Semiconductor discrete device

Product Description

Electronics are divided into "conductor" and "insulator" between "conductors" and "insulator" according to its conductivity performance, and the semiconductor components are in the form of packaging. Divided into "discrete" and "integration" such as: diodes, triodes, transistors, etc.

Development Status

China's semiconductor discrete device industry has planted a pivotal position in the international market and maintains continuous, rapid and stable development. Given the rising electronic machine, consumer electronics and other markets, and discrete semiconductor devices is still much room for development, therefore, the development of relevant SIC group, GSN-based packaging and other new technologies and new processes, new discrete devices in cars Application prospects in hotspots such as electronics, energy saving lighting, etc. have become a problem that is widely concerned. The current global discrete device market is generally steadily up, and the Asian region, especially the Chinese market performance is just conspicuous. Although the influence of financial crisis and industry periodic adjustment, the development of the semiconductor discrete device industry market is in a downturn, but the prospect is still beautiful. From the development trend, whether it is global or China, the proportion of the sales volume in the electronic information product manufacturing industry is gradually declining, and the output value of the discrete device production and output value is lower than the growth rate of the whole machine system. On the other hand, the rapid development of the whole machine system also provides new market opportunities for the discrete device industry. In particular, the global electronic machine has a growing growth of energy conservation, environmental protection demand, driving the demand growth of the discrete device products, and on the other hand, the rapid upgrade of the market product structure. The whole machine system has further developed towards miniaturization and integrated direction, and the discrete device has also put forward new requirements, and the film mounting device has become the mainstream of the industry development. Chinese companies must master the initiative in the future market, must strengthen the original innovation, integrated innovation and introduction of digestion and absorption.

The continuous intensification of the semiconductor discrete device manufacturing industry, large-scale semiconductor discrete device manufacturing enterprise M & A integration and capital operation are growing, and domestic excellent semiconductor discrete device manufacturing enterprises have more attention to the industry market research, In particular, the in-depth study of the change of the enterprise development environment and customer demand trend.

The 2010 Global Semiconductor Market will achieve the largest growth in history than the level of the last year, mainly in the significant growth of DRAM and NAND wafers. The 2010 global semiconductor market is $ 291 billion, an increase of approximately 30% year-on-year; 2011 is $ 307.9 billion, a year-on-year increase of 5.8%. All of this is to be attributed to the promotion of killer products, such as smartphones, tablets, e-books and game consoles, and actual semiconductor industry falls from 2008 and 2009 decline, while accumulating up energy. The global DRAM market in general oversupply situation continued to intensify, the global DRAM market in 2011 bits production capacity increase of 58.7%, higher than the growth rate 31.5 percentage points demand, excess capacity accounted for 28.2%. China's 2012 LED market will reach 60.5 billion yuan, and the composite growth rate in 2008-2012 is 34%. By 2015 LED chip deficiency rate will reach 70%. Domestic components from January to November 2010 PCB, capacitance, resistance, electrical components, electro-acoustic devices, magnetorescent materials and devices, and electrical interface exports were 32.74%, 44.62%, 41.30%, 54.31, respectively. %, 36.04%, 43.75%, 39.59%.

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