Service life


Products is called the service life of safe work capabilities under the conditions of the designer or manufacturer. These include the time occupying the necessary maintenance. The product exceeds the service life, and then continues to use is unsafe, there is a hidden danger of some accident.

Life prediction

The life of the equipment has the service life, depreciation life, economic life, and technical life. Regarding the depreciation life of the equipment, the economic life and technical life will be described in the following sections, and only the prediction problem of equipment service life is discussed here. The service life of the device refers to the time that the device starts from input production until it can be repaired again. It is determined by factors such as materials, manufacturing quality, conditions of use, and maintenance conditions. Since some factors belong to a random factor (such as environmental, climate, the skills of the operator, the actual service life of the same batch is not completely equal.

Equipment Life Prediction According to the design parameters, materials, and certain key components and the practical experience of design, operation, and maintenance personnel, J can also use the actual service data of similar equipment. , Use probability analysis methods to calculate the actual service life expectation value, which uses it as a predicted value of the service life of the new device.

Life cycle cost

The life cycle cost is meant that consumers pay for the function of acquiring and use the required product or services. It includes the original cost of purchasing the goods and two parts: maintenance costs. The original cost includes the purchase price, transportation fee, etc. of the purchase of goods; use maintenance costs refers to the cost of consumption, maintenance costs, maintenance costs such as using the product after purchasing. It can be seen that the use of maintenance cost is a necessary supplement to the original cost. In general, the use of maintenance costs, often reflects the function or quality of the product. For products with high quality and good function, it uses low and maintenance costs and long life period; the contrary, low quality, product, which uses maintenance costs, and short life. Therefore, in shopping, not only should the products of the product should be considered, but also should consider the problem of high and low maintenance costs.

Economic life

Sometimes, the item is still in good condition (the service life is not ended), nor is it unable to use because the reason is outside the item (the technical life is not ended), however consumption I would rather buy new. Is there such a situation? When the economic life of the item is ending, consumers will face this situation. Economic life is, if it continues to use it economically. For example, the bicycle inner fetus is used for a certain period of time (such as the new inner tube to be replenished for two or three months), it is not to be tied and often leaking, make up 2 yuan, can't make a few times, it is enough to be a new fetus. Although it can be used. However, it is not economical, and the economic life of items is terminated.

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