Shanghai Dongfang Pearl Radio and Television Tower Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Oriental Pearl (Group) Company Limited.

As one of Shanghai's new landmark, the Oriental Pearl Tower sightseeing dining, shopping and entertainment, River Tour, conference and exhibition, historical displays, travel agents, television transmission as a whole, with its unique geographical location and laying Lai modern scenery, attracting many foreign tourists.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower 11 large and small, well-proportioned sphere crystal display series from the blue sky to lawn grass, painted a "large pearls falling into a jade plate," the dream picture. Oriental Pearl TV Tower With the world's first 360-degree transparent three-track sightseeing elevator between its high-speed shuttle in the three Kinte column 9 meters in diameter, elevators, as well as vacant in the column, so that every visitor to fully appreciate modern technology to bring unlimited scenery.

capsule in 350 meters, 263 meters on the ball the main observation deck, 259 meters on the sphere outdoor observation deck at 90 meters on the ball and Outdoor Observation Deck, skyscrapers, road sweeping aspect of the cityscape. At night, facing the Oriental Pearl Tower, it is crystal clear through shaving, bright; Pro tower overlooking the city night scene, but Ambilight, brilliantly illuminated.

world famous Oriental Pearl Tower revolving restaurant located 267 meters on the ball Oriental Pearl Tower, with its unique landscape dominance, extraordinary food culture, a warm and welcoming service, standing proudly at the top of Shanghai, as the highest in Asia the revolving restaurant, business area of ​​1500 square meters, can accommodate 350 guests dining. The restaurant also provides a variety of packages and luxury combined Chinese and Western buffets, a hundred kinds of delicacies uninterrupted supply, allowing visitors to share food and views.

Shanghai Urban History and Development Museum is located in the Oriental Pearl Tower zero meter hall, exhibition area of ​​over 10,000 square meters, is a historical, cultural, appreciation, tourism, entertainment, and historical displays with innovative ideas Hall. Wandering history, pursue dreams at sea, taste the culture Shanghai - Museum fully focus on ornamental and participation, a "financial matter to the King," the scene of display methods, high-tech means, the artifacts, props, models, audio and video multimedia, such as sound and light performance practices into one, so that visitors feel both historical and cultural heritage, but also a taste of modern high-tech charm.

Shanghai International Media Center located at the Oriental Pearl Tower, is set press releases, tourism, convention, dining and other functions into one integrated information centers. 1100 square meters of the press room equipped with the most advanced simultaneous interpretation, projection, sound and lighting and other conference facilities can hold press conferences or international meetings 800 scale.

Pearl of the Orient Cruise Ship Terminal located on the Huangpu River in Pudong, covers an area of ​​2,200 square meters. Oriental Pearl River tour boat ride along the river swim, you can enjoy a taste of the Huangpu River and the spectacular city picture.

Each sightseeing layer counter Oriental Pearl Taree 1000 number of unique, beautifully produced all kinds of souvenirs dazzling, dizzying, away.


2009 January by the Central Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee awarded the "second batch of national civilized unit" honorary title.


Address method: China Shanghai Pudong Century Avenue 1

Zip: 200120

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