Shenxian Dong Forest Park


Fairy Cave 1.5 km away from East Nanjing City, formerly was known as the top ten beauty of Dongning, on both sides of steep mountains, near Suifenhe under hydrostatic deepest in South Bank there are camel under the seat like mountain ridges, peaks a cave because the cave once lived fish fairy girl, so people call this place poised fairy hole.

Shenxian Dong Forest Park

Suifenhe winds from mountains from flowing through Shenxian, East proceeds rather flat open basin, the gorge of the middle of the valley-shaped flow camel - fairy cave hole, the hole in the west looked , you can see the carrot Wei village. 2007 CCTV in the village shooting films and television shows - "ice dams" during the 2008 Spring Festival CCTV six sets of broadcast.


Fairy Cave beautiful scenic landscapes, where summer boating, swimming, fishing, rafting, etc. If you have a tent, camping in the Fairy Cave is the best, because you can spend time like an immortal fairy hole ...... winter to winter swimming downstream can, because the downstream fairy Cave is a thermal power plant, a large amount of warm water into the Suifenhe, the water temperature at zero about 5 ℃, suitable for winter swimming is the best zone.

Because of Suifenhe here in the winter does not freeze-up, warm water with ice on both sides of the formation of ice magically pattern, providing resources for photographers shooting. Fairy Cave North Shore hilltop Buddhist shrines - Golden Temple, where people can go to experience the Buddhist culture, share their wish ......

Travel Tip

Fairy Cave steep cliff, travelers be sure to wear shoes, do not choose when climbing a steep cliff, pay attention to safety is the most important. Winter Fairy Cave to travel, river wind, to keep warm, it is best to wear a down jacket.

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