Shandong Weishan Lake National Wetland Park

Synonym Weishan Lake National Wetland Park General Refers to Shandong Weishan Lake National Wetland Park

Location - Shandong Weishan Lake National Wetland Park is located in the northwest of Weishan Lake, south, distance The county town center is about 3 kilometers. Planning range: North to Xinhu Dong Dike (entrance office, Xi Dike side), south to the original ecological protection area and fierce into the fishing village; west to Wanghu Road, Love Lake Terminal (including Love Lake Triangle), east to Jiang Ji River.

The scenic spot is based on the new Xue River, mainly including Wanghu Scenic Area, Xin Xue River Scenic Area, Aihu Delta Scenic Area. Jingfu Expressway, 104 National Highway, Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Rail, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, all walks from the micro-hill, and only fifteen minutes from the high rail intersection.

Weishan Lake National Wetland Park

Geographical Environment

Wetland Park main body is a Weishan Lake, the Weishan Lake is a complete structure, the better inland large freshwater straw lake, area 1266 square kilometers, is the rivers and lake blending wetland and the largest lake ring island wetland, and is rated as "Niyama Lake Wetland Asia" by the Board of Directors in Guinness.

The climate of scenic spots is pleasant, with an annual average temperature of 13.7 ° C, and the annual precipitation is 760 mm.

Some main attractions


Wetland park planning and design is eight scenic spots: Xin Xue River Natural Wetland Scenic Area, Fisheries Expo Park, WHO Scenic Area , Birds Oasis Wetland Scenic Area, Small Mud River Scenic Area, Fisheries Experience Zone, Reeds, Natural Ecological Wetland Scenic Spots.

Shandong Weishan Lake National Wetland Park

New Xue River Scenic Area

New Xue River Wetland Scenic Area (Pontoon Pier) In this scenic spot, you can see concentric bridge, pontoon, observation deck, artificial concentric bridge design The concept is that there is a nest in the reeds, natural scenery is very beautiful.

Wooden Bridge - full length 1250 meters, this plank provides tourists with the best venues integrated into a hydrophilic, watch, and leisure, so that the tourists experience the romance of the pastoral, enjoy the fun of natural oxygen.

Fisheries Experience Zone

Fisheries Expo Park 78 kinds of fish, 87 birds, 74 aquatic plants, through living or specimens, by living or specimens in the form of 78 kinds of fish, 87 birds, 74 aquatic plants Show that enabling visitors while visiting the Wetland Park, also increases the understanding and understanding of the Weishu Lake. Fisheries Expo and Science Tourism in the scenic spot.

Green Island Wetland Terrier Scenic Area

is located in the south of the Husong Dike, a leisure tourist resort surrounded by a water system, forest covered, landscape highlights. In this scenic spot, there is a photography base, coffee house, tea house and ecological hotel.

At the same time, the main entrance of the wetland park door is also located in this scenic spot. Visitors can enter the door through the landscape bridge, from the gate to the leisure tourism resort, or along a 300-meter-long landscape The gallery arrives at the performanceplace square and tourist terminal. After coming in from the landscape bridge, you can also reach the tourist terminal. From the pier, you can reach the Weishan Lake, enter the wetland to enjoy the reward, surf, and tour.

Birds Oasis Scenic Area

is located on the east bank of Xue River. Here, the artificial wetlands and natural wetlands are blended, and Rushu, which is introduced by artificial wetlands. It has a growth height of 4 to 6 meters. It is a good raw material for papermaking. It can bring good economic benefits, and is a wave of habitats in birds.

In this scenic spot, there is a bird watching promenade, watching birds through the promenade, also have a bird watching table and viewing tower, a bird with ecological rush and flying birds. A beautiful picture of a combination of ecology, tranquility, and interesting together.

Small mud river scenic spot

This area is relatively developed, and the coverage of forest is relatively high, and natural scenery is very beautiful. It will be made into a comprehensive leisure area that can be enjoyed, fishing, swimming. This scenic spot gives people feel quiet, elegant, interactive.

seventh scenic spot

opposite the head of the Lake, there is a island in the lake, is a triangular land, three-sided ring water, built a fisheries experience area in its north There is a fisherman inn, a fisherman, experience the life of fishermen, and feel the fisherman. The southern end of the triangle is built into an ecological area surrounded by a water, and the reed swaying ecological area. World Workflower Boutique, Water Poultry Birds Expo Park.

Huangji Scenic Area

The eighth scenic spot in the southernmost end of the new Xue River, has a 3,500-acre water surface, is a red lotus view. There is wild lotus, as well as the lake in the southern end, visitors to the Southern End of the lake, or ride the motorboat to surf.

High-rise wetland scenic spot

This area is very good, there is more than ten thousand acres of aquatic plants and lotus, visitors will see that there is an intravenous Hutian, Really feel the shock of "picking up the lotus infinity, wetland lotus].

Development and construction

On 13 December 2011, the State Forestry Bureau officially issued a notice, approves the establishment of the establishment of a Weishan Lake National Wetland Park (pilot). In 2015, the Weishan Lake Wetland Park was rated as a national eco-tourism demonstration area. In August 2016, it passed the national wetland park acceptance.

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