Shanghai Nan Middle School

History History

Qing Xianfeng Ten Years (AD 1860) The American Elderly Holy Association in Shanghai Provire Fan John REV.FARNHAM.DD and Mierce Mr.Mills are in large A Civil House in the south of the south is established in a civilian house, and after the Ms. Mrs. Lowrie organizes the Far East relief in the United States, and the school has an important support for schools. In order to show the landscape of Ms. Yu, the school created at the beginning of the beginning of Lowrie Mstitute, and the translated name is Li Hua Xuetang.

The school is renamed as the Qingxin Academy before and after 1880.

In 1908, due to remarkable school, the US Elderly will hand over the school. The India Old Conference proposes that the Directors are renamed as Qingxin Middle School Hall.

Adding Industrial Ages in 1918, renamed as Qingxin Industrial School, Found, Work, and Commercial 3. After the regular, teachers, industrial and commercial 4 (commercial agents enrolled in 1924).

In 1924, Shangke will start enrollment, renamed the school of two levels in the heart.

1932 is also changed to private and clear school.

Stop from 1937, it stops high, stop recovery scientific students, and renamed clear middle school.

June 12, 1953, was accepted by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, which is renamed to Shanghai Nan Middle School.

Case Change

The university site, which is in Lujiatun Road. After the "eight first" incident, the Japanese aggressor army attacked Shanghai, Nanshi District gunfire, Diki, Qingxin Middle School was forced to move into the legal rental Borrowing Huizhong Middle School (Today, Wu Love Middle School) Two years and British rental Nanjing Road Training Tutor School six and a half For the temporary college address, the second year of the anti-Japanese War will return to the original college site (ie, today's Lujia Road No. 597).

Among them, in 1923, the Middle School adopted three three systems and the primary school. In the same year, the scholars have increased from day to date, and the original school must not meet the needs of teaching. Through fundraising, the new school building is built in Lujiawang Nanbang. From then, the female school moved to Takamatch.

City South Middle School


On October 27, 2016, the 2016 school year student community recruiting activities launched in the playground at noon. In the new activities, the associations make full use of their own community characteristics. Through the prior produced posters and propaganda materials to the whole school's charm, the photographic will post the beautiful scenery of the city's campus on the poster, and the new established drama in 2016 The Social and Microconiico respects strong teachers and attracts students to register.

Commercial Press

The Business Press is a national-level publishing agency and the first modern publishing institution in China. Founded in Shanghai in 1897. For a century, in order to open the people, Changming Education as its own, try to inherit the Chinese culture, actively spread overseas new knowledge, become a "a very important cultural education institution", is "National Excellent Press."

For more than 100 years, a total of more than 40,000 books were published. Representative publications have "resignation" "Modern Chinese Dictionary" "Xinhua Dictionary" "New Times Han English Dictionary".

The founder of the Business Press is Xia Ruifang, and the young age of the church is going to study. In the Qing Dynasty, he also was a friend with Ningbo College Bao Xianne, Bao Xianchang and Shanghai Gao Fengchi as a friend. After a few years, the results are good, and I learned English. Summer married Baojia daughter, and Bao's brothers became Langxu. They were all church schools, English English, and they will typically print. We will open a small printing office, only rented two houses in Dechang, name the business printed, English name "Commercial Press". Later trademarks are English letters "CP", a "business" word in the middle.

The success of the business is that Xia is earlier, Mr. Zhang Yuanji presided over the compilation, and many Chinese and English experts, the summer said that there is a scientific person, Hanlin, Jinshi, people, etc. It is preferable, supplied to cigarette tea, which have composed many textbooks that adapt to the new school in the late Qing Dynasty. The museum has hired Gao Meng, Jiang Weiqi and others, and later have a prestigious youth editor, Shen Yansse, Yang Xianjiang, Ye Shengtao, Hu Yuzhi, Zheng Zhenzhen, Zhang Xi, etc. Start editing the full set of primary and secondary school textbooks, publish Cai Yuanpei, Ma Jianzhong, Zhang Shi, Yan Fu, Lin Biao (Qinnan) and other people's translation, also published two Chinese magazines, founded 8 magazines such as "Oriental Journal" .

So today we can proudly say: The Business Press comes out from "Qing Heart"!

"Qing Heart" and "Business"


Xia Ruifang (1871-1914), word Fang, Jiangsu Qingpu. At the age of 11, he was studying to the Qingxin Academy of the Church Office. After graduating, learn Western tyrannies. A few years later, co-funded with friends Bao Xian, Bao Xianchang and Gao Fengchi, and founded the business printed library and was promoted as a manager. During the early development of business, he used the opportunity provided by social changes, and made a correct decision on several critical big things, laid the foundation for the rapid growth of business, the domestic dysfunction of the country.

As one of the founders of the business, in 17 years, he is working hard, knowing people, and courage. Under his business management, business gradually developed from a small workshop as a large publishing company. He also has grown from an ordinary typographic worker to our own outstanding publishing home.

Well-known alumni

For decades, the school has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents, representing the characters, the Nobel Prize winner Li Zhengdao, famous brain surgery expert Shi Yuliang, famous scholar Li Chang Road, comic house Ding Cong, etc. With school history showroom, open to the public.

Campus Environment

History, part of the school building is part of the church, and most of them are donated by Chinese people.

Geng Wu Xueu : "Qing Heart" School Donghui, faculty members, students are completed in 1930. Now the construction is the No. 2 teaching building.

Yulin pool: the original swimming pool. The pool school Dong Zhang Zhangfeng died in the death of his second child, and the Yulin was completed in the United States. Yulin pool enriched the summer vacation life of "Qing Xin" teachers and students, and also cultivated a lot of swimming, in the city and district swimming competitions, "Qing Xin" has been honored many times.

芬 堂 : This science hall. In 1937, Zhang's family was built in a commemorative ancestors - school Dong Zhang Xiangfen donated 40,000 silver yuan. Domestic physical, chemistry, biological laboratory, various equipment, charts and other equipment, etc. are mostly donated to the American elderly, and donate dozens of piano to the Qing Dynasty.

Shilin Tang : This library. In 1947, the Zhang family funded the expansion of the principal of the president, to commemorate the principal of Zhang Shilin. The famous book "Harvard Book" (original), "Big Bail Book" (original book), "Wei Shi Dictionary", etc., the principal, the president, born in the "Cultural Revolution".

Si Baotang : The original church chapel, Qing Dynasty is completed, and the school is used in the Great Gifts. In 1910, Bao Huayu's son (Chengchang, Ji Chang, Yichang) and son-in-law (Zhang Xiangfen, Xia Chuanfang, Guo Bing) have proposed that Xue Sipei agreed to name the Bao Pastor.

Wen Dencang : When Wang Xinkang, when he commends the American Missionary Wenshu, "Protecting the School Gate" is named.

Si Hutang : The original church office, Wang Xinkang named the president of Xue Sipei in 1944.

Doohe : The Pediatrics Association has been built in 1902.

Qing Tin Tang : Originally, "The First Hall of Shanghai Powder". Qing Xianfeng's decade (1860) was founded in Lujiabang Qingxin Academy, presided over American Missionary Van. At that time, Van John became a male and famous in the Datun, Lujiawei. The second year opened in the man, that is, 1861, more and more, and further preparations for women. From 1865 to 1868, he was in the male architectural school building and the "Qing Tang Tang" of the Worship for Scholars. Later, due to the expansion of school school, the original ganglian is not enough to accommodate the unsatisfactory male and female students, and they have moved out of men, and they will build a new Qing Dynasty in the school building.

Republic of China (1919) was launched by Li Hengchun Pastor at No. 30 of the former Dashang Street (now "tomorrow Star City"), and the Republic of China was completed. The middle of the lobby is the main entrance, there is an open-flakes on both sides, you can get on the two-side building in the middle of the east, the North Second side. Under the Holy Ganglou, the distance between the main entrance to the Holy Table is short, and the two wings are right angles, such as the fan shape extends long, and make a worship for men and women. There is no column downstairs, the flat top is hung, the ground is slightly slope from the stand to the Holy Table, and it is very characteristic in the building. The activities of the "Cultural Revolution" stopped, and religious activities were restored in 1979.

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