Say Zhuoma

Background story

In that distant place, there is a good girl; people have to look back in her account. "" Her pink smile, it seems like a red sun, her beautiful and moving eyes seem to be bright moon. "I would like to abandon the property, let her go with her; look at her fascinating eyes and the clothes of the beautiful Phnom Beni ..." This song is a song of nearly 60 years, let generations of Chinese people like a drunk. Song Where is the "distant place"? Is it beautiful as the legend of Zhuoma? Gently a whistle, play immortality.

1939 Spring, China Movie founder One of the Zheng Junli, the changing group is a thousand miles to come to the gold and silver beach grassland, shoot a film "Long live". At the time, I invited Wang Luobin who was teaching in Xining. The film crew booted on the shore of Qinghai Lake. Zheng Junli asked the same thing Thousands of daughter Say Zhuoma played the shepherd of the shepherd in the film, Wang Luobin played Say Zhuoma's help.

Wang Luob put on the Tibetan robe to follow Zhuoma rush, shooting work in the morning Rei, Wang Luobin has lived in the movie world for 3 days. At this time, Zhuoma is a 17-year-old girl who opened the sinus. Her hair combed into more than ten small clams, two big eyes shot bold The flaming rays. At that time, there was a statement on the gold and silver roof: "The most beautiful flower on the grassland is Gusang, the most beautiful girl on the Qinghai lake is Say Zhuoma. "The plot needs, the director arranges Wang Luobin and Zhuo Ma to ride on a horse. Wang Luobin is very cautious, sitting in Zhuoba, holding the sad saddle in both hands. Zhuo Ma is unconscious, suddenly, the horse is running, Wang Luobin I don't prevent it, I can hold the waist of Zhuoma. Zhuo Ma is a long time, in the prairie, this is in the hands of Wang Luoin, leaning on his arms, no longer hurting.

黄 牧, Zhuo Ma gestically dial into the column, Xiongma pilky, the sunset, Yu Huiying shines on Zhuo Ma ... Wang Luobin looked at the sunset in the sky. Zhuoma. Zhuo Ma felt his eyes, she turned to go, smashing the sheep, the hi-red face is in Wang Luobin - a 26-year-old Han youth.

Zhuoma I jumped out of the flame, raised my peaks in my hand, gently hit it on Wang Luobin, and then returned to go. Wang Luobin still stands next to the fence, ignorant Zhuoma disappeared in the night, caressing Zhuoma hit the place. This playful, beautiful and unrestrained Tibetan girl left the unforgettable whip of the eternal life.

Wang Luobin squatted outside the house of Zhuoma, felt window Then, dividing the thousands of daughters and the Han musicians in two worlds. The next morning, the movie team left Qinghai Lake, and returned to Xining. Zhuoma and her father ride the horse. And one or the way is sent again until it is on a small slope, and the party will stop.

Wang Luobin rides on the camel, no longer looking back, with the hump rose, camel ring, Wang Luobin heart The emotions, the cultivation of the song, sang the immortal "in that distant place": "In that distant place, there is a good girl; people walk through her account, they must look back at nostalgia Look in. "Her pink smile, it seems like a red sun, her beautiful and moving eyes ..."

lyrics: In that distant place, there is a good girl in that distant place. People walk by her. The tent must be nostalgic. Her pink little face, it seems like a red sun. It seems to be a bright moon at night. I will wander in the grassland, let her go with her. Look at the pink every day. Small face and the beautiful golden side of the clothes. I am willing to be a lamb, follow her side. I would like to take a leather whip every day, keep playing on me.

The next affectionate. In the second year, Wang Luobin came to the Grassland of Gold and Silver Beach from Xining. This time he brought stone glasses and robe and other gifts. Wang Luin is the main purpose of this. Surrey, collecting excavation of the folk song tune. At that time, Wang Luobin and Zhuo Ma did not lick the horse out of the door. When I arrived in the dark, I hurried back to the residence. Although the night is already deep, Wang Luob is still finished by a dim Sometimes, Sometimes, Zhuo Ma also gives Wang Luobin to the singers on the grassland. They have given him a variety of folk tunes.

In the late Lunar New Year, Wang Luobin also rushed to Qinghai The lake watched the annual sacrificial ceremony. At this solemn and grand sacrificial ceremony, the herdsmen of each family showed their superb song and dance, making Wang Lubin bloated, and his art level has also improved to a new height. In Tibet, Saya has a meaning of blessing, Zhuo Ma is a fairy. I don't know if Say Zhuoma is really a fairy, but in her whip, Wang Luobin wrote "in that distant place" The first passage of the world is indeed a foundation for him to become "Western Song King".

This started three months, Wang Luobin and Zhuo Ma wides over the corners of the gold and silver beach grassland. I have a deep affectionation. The wind is over, Wang Luobin returns to Xining. When can I return to the gold and silver beach again, Tong Zhuoma troops, the grassland, it will become Wang Luobin in the heart. "

Looking for Say Zhuoma

The story of the gold and silver roof has always been calm, the goddess in the song, the regrets left in Say Zhuoma early, and the grassland has been echoed for a long time. Real life What is Zhuo Mad? In the gold and silver beach grassland, I will fade the last touch of green, I take this weighting topic, and then step into the gold and silver roots, find Say Zhuoma's footprints.

Say Zhuoma once lived in the Triangle Old House Examination in Haishu County, under the leadership of friends, I have been fortunate to see the old Saayua's sister of Saayua to let Zhuoma. When I approached this four-sided land, I still felt the thickness of this old house history. In the first moment of the two wooden gates, Wang Luob, I was ringing the same song. Thousands of housekeeping scenes seem to have emerged in front of my eyes, tied the Tibetan dog in the gate with the iron chain, "Wang Wang" is called. Two wooden door "twisted" open. A high tall wooden pole in the middle, floating the color Prayer. Only let Zhuo Ma laugh in Yintapo, "Please go, please enter". I put the gifts carried on the dinner table and took out the white Hada to give her, and deeply bowed, showing her what I intent. She didn't seem to understand, daughter Sangji, who sat next to her, was translated by Tibetan. She said: "People have died for a long time, and also said those who do it?" When a friend explained three to her, saying that I came from Lanzhou, I would like to know about Say Zhuoma, I stopped. Stop still said slowly.

"My sister is born in 1922, called Say Zhuoma, the family is called Zhuoma. Our mother is called Saho. My Youth Talent Tower was married to Haishuan. As a grandmother, when Say Zhuoma is only 9 years old, it is a thousand housekeepers from Yayuoma from our Hainan Prefecture Guide County, and give thousands of households. " When it comes to, her thoughts seem to fly to the grassland of 80 years ago. "The grandmother of thousands is the Hai Yan, such as the local road, is called Sail. At that time, they were a nomad, the family is more difficult, and I live in the rich account all the yearnel, our thousands of houses are In 1930, 1931 Say Zhuoma lived in the court. Say Zhuoma is very naughty. She rides the horse riding on her family. Later, she still can't live in the Affiliated Hospital. I often ride to the account of Sail. "" In the spring of 1939, a group of people came up in the grassland. At that time, there were only our family in this grassland. This group lives in our home. Among them, there is a young person, the song is good, we don't know his name, just Mr. Wang. Say Zhuo Ma often riding a horse riding and Wang running around the grassland, and the family can't manage. She The temper is very violent, a temper tells the people to play people, but she saw Mr. Wang like a personal, no matter what they said, she said with Mr. Wang, a piece of look Movies, often together. "I said, I heard that she also hit Mr. Wang a whistle? Only let Zhuo Ma smaked and said: "If she is temper, see who is fighting!" The Director Zhuo Ma's daughter Sangji added: "Listen to my Aunt, Say Zhuoma met Mr. Wang, after Special like, but he did not say to Mr. Wang's idea. I often said to me. Mr. Wang's song is so good. Mr. Wang also has culture. I really like him. I must marry a Han. " Let Zhuoma say: "Mr. Wang, many Mongolian, Tibetan people are coming, but she didn't go. She didn't marry a Han. Later, she saw Han people Shi Bingzhang, and insisted to marry him. In 1944, Say Zhuoma married Shi Bingzhang, who was the county magistrate of Haishu County, gave him a grandma. Born in 1945, a big son, called Nimadoger. The second son will die. In 1953, movie The team is filming a movie "Gold and Silver Beach" around my family. At that time, Say Zhuoma had a disease, often rubbing his belly with his hand. She had a pain in her stomach. At that time, there was no doctor in the grassland. I often go to see her, her face is very ugly, there is no strength. Later, I went to Xining and I went to see the disease, but I didn't be optimistic. I went home in front of the photo. I took a black and white photo in the photo studio. "1954 Yekema is afraid of Haishu, only 32 years old.

I took the photo of Sange Ji, the photo of Sayo Majuanjuan Xiu is rustic, and the face has a naughty look, slightly smile. This photo is also the only photo of Zhuoma to the world. Sang Ji said: "My Arms often said that Say Zhuoma's life is not good. She likes Mr. Wang, but with Mr. Wang. Later, she married a Han, but she left the people early." / p>

I am not only touched by Say Zhuoma boldly break the gallbladder of the national marriage imprisonment. After the goddess agreed, I visited this institution that Say Zhuoma used to live, and felt finely of Say Zhuoma once lived.

It has let Zhuoma lecture: After Say Zhuoma passed the world, the people had implemented the national funeral method of Tibetan countries, and Say Zhuoma has been integrated with the gold and silver roofer. Say Zhuoma left the grassland for fifty-five years, but her beautiful legends left by her whip have become the topic of people in the grassland. "In that distant place" is still wide in the gold and silver roast grassland Singing, dying. When I bid, I will let Zhuoma, when I leave the beautiful gold and silver roofer, far, once again see the statue of Say Zhuoma lonely, she embraces the lamb, the eyes are kind and quiet, with an expectation The look, overlooking the distance. There is a place where Gosang flowers is full ...

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