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San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival): the United States Asian American Telecommunications Association of Art (National Asian American Telecommunication Arts Association) launch, held each year in March, the festival dedicated to Asian culture to the local people in the form of films and videos.

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San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival explore the worldwide film and television theme

San Francisco Asian Film Festival

With the new generation of directors and producers to explore common identity across the shackles more global themes, Asian American film matures. This feature has been fully reflected in the 2008 of the 26th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, the opening of the 13th Asian American International Film Festival is North America's largest film festival of similar size. Chairman of the Film Festival, Yang Chi-hui, said:. "So many Asian American filmmakers looking for a script, actors and sponsors overseas" like about the affair "Both Never Forever" and co-star from South Korea and the Asian-American actors "West 32 Street "fall into this category.

Yang Chi-hui said they still pulled the sponsorship of Korea, highlighting new trends in international cooperation in the film industry. Vice-Chairman of the festival Tarot - Lingotto said that with this cross between Asian movies and Asian American films do not have to share so clear. He said: "Gradually, I found that Asian American cinema no longer need to explain who they are it is only an assumption and a subtext, not the subject.." At the festival premiere of "Pretty to Think So" is the a representative of the trend, the film tells a love story, rather than the ethnicity of the main characters.

Lingotto, said at the same time, Asian Americans have recognized ancestral roots back to Asia, like growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area actor Daniel Wu and so on, he moved to Hong Kong and became the Asian Film of a star. Lingotto said: "The filmmakers are gradually break the shackles of identity, promote direct ties with Asia." Always B-Boyz "background in South Korea," Amal "in India, and" Santa Mesa "is shot in the Philippines . "Daniel Wu starred in the background in the 30s of the last century Shanghai film" Blood Brothers ", the film will become one of the 120 movies on this 10-day feast of film screenings.

13 days, the 26th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival with Wayne Wang film "A Thousand Years of prayer," kicked off, the film tells the story of a father from Beijing travel long distances to visit the United States to divorce daughter, not only difficult to find and communicate with the people around them, and even unable to communicate with her daughter's story. For directed "The Joy Luck Club," Wang Ying, it marks a shot like "Maid in Manhattan" (Jennifer - Lopez starred) and "The Last Holiday" (Quinn - Latifah starred in) these Hollywood blockbusters and later returned to independent film.

1982 years directed by Wayne Wang debut, "Chen disappeared" in the first session of the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Spencer - Nagorno-Karabakh Sark said, even then, the film has also attracted a lot of people. He said: "At first, most of the films are a model later, there are several experimental films and skits I remember sitting in the audience said, 'Hell, this is the real movie.'"

< p> this year other film highlights include "home Town story" and "West 32nd" in the "home Town story", the actress Joan Chen plays in an Australian nightclub singing rose, and John - week starring "West 32 street "it tells the story of Manhattan's Koreatown underground underworld groups.

writer and producer Philip - Hom - Ge Tanda is one of the judges drama movie, he said, in this Asians account for about 40% of the city's film festival held in Asia as explained significance Americans. He said: "Borders are not eliminated, but they have become more and more Asian-Americans live has gradually matured, the United States is no longer just black and white Asians are becoming an integral part of this country..."

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