Shaanxi Guanyinshan National Nature Reserve

Historical Level

Started in 1957, operating area of ​​20,551 hectares.

In November 1998, it has stopped harvesting and started to implement natural forest protection projects.

Beginning in 2001, the feasibility study of Guanyin Mountain Nature Reserve.

In August 2002, he approved the Provincial People's Government's executive meeting to establish a Juanyin Mountain Provincial Nature Reserve and began to protect the region's preparation.

In August 2003, Shaanxi Guanyinshan Provincial Nature Reserve is set up.

On December 25, 2013, Shaanxi Guanyinshan National Nature Reserve was approved by the State Council and became a national nature reserve.

Geography Environment

Geological Landform

Shaanxi Guanyin Mountain National Nature Reserve is "M" shape, the northwest is high, the highest point is in the west The ride of the city, 2574.2m above sea level, the lowest point is located in the land of the Dragon Grass Ping Forest, with an altitude of 1150m, relative high difference 1424m.

Geological construction belongs to Qinling pleated southern Qinling, Indian land folded belt. The stratigraphic main body is part of the Delodes-Wudu Strati Community in the South Qinling Stratigraphic Region of Barzi-Stomatis Area. Due to the strong mulmonary activity in the printing period, the protected area was widely revealed, and the local area residually survived some formations of Otao Yi and the mud pot, and the sporable exposure, most of them have metamous.

The geomorphology is eroded to abute the undulating and undulating the mountain landform, the surface fluctuation is large, the multi-cliff valley, the altitude is generally between 1300-2300m, and the slope of most areas is more than 30 °.


The river in the National Nature Reserve of Guanyinshan, Shaanxi Province is a Changjiang Water Department, and the water resources are relatively abundant. The main rivers in the district have the Dadio River, Jiaoxi River, Xiaogou River. The water quality is more heavy carbon-based soft water, which is a class of water, pH 6.3, and iodine.


Shaanxi Guanyinshan National Nature Reserve is located on the south side of Qinling Ridge, and the climate is a warm temperate climate in the northern edge of the northern edge. There is a significant mountain forest small climate character. Climate characteristics are: abundant, high humidity, short and cold, winter long, cold, spring, autumn rain, spring, autumn dry, winter long, frost-free period, short climate change is obvious.


Shaanxi Guanyin Mountain National Nature Reserve is lack of light, the average annual sunshine is 1727 hours. In the summer, the summer hours of summer accounts account for 32.9% of the whole year; the winter photo hours, only 355.9 hours accounting for 20.6% of the year. Up to 193.9 hours in July, the year is 11.2%, with an average of 6.3 hours a day; in February is 105.6 hours, accounting for 6, 1% year-on-year, with an average of 3.64 hours a day; Due to 62.3 hours. The total annual radiation is about 110 kcal / cm2. The total radiation of the season is up to 37.31 kcal / cm2 in summer, accounting for 35.5% of the total year; autumn, winter two-quarter radiation has the least radiation.


The average annual temperature is 11.5 ° C, extreme maximum temperature 37 ° C, extreme minimum temperature - 12.9 ° C; Average temperature in January 0.3 ° C, July The average temperature is 21.9 ° C; the average annual evaporation amount is 1086.3mm; the average air speed is 2.2m / s, which is small in the wind speed in June and September, and the wind speed in May and May, and will be enhanced month by month. The frost-free period is 220 days, the primary frost period in early November, the end of the end of the year in late March.


Average annual precipitation is 924mm, the average annual precipitation is 131 days, including 469.4mm in summer precipitation, accounting for 50.8% of the total year, Winter water is only 23.6mm, accounting for 2.5% of the total year; in the rainy season, the precipitation is 840.6mm, accounting for 91.0% of the total annual amount, November to March in the next year, the water season is only 83.4mm, accounting for 9.0% of the year. In the middle of the year, mid-200 and early September for rainfall; in March and June, there is easy to have drought. Precipitation is 131.1 days in the year, accounting for 35.9% of the number of days.


The average annual wind speed is 2.2 m / sec, the maximum instantaneous wind speed is 28 meters per second. 6, 7, 8, September, the wind speed is small, October to May the next year, the wind speed is large, and there is a trend of monthly enhancement.


forming frost, the first frost period starts in early November, the evening cream finally in late March, the frost-free period is 220 days.


Soil in Shaanxi Guanyinshan National Nature Reserve is mainly three types of yellow cinema, brown soil and dark brown. The yellow-skinning area is distributed in 1500m or less, which is the soil developed under the vegetation of evergreen leaves. Ordinary yellow-shaped soil distribution in the district is well developed, and the thickness of the soil layer is neutral microalic acid reaction. The brown soil is mainly distributed at 1500-2300m Zhongshan zone, which is the soil developed under a broad-leaved or adult mixed forest. The area is large, and the soil fertility is high. Dark brown is mainly distributed at 2,300m or more to Qinling Liang ridges, which is the soil developed under the coniferous hybrid forest. The soil is naturally fertility, and forest vegetation is a coniferous forest mainly based on fir, and the surface coverage is thick.

Regional range

Shaanxi Guanyinshan National Nature Reserve is located in Foging County, the south side of the main ridge of the Qinling Mountains in Southern Shaanxi. Geographic coordinates are between 107 ° 51 '- 108 ° 01', between 33 ° 35 '- 33 ° 45' north latitude. Northern Shaanxi Zhou Ziyuan 2 nature reserves, Xilai Shaanxi Foship National Nature Reserve, Dongpin Ping Forest Forest Industry Bureau, Nanxing County, Mandi, Foship County. 20 km from North and South, 15 kilometers wide in things. The total area is 13,534 hectares, including 5,467 hectares of the experimental area, 3,793 hectares of buffer zones, 4,274 hectares in the core area.

Guanyin Mountain Provincial Nature Reserve Qinling Protection Station

Protection Objective

Protection Objects

Shaanxi Guanyinshan National Nature Reserve to protect giant panda, gold monkey, Objects such as antelope, South China Tiger, Black Bear, Golden Cat, Big Ling Cat, Ginkgo, Red Bean, Shefflus, Qinling Cool Bin.

Plant Resources

Shaanxi Guanyin Mountain National Nature Reserve is located in the bilitary zone of two types of plantations in the warm temperate and North Asia Tropical, which is a place in the intersection of China's north and south plants. Due to the unique geographical location, the variety of plants in the area is rich and complicated. There are about 106 sects in the district, 196 genus, 314 species; seed plants 136 sects, 581 genus, 1305 types; there are more than 1600 plants (moss, ferns, plants, quilt), and occupy Qinling, respectively 50.0% and 5.8% of China's higher plants.

Rare and endangered protective plants investigated, 3 national levels of national primary protection plants (ginkgo, red bean, leaf grass), 11 kinds of national secondary protective plants (even shaft, water green tree , Fragrant fruit trees, Qinling Cold Bin, Water Quliu, Etud, etc.), the provincial key protection plant (star grass, mountain tree, Qinling Sand ginseng, Taibai Pei, Qingye, etc.), accounting for the national protection of Shaanxi Province The total number of plants was 42.7%.

Animal resources

Shaanxi Guanyinshan National Nature Reserve is located in the transition zone of Dongbei and the ancient north of the animal geographic area, and the animal geographical distribution is clearly reflected in the district of Nort-North. Features, and have a particularly rich animal species. Shaanxi Guanyinshan National Nature Reserve has 29th, 82, 338 species, accounting for 53.3% and 13.7% of Shaanxi Province and Chinese vertebrates, respectively. Among them, there are 7th directions of the beast, 26 sects, 68 kinds of birds, 15 mesh, 39 sects, 217; two toe 2 mesh, 6 sects, 12 types; crawling 3 mesh, 7 subjects, 26 kinds, fish 2 , 4 sects, 15 kinds.

Rare and endangered animals

Shaanxi Guanyinshan National Nature Reserve is within close proximity of Shaanxi Foship National Nature Reserve and Shaanxi Zhou to National Nature Reserve, is China's big panda, gold monkey, One of the main habitats of the antelopes is also an important link in Qinling Reserve, Qunlongling and Tianhua Mountain giant panda habitat. In Shaanxi Guanyin Mountain National Nature Reserve, there is not only a golden monkey, an antelope, and other rare and endangered animals, including 6 of the national first-level protected animals, 33 of the secondary protected animals.

Management Measures

Shaanxi Guanyinshan National Nature Reserve Management Institutions are the Administration of Hubei Qi Sishan National Nature Reserve Administration. The Authority has established an administrative office, the protection department, the scientific research department, and the public education department and other departments, and three grassroots protection stations such as Dongherta, 100 kilometers, Xiao Nanping, 1 Qinling protective card, and implemented the agency and grassroots protection A total of 78 people.

Strengthen the protection of wildlife resources to ensure the safety of giant pandas and their habitats. The protected area conscientiously implemented the "Forest Law", "Regulations on the People's Republic of China", "Wildlife Protection Law" and other related laws and regulations, adhere to the protection of the law, and continuously increase the protection of wildlife plants. Actively carry out forest land inspections, strengthen governance and rectification, severely crack down on the behavior of forest resources such as hacking, illegal hunting. Resolutely stopped business activities such as painting, digging, cutting, and mining and other business activities, strictly prohibiting the dredging, soil, and stone. While doing a good job of daily patrols, focus on strengthening the management of collective forests and community population management in the protected area, increasing publicity, and clarifying administrative privileges.

Development and utilization

Travel information

Shaanxi Guanyinshan National Nature Reserve Not only is a magical colorful primitive forest, thousands of ancient wood, raising birds, good Climate, Alpine, Canyon, Qingliu Dingxiao Life Spring, Yunhai Sunrise and other colorful natural landscapes, there is a unique mountain village residence, simple and unique folk customs, etc. Singular interesting human landscape, plus superior geographical location It is a good place to return to nature, integrate into nature, and appreciate the natural styles.

Natural landscape

Tianxian Cave: located in the Diganese Ditch. There is a giant stone to extend the mountain ditch, such as a bridge, 30 meters long, 20 meters wide, high 10 meters, including more than 100 people. There is a bont spring water under the cave, clear and sweet, full overflow. The bridgehead mountain Liang Qingsong is all over the ground, which is better than Penglai.

Qinglong Cave: It is located in Dadgou, halftone rock has a stone hole, the hole diameter is 4.5 meters, the hole is 13 meters deep, and the top of the hole is constantly moving.

Lushan: Located in the top of the protected area, the north and south is going to 2574m, which is composed of five-degree, including the Summit like a sister, called "sister" double peak, because the main peak is like a turtle. According to the "Foship Hall", Qing Guangxu has been this name, which is a watershed in Dagan and Black Dragon Pool.

Humanity landscape

Bailong Mountain: In the Diganese Ditch, the north and south, 1724 meters above sea level. In this case, the prince of the Jade Huang Emperor is here after this removing the temple: "Bailong Mountain Temple" is named.

Majialiang: In Digangou, there is 2112 meters above sea level, and the military officers who have a surname of Malaysia have a surname of Malaysia, and they are buried in this mountain after death.

Dry Board: On the side of the Dawan, there is 1486 meters above sea level. According to legend, the carpenter has been solved here. Due to the inconvenience of traffic, the wet plate is difficult, which is maintained, and it is called the dry board.

scientific research

Shaanxi Guanyinshan National Nature Reserve has certain particularities. First, it is a newly built protected area after the ban on the ban on the original Iron harvesting enterprises. She is in the Sundi Nature Reserve, north to the Nature Reserve in the north. After the construction of the protected area, the integrity of the promotion of giant panda habitat and promotes the Qinling Reserve Sexuality is of great significance. Its two, it is located at the Qinling Reserve Group Giant Panda Habitat - the transition area of ​​Xinglongling and Tianhua Mountain, 108 National Road Qinling Tunnel built into traffic, so that the two sides of the road are smooth and wild animals mainly-based rare wild animals. Communication is possible. Therefore, scientific research on wild animals and their habitats in Guanyin Mountain Nature Reserve, whether it is the impact on the study of timber harvesting and natural forest protection on ecological changes, or to explore the problem of solving the crushing of giant panda habitat in the Qinling area. It has a very important scientific significance.

Ecological value

Shaanxi Guanyinshan National Nature Reserve has a more complete forest ecosystem, not only provide a prosperous place for wild animals, but also regulates the climate , Purify the air, cultivate water, control soil erosion, reduce local floods, maintain an ecological and flat effect, and provide services and safeguards for the production of farmers and animal husbandry in the downstream.

Shaanxi Guanyin Mountain National Nature Reserve Biodiversity, in the geographical line of the ancient north and the Toyoji, in natural geography, is the transition zone of North Asia tropical and warm temperate. There is very rich in biodiversity in the district, especially China's unique animal giant panda, Qinling Tiaol, Golden Monkey and many unique plants are concentrated here, and there is an important protection area in Guanyinshan National Nature Reserve in Shaanxi.

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