School of Biological Information, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications

College Overview

The 21st century is the century of life science. Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications uses the advantages of information discipline, in 2000, China was established.

College adheres to elite education, adhering to the "quality and standing, specialty, scientific research strong hospital, walking the connotation development path", with "professional + information technology", cultivation model, Practical ability and scientific research and innovation ability are cultivated as the core, with the "scientific research class" and "2 + 2" double degree culture into carrier and advantage, forming digital medical design and high level talent training base for modern biology and pharmaceutical. Continuous graduates recommend free entry into Peking University, the academician research team of Tsinghua University student.

Biotechnology has implemented a large class of cultivation with pharmaceuticals, with the United States Ni Cholls Stateuniversity Biological, Chemical Professional "2 + 2" joint training (China and American double degrees, Louisian Taizhou's tuition fee). More than 1,000 full-time students in the school. The first batch of national engineering laboratory approved by the College Development and Reform Commission - "Southern mustard isas and cultivation and cultivation of national local joint engineering laboratories" (joint), Chongqing intelligent surgery technology engineering research Center, Chongqing Medical Devices Quality and Safety Control Research Center, Molecular Biology Laboratory, Biological Information Research Institute, Biomedical Information Engineering Research Institute, Biomedical Engineering Research Center, Pharmaceutical Plant Institute and other research institution platforms.

The college has received 5 central and local joint laboratory construction projects, with more than 20 million yuan of advanced supporting instrument equipment.

Scientific research has achieved remarkable results, as of 2011, to host and undertake the National Natural Science Foundation project, the national "863" plan, and more than 90 provincial and ministerial projects, published more than 500 papers, It is included in three major search systems, and five publication academic monographs have been published in more than 10 national patents. 1 national award, and a number of provincial level rewards.

The college attaches great importance to external communication. It has established research cooperation and academic collaboratives in the United States, Japan, Canada, Taiwan and other places, and the relationship between scientific research cooperation and scholars' exchanges have been established. It does not regularly invite famous scholars at home and abroad to lecture. Academic exchange.

Relying on the information science background and advantage of the school, as well as the advantages of the western region, the advantages of medicinal biological resources, theory and practice, teaching, research, and production. The college abides by the school motto of "repairing, enlightening, truth-seeking, innovation", and cultivating high quality talents in socialist modernization.

Professional introduction

Biomedical Engineering

(undergraduate, standard system for four years, awarded by a bachelor's degree in engineering, recruiting science and engineering)

Culture Objective: Cultivate theoretical knowledge related to life science, electronic technology, computer control technology and information science, has a certain electronic technology, information processing technology, computer technology in medicine The ability to apply in related fields can engage in engineering technology talents such as system design, system analysis, system operation and management in medical electronic instruments and other electronic information technology applications.

Main courses: Basic medicine, biomedical sensor, circuit analysis, signal and system, electronic circuitry, digital circuit, medical electronics, medical imaging, medical instrument, medical signal processing, Medical image processing, self-control principle, microcomputer principle, single-chip principle, embedded system, etc.

Professional Advantages and Features: (1) has a bachelor's, master's degree, and authorization points, providing a good condition for students. (2) The professional direction is selective, and the school information discipline is fully integrated, and the universal diameter is wide. There are municipal innovation teams, and our teachers are reasonable. (3) There is a good cooperative relationship with the medical device enterprises in the city.

Employment Go: In high-level scientific research institutions, medical instruments, medical and health, relevant information technology industries, etc., institutions such as enterprises and institutions, and work in technology research and development, application support and equipment management.

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical class

(including biotechnology , Biological information and < B> Pharmaceutical Engineering three majors)

To better adapt to the development of life sciences and biomedical industries in the 21st Century, 2011 School Biotechnology, Bio Information Learning and pharmaceutical engineering major implements major enrollment and major categories, that is, the students are not divided into majors in the first two years, using the same teaching training program, and implement a variety of cultivation; after completing the credits, students will follow the school-related regulations And the procedure selected professional in a wide range, and the last two years is maintained in the selected professional training program. Relying on platforms such as advanced central and local joint laboratories and excellent teachers, highlighting the advantages of "professional + information technology", strengthening the foundation, highlighting practical ability, and focusing on students with solid biology and chemistry, information science foundation , Strong modern biotechnology and pharmacy, with strong pharmacy and pharmaceutical engineering products research and production, biotechnology product development and production, biological design and application capacity.


(undergraduate, standard system for four years, awarded a bachelor's degree, recruiting science and engineering)

School of Biological Information, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Cultivation Objective: This major has cultivated basic theories and basic skills of modern life sciences and biotechnology, which are well-established, scientific thinking and practice training, and mastering a certain computer basics. Theoretical and application technology can engage in scientific research, product development, production management and other composite talents in the field of biological science and biotechnology.

Main courses: General biology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, microbiology, cell biology, genetic engineering, cell engineering, microbial engineering, enzyme engineering, etc. .

Professional Advantages and Features: (1) has a bachelor's, master's degree, and provides a good condition for the further study of students. (2) Have a good biotechnology professional practice and innovation platform, and create an Innovative experimental class of the Yillen School, and carry out "2 + 2" joint culture with the United States Nicholls State University, and can get a Chinese and American double degree. (3) Entry caliber wide.

Employment Go: In medicine, food, environmental, garden, bio-agriculture and other industries, business and administrative department engaged in scientific research related to modern biotechnology, technology development , Production management and administrative management.


(undergraduate, standard system for four years, awarded a bachelor degree, enrollment category science and engineering)

culture Objective: Cultivating Biological Information Research and Related Biological Industry Development Needs, Mastering the Basic Theory and Method of Life Science and Computer Science, Mastering the Basic Theory and Method of Life Sciences and Computer Science, has a biological information data mining, biological development and drug molecular design. High-quality discipline cross-type talent with high-quality disciplines.

Main courses: common biology, biochemistry, genetic, molecular biology, biologics, Perl language program design, data structure, software engineering, computer network technology, database, Linux operating system Wait.

Professional advantages and features: (1) Relying on the background of information technology in our school, the development of the biological industry needs to set up the training program, focusing on the student's biomedical data analysis and processing ability. (2) Intersection of information disciplines and life sciences, the professional direction is selective, and the wide range of caliber: can both work in the field or biomedical field in the field or biomedical field, can also continue to study and study. (3) With many domestic and foreign biological information, high-tech enterprises and research institutes, the research institutes, provide rich internship, employment, and overrgo opportunities.

Employment Go to: You can engage in biomedical basic research, product development, etc. in biological information related companies, large pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, research institutes and universities, etc., can also engage in large data management in other industries. Consultation, analysis, technical services and sales.

Pharmaceutical Engineering

(undergraduate, standard system for four years, awarded by a bachelor's degree in engineering, recruiting science and engineering)

Cultivation Objective: Cultivate the basic theory and skills of modern chemical pharmaceutical, traditional Chinese medicine and biopharmaceutical, process and engineering design, strengthen chemistry, pharmacy and chemical engineering foundation, can use modern drug synthesis technology, drug separation Technology and engineering technology, engineering and technical talents with innovative spirit and practical ability of medical and refined chemical products in pharmaceutical, fine chemical, biochemical and other departments.

Main courses: Organic chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical principles, pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering technology, drug synthesis, pharmacology, pharmacy, pharmacy, pharmacy, literature And professional English, etc.

Professional Advantages and Features: (1) Stronger in drug chemistry and biocatalytic synthesis, pharmaceutical molecular computer aided design, process engineering design, natural product and preparations. Faculty. (2) The professional direction is selectively selective, and the professional diameter is wide. (3) "2 + 2" joint training with the United States Nicholls State University, China and American double degrees.

Employment Go: This professional graduates can work in the design, construction, production management, technology development, application research, trade, etc. of the pharmaceutical production process, and trade. You can also engage in research, trade, administrative and other departments, engaged in work related to pharmaceutical engineering.

Teacher Team

Teacher General

Structure Figure (2 photos)

The college is the main body of the middle and young teachers, The number of teachers reached 45, including 9 professors, 17 associate professors, 18 lecturers, and 1 person. Associate professors account for 57% of the teachers; 24 doctors, 17 masters, with Shuo. The multi-study degree accounts for 91 teachers; 25 master tutors, 3 doctoral tutors; provincial (department) academic technology lead 6 people and the reserve candidate. Academician Xu Zhihong, the former principal of Peking University, director of the International Biotechnology Center of the University of Florida University, Vasil IK, Japan Tokyo University of Science, Japan, is a special professor for our hospital.

Teacher Team

Office: Yang Li, Wang Guangli, Zhang Huiquan, Xi Xin

Student Work: Jiang Yanhui, Wang Lu, Zhang Zheng Li, Liu Ting, Zengqiao

Biomedical Engineering Teaching and Research Department: Li Zhangyong, Guo Yizhang, Wang Wei, Zhao Zhiqiang, Zhao Dechun, Tian Yin, Qi Peng

Biotechnology and Information Teaching and Research Department: Chang Ping An, Beans, Jiang Huai Zhong, Chen An And, Tan Jun, Xie Yongfang, Chen Yuying, He Xiaohong, Solution, Huang Fei Fei, Sun Quan, Bai Mingze

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Engineering Teaching and Research Department: Henglinsen, Xia Shiwen, Chen Yiwen, Liu Yi, He Cab, Yao Gan, Yuan Shuai, Xiang Zhaobao, Xu Hongmei, Li Anyang

Experiment Center: Shu Kunxian, Liang Yilong, Zeng Zuo, Wang Yun, Wu Wei Feng, Liu Shengrong, Hu Bo

Communication Address

NAI: No. 2 Chongwen Road, Nan'an District, Chongqing Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Southern Campus: No. 2 Chongwen Road, Nan'an District, Chongqing City

Postal Code: 400065

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