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Mr. Guo Wei

in 1983, born in Shandong Province.

Founder of well-known catering service experts, servic training ghosts, and the founder of Guo's dining service management model.

There are many well-known catering hotels in China. In 2009, the turnover of catering enterprises that was frequently closed through the Guo service model was 300%. It is a veritable service training ghost.

Enter the service area in 1998.

2000 original "blessing language service" got a great praise in the catering industry

2003 proposed "Not satisfied with the return food" service slogan, which triggered the revolution of the catering service.

2004 proposes "The Catering Appreciation Service" concept, the original "Catering Service Thirty-seventy-seventh" increases the food and beverage details services a higher level.

The management model of "Guo's Catering Drug Law", "Guo's Catering Slutment", "Guo's Dining Slut Festival Sword", has successfully promoted in practice.

2008 Cooking Catering Free Service Mode "Dining Nine Free Service Project" - Free Shoes, Free Manicure, Free Blood Press, Free Weight, Free Shoulders, Free Little Cooked, Free Porridge, Free children's toys, free adult entertainment (chess, five sons, checkers, and military flag) have been successfully promoted in the domestic hotel.

Attempts to promote the concept of the catering service and management concepts in 2009, gain huge success. It is often a week to fly 3 cities for training.


1. Integration thinking: integration of marketing, public speeches, negotiations, potential inspiration, innovation, etc. in service.

Service mode

2. Simple thinking: Mode operation is simple, directly

3. Effective thinking: effective is the last word.

4. Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčThinking: Fast, Accurate

5. Personalized Thinking: Continuous Innovation

6. Taiji Thinking: Median Road

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Processing Manufacturing

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Patent rights

This model has applied for national intellectual property protection

core technology

Hotel 8L service practice (self-developed)

Detail service 37 models in the hotel (independent research and development)

innovation gold key service project settings (autonomous research and development)

greeting service actual combat system (Independent research and development)

smile service management

hotel innovation management

hotel service marketing

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