Sea Bay National Ocean Park

Geographical Environment


Jiangsu Lianyungang Haizhou Bay National Ocean Park is located in Northeast China, southeast, Shandong Province, with a total area of ​​51,455 hectares. It is a half-way bay, the sea is slow, and the Wankou is deep, there is Qinshan Island, East and West Lianwei, etc. For the natural barrier, the sea is 10 ~ 20 meters. There is an injection of Xinyi River, Rosace, etc. West Coast. Taking Qinshan Island, the south of Lianyungang West Dike, Zhu Island, East and West Open Island, Western Jane Coastline, East Side and Nouth Side are the Northeast Railway Line of Lianyun Port Artificial Reef Engineering Area.

Topographic landform

Haizhou Bay National Ocean Park has three coast types of the Coastal Coast of the Haizhou Bay, Sandy Coast. The rock island is strongly used in water dynamic effects, forming sea ethable cliffs, sea residues, sea erosion platforms, sea erotic columns and wavy honeycombs. The shoreline of Qinshan Island is also typically typically developed by sea etchavenia and rocky beaches, sea erotic, sea erotic columns.

Part Island


End Isles Ancient Wuying Tour Mountain, is the largest island of Jiangsu, Jiangsu only 4A level seashore tourism Scenic area, rich in seafood.

Kaishan Island

Kaishan Island is a wasteland away from the mainland, because Wang Ji, Wang Shihua, is famous for more than 20 years of guardians.

Pigeon Island

The pigeon island has many wild pigeons because of the island. There is no road around the island, placed in seawater, can be involved in water to the island during the tide.

Qinshan Island

Qinshan Island, the legendary Qin Shihuang has come to this island. There are a lot of the island, there are thousands of ancient pavilions, Li Simu, Xu Fujing, Tianzhu Palace, and more than 20 major attractions such as Zhuzhu, Qin Dongmen, and Guili Terrace.

Bamboo island

Zhu Island is named by a pony on the mountain. Wild ambitions on wildcuts on the island, available for free picking. No residents on the island, a natural wild.

Yangshan Island

Yangshan Island in the east of Hong Kong, is affiliated to Gaogongdao Township, the island is four-sided sea, the shape is like a giant screw There are red landscapes.

Dashan Island

Sea Bay National Ocean Park

Da Yans Island is named when it is like old, and the harmonious sound is named in the mountains and Da Mountain. The island is a rock island, and the terrain is steep, and there are many cliffs along the coast.

Car Niu Yam Island

6.8 km from Daishan Island, the southernmost area of ​​the top three islands is the most southernmost area of ​​the top three islands.

Dajin Restaurant

Great rena, also known as the Ping Island East Reef, the island is located in the northeast end of Pingshan Island, is like a huge The sea is rich in the waves, so I'm a big rena.

Resource situation

Resource Features

Haizhou Bay National Ocean Park Biological resources have both low salt varieties, and high-salt groups, At the same time, hundreds of valuable biological resources such as hundreds of fish and shrimp shellings are distributed. Bamboo island, no island, the original ecosystem is well preserved, there is natural bamboo forest, the snake, the characteristics of the snake islands in Jiangsu, the transitional characteristics of the zone transitions have a very important research and protection value of plant ecological geography.

Resource classification


In Haizhou Bay National Ocean Park, there is a national first-class protected animal Dan top crane, Secondary Protective Animal Well, unique rare bird species. More than 100 island birds.

Console Animals

The land of Luzhou Bay island has four major categories, namely, two toiletries, crawles, birds, and breastfeeding. The type of crawling class has a helpless, snake, red chain snake, water, red chain snake, black tissue, red dot brocade, etc. Gecko is a wide range of distribution from the forefrive of the mainland to the mainland to the islands. Qinshan Island has a hedgehog. There are bats on each island.

Marine Biology

The ocean biological resources in the park include fish, crustles (shrimp crabs), head foot, shellfish, spine animal, etc., There are more than 200 kinds of fish, including China's prawns, eagle, saffron, mus shrimp, Japanese, Japanese gun squid, golden squid, sea otter is the main fishing object of Haizhou Bay Sea Area. .

Main Attractions

Continental Scenic Area

Island Ancient Tang Eagle Mountain is the largest island in Jiangsu Province. Continental is the only 4A-level seaside tourist attraction in Jiangsu. There are 9 km from the distribution of things, covering an area of ​​7.57 square kilometers, of which the forest area reaches more than 80% of the total area. Continentering is an important part of Yuntai Mountain. It has the best quality seashore beach in Jiangsu.

Haizhou Bay Tourism Resort Area

Haizhou Bay Tourism Resort is located in Haitou Town, Yushi County, covering an area of ​​4.88 square kilometers, with the largest high quality gold beach in Jiangsu Province. Released as "Beidaihe" in Jiangsu. Among them, there are 6,000 square meters of fishermen cultural exhibition halls, integrating modern fishermen's cultural exhibitions, specimens and living show, etc., showing science knowledge. The seaside beach bathhouse has a seaside watching sea platform, view seaweed bridge, speedboat tour sea, carriage rush sea, sand beach, night, shrimp and other projects.

Qinshan Island has the United States, "Qinshan Ancient Island, Huanghai Wonderland" is known, and the Wang Mother's mother has been in this tower, Qin Shihuang "whipping bridge", there is China's first natural Haizhong Avenue "God Road", "Sea City" is a landscape of this island spring and summer.

Westshu Wan Beach

Lianyungang, Westshu Wan, is located in the west of the market, commonly known as the West City, three-sided sea, one side, is an ancient fishing village. The previous Sest coast, mountain sea embraces, Lake Island, Linhai Mountain Cliff Reef, Don't have fun. There is a small beach that is smooth and suitable for swimming, and there is also a large area of ​​mud beach and harbor. The fishery in the harbor is frequent, the park is busy with the unloading, carrying a basket of various sea goods captured on the shore; some are busy refueling water, ready to go to the sea. In the event of a major festival, the fishing boat is covered with colorful flags, fluttering with the wind, like the spring flowers.

Due to human destruction, Sembus Bay, chaos, and poor phenomenon. In 2014, the "Sea Bay Island and Sea Ecological Resources Rehabilitation Practice" project was started, and the completion of the completion of the completion of the sea, the island, the lake in one, highlighting Ecological features of "Binhai, Huanhu".

Lianyungang Old Street

Lianyungang's old street is located in Lianyun Street, Lianyun District, Lianyungang City, Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, also known as "Lianyun Old Street", "Lianyun Ancient Town", for Lianyungang City One of the four old streets in the historical development (Haizhou Ancient City, Democratic Road Wenhua Street, Lianyungang Old Street, Nancheng Six Street). Old Street Since 1933, I opened Hong Kong in Hong Kong, managed by the Republic of China, and the Japanese invaders of China and after the liberation of the 1948, the special geography of the Shancheng Stone Street and the age of the era left in different historical stages, forming a natural Characteristic and humanity of the sea town.

Transportation and line

Continuous Island Scenic Area

Bus Line:

New Haicheng District: Take 1 channel direct or BRT Sea One Furniture Station Transfer 3 Road

Eastern City: Tour 1 or Tour 3 Road straight to

Self-driving route: Xinpu District - Lianyun District Market - blocking sea embankment - Container

Haizhou Bay Tourism Resort

Tongda Route: Urban → (Tiantan Expressway) → Hailou Exit → Haikou Town → Haizhou Bay Tourist Resort

Westshu Wan Beach

From Lianyungang Railway Station, Xinpu Bus Terminal, Lianyungang TV Station takes Lianyungang Express Bus (BRT) B1K, from Haizhou Bus Terminal, take B1 Road To the 149 Hospital Station, changed from the B3 to Lianyun District Government Station, and took the B3 bus from Lianyun Ancient Town to Lianyun District Government Station.

Lianyungang Old Street

From Lianyungang Railway Station, Xinpu Bus Terminal, Lianyungang TV Station takes Lianyungang Express Bus (BRT) B1K Road to Wuyang Road Station transfer B13 to Port Bus Station From the Su Xin Express Station, Hualian Square, Lian Island Waterfront Take the B12 bus to Wuyang Road Station transfer to the B13 to the port bus station; take the B1 bus from Haizhou Bus Terminal to Wuyang Road Station B13 to the port bus station; take the B3 bus from Lianyun New City to the terminal station Lianyun Ancient Town Station.

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