San Diego International Animation Exhibition

Early Development

Early Comic Con more pure, the show only comic book fans and comic book writer and screenwriter participate, communicate, enjoy the comics, and comics of some transactions. Because Comic Con is sponsored by the non-profit organization, so in order to support the development of Comic Con, many cartoonists will be painting the scene, followed by the auction, the proceeds of development funds as Comic Con.

1970 Nian 3 21, comic book fans Hill - Dov (Sh el Dorf) in San Diego held a one-day exhibition and this exhibition named "Mini Golden State Comic Con ' (Golden State Comic-Minicon). Hill - Dov this small exhibitions as test the water, hoping to learn from experience, in order to gather together the funds holding large-scale exhibition in the future. In August the same year, Hill - Dov successfully held a three-day Man Show, although the scale is not too much, but he has removed the name of the exhibition "mini" word, the show was renamed "Gold York Comic Con. " The exhibition, held at the Grand Hotel has attracted 300 fans, the number of exhibitors twice a mini exhibition. As a founder, Hill - Dov involved in the work of many sessions organized by Comic Con, and worked as chairman and manager positions, but now the founder and exhibition organizers later alienated. Richard - Off (Richard Alf) became chairman in 1971 Comic Con. According to his description, Comic Con is on early and growth together with some other fans groups, bringing together people interested in animation.

show organizer is a non-profit organization of their income in the exhibition have all been put to the future of the show. The size of the organizers team is not large, only 13 regular members, 16-20 workers and 80 volunteers.


Each exhibition will provide influential exhibition for the major companies, so they are more intuitive to introduce new works to the fans and so on. These conference on natural and ultimately San Diego Comic-Con, but the addition of some special arrangements as well as animation and video games.


As an anime convention, San Diego Comic-Con schedule of activities in the field of animation is a very attractive person. The organizers arranged a special area artist signings, fans can see their favorite artist in there and get his autograph works. Painters sometimes you improvise when signing stippled else as a gift. Some artists also come with their own original painting to the exhibition auction. The artwork for comic fans a greater significance than the comic itself. In addition to painters, authors and even comic artist used models are likely to appear in the autograph area.

animated show area is also a major part of San Diego's Comic-Con International. Organizers provide between three screenings, play classic animated films and the latest outstanding works for the animation enthusiasts, and sometimes have a new movie premiere.

San Diego Comic-Con also provides a platform for American animation industry awards ceremony, Eisner Award (Eisner Award) this is the heavyweight prize awards here. Eisner Award for Best retail store has a special award to those who have made outstanding contributions to the comics comics shops. In addition, San Diego Comic-Con also has its own "label award." This award is somewhat similar to Lifetime Achievement Award winners are super big. George - Lucas (George Lucas) had to get over this award in 2008.

US animation industry, who will hold a meeting in Animation Art San Diego Comic-Con every year, new results show the animation industry. These forums with the educational nature of the San Diego Comic-Con also help to maintain the non-profit nature. San Diego Comic-Con also includes a review of the work area. Anime fans can bring their works in a variety of related review activities. The animation industry's professional staff will make comments and pointing to the works of fans at the event, will share their experience with the participants.

San Diego Comic-Con (11)

model manufacturers are not withstand the temptation of San Diego Comic-Con, Comic Con will bring specially designed for this model year, sale only on the San Diego Comic-Con. Most of these models are cartoons, movies or cartoon characters.

of course, Comic-Con Cosplay, although people do not use this Japanese-style English, but with a fancy dress party to describe this event. In order to encourage people to dress themselves brave, San Diego Comic-Con pull to sponsor a lot of support in the form of bonuses Cosplay. Cosplay sponsors are usually Comics, they will only give the prize dressed as his own role in the company's fans. For example, even if you have to dress up again like Superman or Batman, MARVEL company still does not give you a penny. In addition bonus is not more, less or even only $ 40. It also reflects the non-profit San Diego Comic-Con from the other side. .

2 Television Related:

San Diego Comic-Con on display in the movie may be regarded as the most generous. In addition to a special film festival in the show room, the organizers also arranged for participation in Comic Con fans all night playing the best films in the designated hotel.

In addition to broadcasting good films, the exhibition organizers also added independent film festival, available to those who failed to get the movie studios support. Many of them also include rookie joined the line, so the organizers also prepared a guide link for the film-related activities. Experienced filmmakers will impart their experience in all aspects of production to new people. Finally, the organizers will also identify the best short film award major film classification.

One of the Children's Film Festival is part of Comic Con. In the San Diego Comic-Con, Children's Film Festival has been five years of history. Children's Film Festival is usually held on Sunday, it is Children's Day is known as the San Diego Comic-Con.

San Diego Comic-Con after experiencing the early development of television programs has become an important part of the exhibition, each year the big Hollywood studios and distribution companies will choose to science fiction, comic book, game adaptation, terror , most commercial characteristics of fantasy, action blockbusters such as Man show to the forefront as a propaganda front, while the major TV networks will equally own the best drama brought commercial propaganda, and often accompanied by exclusive trailers and even complete new set show. In recent years, the most popular television programs such as "Transformers" (Transformers), "Harry - Potter" (Harry Potter), "Pirates of the Caribbean" (Pirates of the Caribbean), "Iron Man" (Iron Man), " Avatar "(Avatar)," Twilight "(Twilight) and other films, and" True into the blood "(True blood)," Dexter "(Dexter)," lost "(lost)," heroes "(heroes)," Supernatural "(Supernatural) and other popular series are the San Diego Comic Con as the most important early advocacy positions. .

3 game-related:

It is undeniable that the current San Diego Comic-Con is not yet part of the game and its rival animation and film sectors, after all, the United States has pressed from the E3 game show that the world's best, but the limited scale of the exhibition area of ​​the convention center, but part of the game on one of San Diego's Comic-Con is a big surprise and wonderful engagement process. Every year a small number of game companies to this publicity, mainly to provide other forms of demo allows players to understand the new work will also hold some competitions.

Although the game industry's heavy news many have been selected on the E3 announced, but the game is definitely the San Diego Comic-Con exhibition one of the key development target for the future. Non-profit and diversification works on display characteristics of the San Diego Comic-Con convention to make this a very flexible and very impact and other potential E3 show. Plus it's very comic book fans home crowd, the game will naturally be their welcome.

4. Special Events

In a Comic Con on called on people to donate blood can be a very strange thing, but to keep this San Diego Comic-Con convention these thirty years. Causes

Talking about blood donation activities, but also to pull the conversation back to the seventies of the last century. Robert - Heinlein (Robert A. Heinlein) The name may not be familiar to everyone, but you must read the "Starship Troopers" (Starship Troopers), the film is adapted from Robert - Heinlein's novel. The famous novelist died of a life-threatening disease, requires a lot of rare blood type of blood to survive. After accepting the donation, he felt obligation to the donor. Later, the novelist was invited to attend the World Show (World Con), he told organizers say you can, but there is a strange request, and that is only for people who donate signature. Later, the San Diego Comic-Con organizers invited Robert - Heinlein attended their show, and agreed to cooperate with blood donation activities novelist. After growing number of celebrities to join the blood donation activity Comic Con, the organizers also arranged very thoughtful. In addition to the signature obtained after blood donation and gifts, they are also prepared to show people who donate, make the event more active fun.

According to statistics, over the past 33 years, the San Diego Comic-Con 2200 blood drive has saved the lives of individuals.

previous closed

In 2020, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the 2020 San Diego Comic-Con announced the cancellation, this is the show for the first time in 50 years of record discontinued for any reason.

previous show

2015 Nian San Diego Comic-Con

Date: July 8 - July 12

2016 Nian San Diego Comic-Con

time: July 20 - July 24

2020 San Diego Comic-Con (due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic cancellation)

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