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Xie Wei, the word Jun straight, the mountain, the Southern Song Dian is the downtown

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The whole family is difficult. Yuan Renzong Yanyou five years of the obstruction of the local people, built this book, to commemorate the national spirit and gas festival of Xie. After the fire, the reconstruction of Mingxiong Tianqi was reconstructed. The book is quaint, the auditorium "Dingshan Academy" four words, for the national hero Lin, Xu Hand, the center of the auditorium, the huge stone pillar is maintained. After the auditorium, the Wenchang Pavilion is the sacrifice of the book. The "Eight Immortals" and other reliefs such as "Eight Immortals" left on the blue stone walls were the original original. Since the Silong Academy, since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Qing Dynasty has always been a cultural and educational center of the Yandong, and cultivated a large number of national UK. During 196 and 1919, Fang Zhi Min, Shao-style revolutionary ancestors At this point, it is currently the third school site in Fuyang, and its school is called the original Jiangxi Provincial Governor Shao-style.


The Shaoshan Academy is built in Yuan Youshe for four years, the address is originally a civil temple, and it is a long time, and it will be repaired in the future. Overlooking Xinjiang, the book is built, it is stacked by low to high, laminated, and is wrong. The gate of the "Docking Mountain Academy" plaque is the handwriting left by Lin Xu. The main building has Minglun Tang, Wenchangge, Gui Garden, Wangjiang Building. There is a relief such as Gui Garden and "Eight Immortals" in Wenchangge. The Wangjiang Tower is surrounded by fine murals, and the books are all in the mountains. They are connected by a cloister, and they are twisted. Looking forward, Xinjiang, Turtle Peak is full of eyes.

The Shaoshan Academy is also a master of Fang Zhimin, the Shao-style Equality revolutionary martyrs, Wangjiang Building is their reading. Under the influence of the "May 4th" patriotic trend, they secretly organized the first revolutionary youth of Yongbei, "Xiangyang Nine Youth Youth Society" in Gui Garden, and launched the people of Fuyang, the people of Jiangxi boycott Japanese goods. sports. Add new glory to the Shaoshan Academy. It has become a monument in the minds of the people of Xinjiang River.

Historical League

Yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties, is a teaching venue for the science students. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Waste Science, Qing Guangxu 28th year (1902) Dumi Academy changed to Xiangyang County Higher Primary School, and changed to County Junior High School, after the establishment of the People's Republic of China, it is the party school of the county party committee, Jiangzhen Middle School, The location of Shuyang County 2nd (later changed to Zhimin Middle School). In 1995, the county government considered from the perspective of protecting historical cultural relics, and the Dishi Academy was administered to the county museum, and established a mechanism of repairing the Shaoshan Academy in 1996, the Shaoshan Academy was maintained. In 1999, the first maintenance was completed. L On 28, at the 710th anniversary of Mr. Shaishan, he invited students at home and abroad to study Mr. Xie Dingshan, experts, and held a grand opening ceremony. . The second phase of maintenance project was completed in 1999. The New Year's Day is officially opened as a tourist attraction. The new Silver Academy is under the embellishment of the odd flowers and the famous trees, and the style of the Shaishan Academy is now.


Walking along the steps of long red stone, walk into the entrance of the Shanshan Academy - Treat Holy Door. Its plaque is written by Mr. Xie Hanru, president of Shihan Custody. The square "Dumi Mountain Book is originally the title of the Qing Dynasty, Xu Xu, which is now the original Jiangxi Governor Shao-style flat handwriting. Enter the courtesy door, with the right side of the ancient wells, this well water is clear, sweet, according to history The Tea San Tang Dynasty Lu Yu once used this well soaked tea, praised it, called "Xinzhou Third Spring".

Getting Started For the Wenchang Temple, Qing Xianfeng Yuan Year ( 1851), moved from the county town to the college, originally designed to build a wooden disorder of the Kuixing, Confucius and disciples, is now "Huanfu Hall", there is a first-graphic portrait of Confucius, etc., is a place of sacrifice. It is a place for the Tibetan Basic Pavilion. It is a place to collect books in the study. Through the round door of the bluestone, there is a garden, the garden is in the garden, the environment is elegant, the grass is displayed on the grass. Zhu Xi wrote the "Billy Cave Day" stone carved in the Bilou Cave Day College. Minglun Tang was built in the second year of Yuan Dynasty (1313), is one of the earliest buildings of the Shaoshan Academy, a place where the political education, morality, human ethics It is the main venues of learning, sacrifices, and celebrations. Minglun Tang has two progress, one into Xie Dingshan's random note data showroom; second into the history of cultural education in Shuyang County. From Minglun Tang's side door Going out, it is a mountain long room, the mountain long room is high in architectural style. It is the longest building in the existing monomers in the case. It is the place where the college person in charge "mountain gale" lives and office. Now the Shaoshan Academy Maintenance information showroom.

Going out of the mountain long room, everyone can enjoy the inscription on the wall of the corridor, the content of the inscription is mainly based on the poetry of Mr. Xie Sishan, is the famous domestic and foreign calligraphy. The big hand, forms a calligraphy art gallery of the Shaoshan Academy. Along the promenade, Into the Gui Garden. It is built into the Qing Dynasty, and the three bungalows are formed into a "concave" shaped courtyard, which is planted in the hospital. Get name is where Fang Zhimin, the same year, live here, now "Shuyang Chamber Exhibition Room". The only floor building of the Shaoshan Academy is auntie, a total of two layers. Tomorrow's two years (1622), was built by Sun Sen fundraising in Zhuangyang. At that year, Fang Zhimin, Shao-style, established the first revolutionary group of Jiangxi, "Nine District Youth Society", established in this building, and established the first north of China Communist Youth League. Wangjiang Building is the best place for the Sili Academy. It is quaint, standing in the Wangjiang Building. It is extremely far-sighted, but the Xinjiang Changqiao is across, the housing and smoke in Chengnan, "Lijiang 12 views, the best.


Xie Wei (1226 ~ 1289) Southern Song Literature. Word Jun Dynasty, Double Mountain. Xinzhou Fuyang (now Jiangxi ) People. Bao You four years (1256) and Wen Tianxiang Tongko, Jinshi. The second year retest the admission instructor, China and Branch. At the same time, Wu Sias anti-yuan. The same year is an examiner, due to the crime , Xianli three years (1267) 赦 还. De □ First Year (1275), in Jiangdong's sentence, Jiangxi 谕 使 知 州 州 州 州 谕 谕 谕 谕 谕 中 谕 谕 谕 谕 谕 谕 谕 谕 谕 使 谕Apartment Jiaoyang, with the sale of the book. Song Di, the residence is in the middle of the country. Yuan Chao repeatedly He should not be, finally being enforced to most (now Beijing), unyielding, hunger strike. Door private article.

Xie Yu has pushed the eucalyptus, Su, and believes that "Ou Suqi is a quiet soil, with ancient road calls, it is said to be a word, heaven and mildew, the world is well known." He is quite dissatisfied with the style of the Song Dynasty, pointed out that "seventy years, cultural and scent" ("and Yang Shiji book"), so he derived himself. His essay is high, very powerful. "Shangdeng Liu Zhongzhai Book" wrote generous resentment, righteous words, "Send History County Yin Chao Beijing". It is quite emotional, in the Tang and Song Dynasty, it is very characteristic. There is also the "Mr. Song Xin Jiaxuan", "remembering the words of Xinxiao, thinking that its" Jingzhong Righteousness, not in Zhang Zhong, Yuemu ", highly evaluated Xin Qiqi's patriotic spirit, and reflecting his own exercise.

Thank you for the poem, the old, deep and desolate, the poetry is simple, sometimes there is rhyme. Such as "Wuyishan" wrote: "Did you have a dream for ten years, independent Qingfeng Wild Waters. Heaven and Earth Silent Mountain Remote House, a few different cultivation of plum blossom." Ten years in the middle of the mountain, it is quite a pain. "The first arrival of Jianning Fu poetry" is the poem in front of him in the north. The beginning is "the" Snow Pine. "The high wind is bright, and the death is alive, and it is also feeling deep.

The 16 volumes of "Shaoshan Collection" have been "four series" photocopying.

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