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Farm Introduction

farm located in the country's first eco-city - Dafeng area within Yancheng in Jiangsu Province, after the Yellow Sea tidal flats reclamation into land after years, 16.4 km long from north to south, west width of 2-15 km, covering a total area of ​​99 square kilometers. Near the Yellow Sea, the East and the North Reclamation Area Haifeng farm border. Convenient transportation, excellent location, away from the Dafeng City 22km, Yancheng District, 57km, 381 km from Shanghai, in Shanghai three hours economic circle.

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farm mild and humid climate, abundant rainfall, adequate light, four distinct seasons, flat, suitable for growing a variety of plants and animals, with development modern agriculture unique natural endowments, Shanghai has become the Soviet Union - one of the important strategic enclave in northern Jiangsu.

Shanghai farms give full play to regional advantages, intensive advantages and ecological advantages of land resources, adhere to the general idea of ​​"science and technology field, talent strong field, industry-rich field, ecological beauty field", it should promote farmland shelterbelts, circular agriculture features eco-farm construction. Animal husbandry, cultivation of recycling has been formed to coordinate the development of a good pattern. According to "screen, rings, surface, lines, points," the overall planning and vigorously promote the construction of ecological forestry, forest coverage reached 16%.

to pig breeding, rice and wheat varieties, high-quality rice-based animal husbandry, provenance agriculture, farm rice industry to become the three core business, improved rapidly in recent years.

farming industry in Shanghai is the basis of the farm, with 7.5 million mu of arable land, the annual production of 1 billion kilograms of grain, is the provenance industry, rice, animal husbandry and aquaculture, forestry and important core base of support.

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Livestock breeding places in Shanghai pig gradually shift the focus of the project, always adhere to the standardization and modernization of farming , various production parameters ranked in the advanced ranks in the same industry has laid a solid foundation to expand so deep animal husbandry. We have a stock field, a pig farm and five farms as well as its support of a feed mill and two organic fertilizer plant, the slaughter of commercial pig 165,000. Water aquaculture has 10,000 mu, the annual listing of various high-quality fresh water fish 02,000 tons. Established since 1996 to date, animal husbandry and aquaculture that the people of Shanghai to provide quality, safe, healthy, tasty meat, and insist that ecological farming, modern management, animal husbandry and aquaculture company has been rated as the center of Shanghai two pigs in vivo reserve base , China United Landrace breeding base, the mechanized pig advanced enterprises, the Shanghai hog production quality and safety of credit enterprises, the Shanghai standardized pig farms, Jiangsu province, pollution-free livestock and poultry origin, a pig farm in Jiangsu province, Jiangsu Animal Husbandry and ecology healthy aquaculture demonstration farm in 2008 through HACCP, ISO9001 and ISO22000 quality system certification. Production of "Hai Feng" brand meat in farming, Century Lianhua, family enrichment, GMS Shanghai and other major supermarket sales, well received by the general public of all ages and love. It is particularly worth mentioning is the production of "Hai Feng" brand Shanghai liver is a large supermarket can rest assured that the only safe products sales, "Hai Feng" brand of chilled meat farming accounts for more than 55% share.

seed industry in farming is based on the implementation of the whole seed production management, has Liangfan center, testing center, processing center and sales center, with one-time drying capacity of 450 tons of low-temperature drying lines, supporting warehouse and domestic advanced equipment selection, has seven two wheat, rice class independent property rights varieties, processing and sales, "Shen River" card 20,500 tons of seed, cabbage seed which accounted for more than 70% of the entire Shanghai market share, becoming Jiangsu Province one of 33 seed companies assured full play an active role in the seed industry in the three rural services.

Rice Industry highlighted in green, ecology, health topics, the production of "Shen River" brand rice quality, safe and delicious, was identified as A-level green products. Rice processing industry by the GB / T 19001-2000 Quality Management System Certification, won the national certificate of organic food processing, organic food base certificate and a certificate of organic food trade, processing and sales in the large Alameda 20,000 tons, of which high-quality rice 18000 tons, now has 1,200 acres of organic rice production base, selenium-enriched rice base 3000 acres, rice nutrition and health development and achieved initial results. Has formed organic rice, selenium-rich rice, Principal rice and other products of five series of nearly 20 varieties, the production of "Shen River" has entered the Shanghai rice farming, Hualian and other large supermarket chains, and establish a brand image, has played a important grain production bases Shanghai extraterritorial effect.

While promoting economic development, more emphasis on farm field people share the fruits of development, through continuous investment, infrastructure, community appearance and living environment has been greatly improved. Through the establishment of market-oriented, social, professional management system, improve the mechanism, give full play to the community convenience of the citizens, Lok Man functions, improve service levels, and promote harmonious and stable community.


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February 25, 1950, the CPC Central Committee decided to East China Bureau, Shanghai Municipal people's government and the Administrative Office of the Soviet Union in negotiations to draw Dafeng (Taipei County, said when, due to Taipei, Taiwan with the same name, changed its name to Grand County in 1951) with four Chahe centered centered 20 acres of wasteland as Shanghai Reclamation. At the same time, also set up the first lead agency in Shanghai Reclamation work: labor productivity Shanghai Municipal Government Reclamation Authority (hereinafter referred to as Ken Authority). In March the Shanghai Municipal People's Government for appointment yellow sequence weeks as Secretary Ken Authority, party secretary (yellow sequence weeks, Hubei Huanggang, 1904, born in February 1927 to participate in the Chinese Communist Party, had participated in the Northern Expedition and the Nanchang Uprising. Shanghai after the liberation of newly appointed municipal civil affairs deputy director of the bureau, he served as Secretary Ken Authority. later transferred to the work of Hubei Province, is the second and third National People's Congress, died in 1984 in Wuhan), deputy director Shen Weiyue, Zheng Honghui.

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Authority initially cultivated office located in Xinghua, and later moved to the new town of Dafeng in Jiangsu, and finally to Dafeng four Chahe. Ken Authority is the Shanghai municipal government in the sequence of a bureau-level units, under the Industrial Department, Agriculture Department, Production Department, Administration Department, offices, schools, and is also attached to the new village. Ken Authority affiliated members is more complex. In addition to the families of cadres, mainly prisoners, vagrants, street children and other society. At that time it collectively, "Ken people." In August 1952, based on operational need, Ken Authority changed its name to Shanghai Shanghai farms Authority (Farm Bureau), and in 1956 changed its name to Shanghai local state-owned farms, the work of business by the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Shanghai was the main offender the transformation of educational facilities, Ministry of Public Security has been listed as the major correctional units. 1964 stop receiving the criminals released from prison to be placed place to stay employed field. Since October 1968, according to the arrangements of the relevant departments in Shanghai, it has placed more than 6,000 Shanghai educated youth. January 9, 1973, according to the instructions of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and the Revolutionary Committee of the city of Shanghai and farm breakout draw Yuen Wah Long Feng, salt total 12.38 acres of land and real estate and liquidity to the Shanghai Bureau of Agriculture to build the Shanghai Hai Feng farm. March 1974 and January 1975, Shanghai has 4.1 acres of farm and 1.44 acres of land and immovable property allocated to Haifeng Farm (January 1980 Haifeng farm 4.16 acres zoned again also Shanghai farms).

field names and relationships change

In June 1950, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government Reclamation officially named "Shanghai Municipal Government Administration of Reclamation labor productivity", directly under the Shanghai Municipal People's Government;

1952 February allocated to the Soviet leadership in the Civil Administration, in June and reclassified Shanghai;

1952 August changed its name to "Shanghai farm Bureau" operations and Party organizations led by the Shanghai Public Security Bureau;

1954 onwards, the organization of the party transferred to Jiangsu Provincial Committee (May 1958 and draw back);

1956 Nian In September, the Shanghai Municipal Committee decided, "Shanghai farm Bureau" was renamed "Shanghai Shanghai local state-owned farm", Shanghai Public Security Bureau Chief attributable direct leadership;

since December 1965, all party organizations and administrative Shanghai is zoned leadership correctional Service;

1974 In April 2009, the internal name of "reform through labor discipline Shanghai first Corps," foreign name "Shanghai Shanghai farms";

< p> 1981 years, the internal renamed "Shanghai first Corps reeducation through labor";

since January 1983, renamed the "Shanghai first reeducation through labor management."

successive leaders

Shanghai farms served as executive leadership transition Fact Sheet (1950.6 eleven 1995.12)

Title Name-serving agencies

Shanghai government labor productivity Reclamation Authority (1950.6-1952.6)

SECRETARY yellow sequence circumferential 1950.6-1952.2

Yuting 1952 meter. 2-1952.6

Deputy Secretary Shen Weiyue 1950.6-1952.6

Chen Honghui 1952.2-1952.6

Shanghai farm Bureau (1952 .7-1956.8)


Secretary Lu town 1952.7-1954

Political Commissar Yang Guang pool 1952.7-1956

Deputy Secretary Shen Weiyue 1952.7-1954

Chen Honghui 1952.7-1956.8

Wu Fuhai 1952.7-1956.8

Shanghai local state farm (1956.9-1968. 2)

Wu Fuhai head of the farm 1956.9-1963.6

Ong 1962.7-1963.11 (Generation)

. . 1963.11-1968.2

political commissar Chen Honghui 1956.9-1963.11

deputy director Zhou Yishan 1956.9-1957.11

Lin Chuanfu 1956 .9-1968.12

Ming Lu 1956.9-1957.2

Wu Xinrong 1963.11-1968.2

Shi deputy political whole 1956.9 -1964.6

Zhang woke her husband 1956.9-1957.11

Weilin Sheng 1956.9-1960

Shanghai farm military control group (1968.2-1971. 11)

Leader Wu Shuntang 1968.2-1968.8

Cai Shenglong 1968.2-1968.8

Xie Xianshao 1968.8-1969.8 < / p>

First leader Zhao 1969.8-1971.6

Li Yuequn 1971.6-1971.11

deputy head Li Yuequn 1969.8-1971.11 < / p>

XU Mao industry 1969.8-1971.6

Jun Xue Lie 1971.6-1971.11

Lide Gui 1971.6-1971.11

Tang Jiulong 1971.6-1971.11

Shanghai farm interim leadership group (1971.11-1973.3)

convener Wang Jiarui 1971.11-1973.3 < / p>

Lin Chuanfu 1971.11-1973.3

money Yonglin 1971.11-1973.3

Chen Junqing 1972.7-1973.1

Shanghai Shanghai farm (1980.3-1995.12)

head of the farm Linchuan Fu 1980.3-1982.2

Yuan Yu occasion 1982.2-1983.10

director Zhang Mingqi 1983.10-1984.10

Zhang Lei Valley 1984.10-1993.4

inter Yu Yuan, political commissar 1983.10-1984.10

Liu Pi first 1984.10-1986.12

director Tang Yiren 1994.8 -

deputy director Yu Yuan occasion 1980.3-1982.2

< p> Yi-Heng packet 1980.3-1981.9

Songxing Tian 1980.3-1984.10

Zhang 1980.3-1984.10

Chenzheng Gang 1982.3-1982.12

Zhang Jin, deputy director of its 1983.10-1 988.2

Xuzhong Fan 1984.10-1988.4

Wangfeng Wei 1984.10-1988.1

to 1988.4-1994.9 Liu Pi

to LUMENA ​​1988.4-1993.3

Wu membered 1988.4-1992.5

Xuguan De 1988.4-1993.3

Zhang Hanjiang 1992.6 -

Chenpei Min 1993.2-1995.8

Lu tiger 1993.2-1995.9

Zhi-Yuan Hu 1994.10- < / p>

Cao hop 1995.7 -

deputy director Cao Jun 1995.9 -

deputy political Xuxue Kang 1983.3-1984.10

< p> Liu Pi first 1983.10-1984.10

Liu Pi first 1986.12-1988.4

to Xuguang 1984.10-1988.4

consultants Zhu group 1982.3-1985.11

Description: ① 1973 Nian 3 17, the establishment of the CPC Shanghai farm Caucus. December 1973, establishment of the CPC Shanghai farms to third party committee in March 1980, this time by a core group of party committees exercise unified leadership, did not appoint the administrative leaders, administrative work by the core team deputy leader, deputy secretary of the Party Committee charge. ② from "Shanghai Chi farm."

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