Set tolerance

Calculation Objects

Set tolerance than heat capacity calculation objects are gases. Since the gas is in the condition that the temperature is constant, the gas must be expanded and the external work is performed. In addition to the heat of the temperature, a part of the heat is needed to compensate for the work made by the gas, and therefore, the gas pressure is maintained. It is better than the heat capacity than the heat capacity. Since the solid and liquid are in the absence of morphological changes, the amount of heat supplied by the outside is used to change the temperature, and its own volume changes, so the compression of the solid and liquid is not too large. Therefore, it is not necessary to distinguish it.

General definition

The definition of the calibration than the heat capacity is

Settlement comparison heat capacity is independent of
The thermodynamic function of the variable is also a intensity parameter. When the independent variable is
, the general relationship of entropy is

according to the nature of the whole dimension, Lead

to the above equation can be obtained

The above bonus represents the differential forms and integral forms of the fixed-to-capacity general relationship. Their physical significance and functional relationship with the main pressure is similar. However, the determination of the calibration than the heat capacity is more difficult, compared to the measurement of the heat capacity than the heat capacity, so it is usually used to measure the measured compression ratio heat capacity, and then use
can calculate the corresponding settlement specific heat capacity.

and the main pressure ratio heat capacity

The main pressure is referred to when the 1 kg gas does not change when the pressure does not change, and the temperature is increased or lowered by 1 ° C (1K). The heat.

The definition of the heat capacity and the calibration than the heat capacity is suitable for all works.

Since the gas is hot under the pressure of the gas, the heat absorbed is increased while the thermodynamics increases, and it is necessary to overcome the external force to work, so the main pressure is greater than the calibration than the calibration, the difference is to make 1 The kg gas is blown to the outside in the process of warming up the temperature under the regulation.

The main pressure than the heat capacity process can be understood as two hypothetical divisions, i.e., first to heat the 1 kg gas in the case of the cooling DT, at which time the heat absorption of the working body is

; After the 1kg gas is used to heat the heat, it is used for expansion, the power is PDV; thereby, it is understood that 1 kg gas is completed in the process of cooling the temperature drop, and its total heat absorption is

Obviously, it will be established

suitable for the ideal gas.


ratio is called a more heat ratio.

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