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In Chinese history, academy existed since ancient times. Painting is the ancient emperors personal good product, despite its value, but often due to the emperor private Arab-oriented, often to cater to their tastes and creative, so it does not grind through the ages despite achievements and as a nation, but in certain limitations of the more brilliant brilliant it should be made in this art history degree.

After the founding of new China, in view of the difficult issues, as well as inheritance and development of Chinese painting art, etc. At that time many Chinese painters occur livelihood, in 1956 the Supreme State Conference by Premier Zhou Enlai proposed by Beijing and Shanghai each set up a "Chinese Painting" proposal, formed a "Shanghai Chinese Painting academy preparatory Committee." Director Lai Shaoqi, members of the Tang Yun, Pan Tianshou, the king of a small house, Ink, Liu Hai Su, Wu Li Fu, WU Fan, Fu Baoshi, He Tianjian, Chen Akigusa, Baijiao, Dong Wang, and Shen. Backward after four years wasted, Art Academy in June 1960 formally established. The first director was Feng, the incumbent president Shi Dawei.

60 years, the academy has brought together a hundred dozens of calligraphy and carving artists, with senior titles in more than fifty painter. This high level of artistic groups, for decades has made a valuable contribution to the revitalization and development of Chinese painting industry.

Since the reform and opening up, Painting has changed dramatically. In order to adapt to the new situation, the closer the cause of the development of Chinese painting, the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy built a world-class academic institutions, academy high standards of hardware construction of new facilities. At the same time, strengthen internal and external academic exchanges, carry out a comprehensive artistic activities and found that the inflow of talent, enrich and expand creative team, to grasp the art market trends, update the business model of art, art criticism attention to their own taste and practical needs of the community organic unity, establish contemporary China the highest level on behalf of painting and calligraphy art image, trying to make Chinese painting and calligraphy arts continue to move forward, the academy has to make every effort to work in this area.

promote the development of Chinese art historical mission of the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy, but she can not shirk shoulder the burden. In the new century, the cause of the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy will be even more brilliant!


Shanghai Chinese Painting Institute

Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy (21)

There have always been "half," said the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy is a Chinese painting and calligraphy category complete (Chinese painting, calligraphy, seal carving, theory), painting both (landscapes, figures, flowers, feathers), different styles of community, not only inherit and carry forward the past and the excellent Chinese artistic tradition, but also in creating art style in the bottom search, establish immortal achievements of the past glory. Today's older generation of painters alive, Cheng Shifa is the president personally for decades, in the artistic style collar different standard new representatives. He was born from the old and new Ancient Methods and Modern style, clear to everyone generation of classic taste. Painting of young artists realize that the spirit of innovation as old as the pursuit of the goal of the artist, is particularly important in today, the era of performance, to develop the theme, show the spirit of their relentless pursuit. For example, some painters, focus on the performance or historical themes, emphasizing the scale, reflecting the strength of depth; or deliberately depict the world in Vientiane, pay attention focussed care is intended to improve the self-expression. All these different for the foot.

The hard work is bound to obtain a harvest of creation. Only since 1998 Seventh National Art Exhibition, Art Gallery to get national awards six, winning dozens of the city, in the ninth art exhibition, the Art Academy painter works also won gold and bronze, won the Shanghai region of China all prizes. It is the attitude of these artists perseverance, visionary artistic vision, which makes the arts groups Zaixuhuihuang which has long been renowned the world over.

Painting creative artist not only focus on the continuous improvement of the level of in-depth study of art theory also attaches great importance. There are plans to organize an art expert invited to the hospital to work organizing academic seminars and demonstrations, the artists also often held various forms of workshops, with active academic atmosphere. In addition to the traditional annual spring exhibition and art exhibition, Art Gallery also asked each artist will be held Exhibition of his work in the hospitals, which not only increases the demands on the artist's own, strengthened among artists learn from each other, learn from each other's academic atmosphere.


In order to better showcase of art, Art Academy self-financing, self-editing, has published "Shanghai Chinese Painting Collection," "Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy Cheng Shifa paintings museum collections "" Shanghai Chinese Painting academy painters Series "(26)" of Lin works "," Guan Liang works "" Dan 500 years "(4) such as album, and in 1997 published regularly," Shanghai Chinese Painting academy newsletter " . Artists also participate in individual or collective memoirs published nearly a hundred kinds, dictionaries, Techniques Series, copybook, Yin Pu, papers, etc., so that artistic achievements made over the years to show the world record.


As the situation develops, Shanghai imperative as the renovation of an international metropolis and cultural facilities. The original old academy due to meet the new demands, after several years of hard work, in 1998, built a 28-storey "Wah Yan Building," on the site. Building one to six (construction area of ​​6.000 square meters) is the academy's new home, it has "Cheng Shifa Collection museum", "museum works of Lin," "Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy Gallery", "Shanghai Art Research Association of Lin," as well as multi-functional conference hall, five small meeting rooms and offices, studios. Set exhibition, creative, office, meeting in one, became the center of Shanghai Chinese Painting Research, academic discussion, creation, exhibition and other activities.


"Creation Research Subject" refers, Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy of Painting artist can be hired, mainly to see him (her) creative problem can not be "successful." Painting retaining only the original artist file identity, file wage and original titles for other wage expenditures, Painting stopped paying. Artist paid mainly from research funds and achievement awards, so that "do not raise raise painter works."

2006 Chinese New Year approaching, Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy took the lead in the creation of professional art organizations in the implementation of the "creation of Task System" finally bear fruitful results. Painting by accreditation through the Arts Council, the government set aside 1.5 million special funds to participate in the Shanghai Chinese Painting Collection "to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the victory of the war," 21 outstanding works of creation topics.

The move from the mechanism fundamentally broke the continuation of decades of national art artist tenure practices, the current deepen cultural restructuring made new attempts; establishing a national priority thematic collection of outstanding works the system, created the conditions for cultural accumulation.

Most of the domestic National Art Gallery of artist are raised up by the state. These professional artist holding a national fixed salaries and bonuses, and as long as stepped into the door of the academy, no matter how artistically, both for life. On the other hand since gone up in recent years the art market, relying on the flagship of the National Art Gallery, the works of art artist marketable is far better than some of the artist in society. Painting indulge in some of the professional painter market, no time to even higher level in the arts. This is a waste of national resources in a certain angle. Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy Shi Dawei that, as the National Academy of painter painting sold well not just because complacent, they should maintain a certain distance from the market, creating a number of truly worthy of the times, after the world's masterpieces can pass , a role model in terms of artistic creation. To accomplish this, we must break the security of tenure of the national art artist, fundamentally solve the problem from the mechanism.

Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy is the country's cultural reform pilot units. Painting seize this opportunity "to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the victory" theme of creative activity, the long-awaited launch of "creative subjects" system, in order to deepen the management system reform academy. Therefore, the "60th anniversary of the victory" creative issues, but also on existing Qualification Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy painter's a big "test."

After the introduction of the subject system, has been the enthusiastic response of artists, but also to mobilize the enthusiasm of creative artists. We actively deep into life, painstakingly created a number of war theme of quality work. These works on public display, has been praised from all sides.

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