. (Xinhua Net Commentary)

    Shihezi Garden Airport can meet general aviation and civil aviation operation, and is also the first civilian branch airport built in Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, for Shihezi Region And the development of milestones in the development of transportation in the entire corps is also a positive response and implementation of the national strategy of "all the way" in the transportation field. (Asia Network Commentary)

Shihezi Garden Airport

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