Sher Magno Bondvik

Synonym Bangdvik generally refers to Shel Magna Bondvik

Character experience

Suire Magna Bondevik 1947 Born on September 3, born in Norway, in 1975, a master's degree in theology. He is a Christian people, and 1973 elected members, from 1983 to 1995, Chairman of Christian People's Party. Bondvik has served as a deputy prime minister, diplomatic ministers, religious and education ministers and the Prime Minister of the State Secretary.

He has served as the first prime minister from 1997 to 2000. October 2001, once again, in the Norwegian Parliamentary elections held on September 12, 2005, 62 people won 169 seats. The seat, became the first big party of the Parliament, the Norwegian right-wing joint government, Bondvik, officially announced on October 14.

formally visited China in January 2002.

Married, there are three children.

First Cabinet

(October 3, 2000 to March 3, 2000) Shel Magna Bondvik (Supervisor People's Party) - Prime Minister

Kut Warler Baker (CHR.) - Foreign Minister

Ragnhild QueSeth Haarstad (Middle Party) - Local Government and Regional Development Minister

Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa (Middle Party) - Social Affairs Minister

Eldbjørg Løwer - Labor and Management Minister

Gudand Lesta (Cen.) - Finance Minister

AUD INGER AURE (CHR.) - Justice Minister

Anna Engel Lanstein (Cen.) - Cultural Minister

尔德 弗Lafyou Johnson (CHR.) - Human Rights and Development Minister

Valger Sfasta Sea Grand (CHR.) - Children and Family Services Minister

En Lillette (CHR.) - Religion, Education and Research Minister

Peter Angens (Cen.) - Fisheries and Coast Services Minister

Dagen Her Brotan (chr.) - Minister of Health and Nursing Minister

Kåre Gjønnes (CHR.) - Agricultural minishers

Od Ena Derrum (lib.) - Transportation and Transportation Minister

Dag Jostean Fletwall (CHR.) - National Defense Minister

Larce Stheim (LIB.) - Industry And IT industry ministers

Marit Arnstad (Cen.) - Oil and Energy Minister

Guro Ferreland (LIB.) - Environment Minister

Second cabinet

(October 17, 2001 to October 17, 2005) (Cabinet Recommendation)

Serma Magner Dwick (Supervisor People's Party) - Prime Minister

Yang Peterson (Conservative Party) - Foreign Minister

Elna Solberg (C) - Local Government And regional development ministers

Victor Norman - Minister of Labor and Administration (merged in June 2004)

Yead Scoles Social Affairs (June 2004) The combined)

Da Gefen · Herb Rothen (Chr) -. Minister of labor and Social Affairs

Lars Sponheim (Liberal Party) - Minister of agriculture

Pel Cristian Fos (C) - Financial ministers

Od Ened Demham (LIB.) - Judicial and Police Minister

Valger Spasta Sea Grand (CHR.) - Culture and Religious Affairs Minister

De Flafoy Johnson (CHR.) - International Assistance Minister

Lera David (CHR. - Children and family affairs ministers

Kristin Clemet (C) - Education and Research minishers

Sweet Ludwignson (C) - fisheries And Coast Services Minister

Dagen Herbroau, Ansal Gabull Elsen (C) - Health and Nursing Minister

Tolder Skogs Holm (LIB.) - Transportation and Transportation Minister

Krisin Klon Dwall (C) - National Defense Minister

Eena Stangnas, Bolg Burnd (C) - Trade and Industrial Minister

Morton Andreas Maije (C) - Modern Minister

Turhid Weidevi (C) - Oil and Energy Minister

Borg Burkut Kharel (CHR.) - Environment Minister


Event Introduction

Norwegian Ministry of Construction said that Bondvik, who was originally planted in mid-June 2012 to participate in the "World Christian Association Federation" meeting in June 8 The day was told to be rejected. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that negotiations have been proposed to the Chinese, but no results are obtained.

Western media point of view

The BBC report said that 30 foreigners participating in the meeting, Bondvik is the only refused to be signed, showing Norwegian China's relationship has not yet got out Liu Xiaobo's negative impact of "Nobel Peace Award". Bondvik said in an interview with Norwegian media. "I have no contact with the Nobel Committee awarded Liu Xiaobo, but maybe the Chinese government knows that I have positively speech on this award. This thing has been in the past two years, China Still worry about. US "Business Insider" News Network said that Bondvik was served as the Prime Minister of Norway from 1997 to 2005, and he was very popular in China, and he met with China's senior officials. "But now, he can't even make a Chinese visa."

Norwegian "Evening Post" reported that Norwegian and China's relationship was in the Norwegian Nobel Committee 2010 to the "Peace Award" after Liu Xiaobo. China then cut off the link between the Norwegian government. Despite the Norwegian authorities emphasized that the Nobel Committee is an independent organization, but some Norwegians are often refused when applying for a Chinese visa. In addition, Norway has always opposed China's Wistead of the Arctic Council for permanent observers, "" China is very hoped to be a permanent observers ". According to the report, the Northern Radi Iceberg is being melted to provide China's ultra-calorie waterway to North America and Europe, and natural resources under glacial coverage are also very rich.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded

Liu Yimin spokesperson Liu Yimin on June 13, 2012, in the Norwegian Prime Minister Bondvik's refused to sign the Chinese Embassy in Norway, national visa policies Unlike practices, the outside world does not have to interpret this.

There is a reporter asked: Norwegian Prime Minister Bondvik was refused by the Chinese Embassy in Norway. What is China's comment?

Liu Yimin said that according to the authorization of relevant domestic units, a visa is issued for the foreign countries invited Hua, which is the general practice of China's embassy. In some foreign embassies in China, there are Chinese citizens who have been refused every day. Visual policies and practices in countries are different, and the outside world does not have to override .

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