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Shandong Education Press Adhering the "Science, sincere, Diligent, Development" publishing concept, implementing "one-piece two wings, a strengthening" product innovation strategy, original, introduced, integrated three The person is controversial, forming a publishing feature of "out of the boutique, series, heavy accumulation, long-term". Highly attach great importance to the support of original books, excellent academic books and excellent introduction, planning a group of landmark books representing strength and horizontal, with 10 series of more than 800 boutique books. Among them, "History of China's Modern Literature Development", "Chinese Education System, China Education", "National Book Award", "China Education Total History", "Foreign Education, History", "Wang Liwen Collection" "China Science and Technology for 5,000 years "New Chinese Literature 50 Years" won the "National Book Award" Nomination Award, "20th Century Mathematics Thoughts" "Chinese Education Philosophy", "Chinese Literature", "China Book Award", "Complete Works of Chinese Folk Art" Was "five project awards". On the basis of the "basic training" "basic training" "test paper", a group of expansion books with new curriculum teaching, are also popularized by the market. Since the establishment of a commission, more than 100 textbooks have been published, and new curriculum teaching materials are being developed. The new curriculum textbook framework was initially constructed, and the five-four textbooks and local teaching materials system, the new curriculum standard "English", junior high school "chemistry", high school "geography" has been reviewed through the Ministry of Education and has been promoted across the country . Pay attention to the promotion of the national spirit, absorb the world's advanced culture, and introduce more than 10 kinds of more than more than 10 kinds of books of foreign books have been introduced, and the book selection is strongly added.

address: No. 321, Weiyi Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province,

Zip code: 250001

Shandong Education Press Always insist For the purpose of the socialist education services, the intelligence support and publishing guarantee for the efforts of education and teaching research and advanced cultural dissemination are our responsibility, obeying the law, scientific operation. For more than 20 years, there have been more than 17,000 kinds of books in the beginning, and there are more than 2.3 billion lots; 20 books have won the three prizes of national books, more than 800 books have been rewarded by provincial and ministerial levels; total assets exceed 550 million yuan; Many people have been awarded the "National Baijia Publishing Worker", "Pressbook has a high-income of the Chinese Youth Expert" and "National Youth Excellent Editor", etc .; established a national first teacher publishing fund, donated two I hope elementary school, one of the "National Excellent Publishing House".

In June 2021, the party general branch of Shandong Education Publishing House was awarded the title of "Shandong Provincial Advanced Grassroots Party Organization".

July 19, 2021, Shandong Education Publishing House selected a list of the 5th China Publishing Government Award (Advanced Publishing Unit Award). "Summer" published by Shandong Education Press, "The Science and Technology Revolution and National Modernization Research Series (7)" were selected for the 5th China Publishing Government Award Nomination Award winning list (Book Award Nomination Award).

Capital operation

Good economic efficiency and flexible capital operation, providing powerful material guarantee for sustainable development. Shandong Education Publishing House adheres to a multi-operative strategy, while doing a good job in book publishing, industries with better economic benefits, to speed up economic strength, and enhance the ability to resist risks. In 2000, the investment of Guangda Bank was more than 50 million yuan, 2001 Investment Bank of China 20 million yuan, became the shareholders of Everbright Banks and Bank of Communications. Our social education and training center (including 2,700 square meters of buildings purchased in Qingdao in Qingdao) has been officially put into use. Since 2002, our company has only rely on capital operations more than 30 million yuan.


Shandong Education Press will deeply grasp the characteristics of the times and the publication of the discipline, keen capture cultural construction and education publishing opportunities, and continue according to the diversified development ideas, strength and talent Based on the effective integration of organizational structure and resources as a guarantee, exploration, research, writing, publication, experiment, training as an educational book business model, and rapid construction becomes a domestic important teaching material research and development base and advanced cultural communication position. .

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