San Marco Library

Library Information

San Marco Library is located in Venice, Italy, is a 16th century architecture, a famous architect Shan Sovino left by Venice. Master, so this library is named after his name. At the time of construction, Shan Sovino chose a narrow zone to build and adopted a double arcade structure as the co-governments, just a slightly lower height. This long arcade using the classical column is simple and long, and it has become a public place for shaded and casual.

Main features

The building is 84M, a total of 21st, and two layers are separated. The first layer is the arcade, and the latter is the store, the library arrives at the stairs in the central opening. On the face, a circular wall column is facing, and the two layers of the wall column are Rome Ionick. The width of the blast is close to the high 1/2 of the wall column, decorated with relief and vent, the shoulders of the arcade are also decorated with human relief. There is a character, the top of the stone railing on the roof, the quarter is an obelisk. The San Marco library is considered to be the most magnificent work in Shengcheng Renaissance. San Marco Square is called "Venice Heart."

San Marco Library

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