In China, the Early Samson Ocean in China is in China. It is the development of the UK's textile and India's opium to China and develop it into a big rich. New Samson Ocean continues to operate opium, textile, and in the Republic of China, and developing arms, hardware, and develops to the real estate industry. In 1923, Ilias Samson's son Victor Samson came to Shanghai inherited the parents and transferred the operation to Shanghai. Victor Samson Youth Age loves aviation, participate in the British Royal Air Force in the First World War, and the left foot is abolished and disabled, and people call "the samshasia", and people call him " Saruna.

Victor Samson came to Shanghai, continuously expanded the New Shangson Ocean business. It has established a new dam, Huaying Real Estate Company, Hanmilden Trust Company, Far East Investment Company, etc., and establishes a branch office in major cities in the Far East. In Shanghai vigorously developing the real estate industry, becoming the largest real estate business in Shanghai. There are a variety of ways in the new Samson Ocean investment in the real estate industry. First, the purchase will develop into a downtown plot, the cost is extremely low, rented the land to others, charge the land every year, the rental period is retranslated and returned to the land and the ground building . Nanjing Road persuasion building (now renovated as an electronic commercial building), this Huaihai Road Catai Cinema, Tibet Road Oriental Hotel (now the city worker cultural palace), etc., is obtained in this means. It is also the operation of real estate mortgage, often crisis, pressure low price, high profit, and the prostitute expires, and the property is confiscated, or bought during the time. The industries of Hengshan Apartment in Hengshan Road in Sichuan Road have passed the hand.

Victor Samon also turned a large number of high-rise buildings, 1925, rebuilding Samson Building (Today's Peace Hotel North Building), because of its height and inside and outside decoration, it was known as "Far East) first floor". Then, in the Henan Road Bridge, Hebin Building, Jiangxi Road Fuzhou Road, Jiangxi Road, Jiangxi Road, Today's New Town Hotel), built Hanmilden Building in his opposite, built in Pose Road (now Changli Road) Huaying Apartment, Greenland Apartments (now Jinjiang Hotel South, North Building), etc.

During the war, Victor Samson sells a large number of stocks of subsidiaries and investment relations companies, transfer funds to Hong Kong and London, and some are estimated that the transfer of more than 10 million US dollars.

After the victory of the anti-Japanese War, the new Samson Octoba has only branched agencies in Shanghai. All of the company moved to Hong Kong, headquarters to the Bahamas' s Nassau, a large number of sale industries.

After the liberation of Shanghai

Shanghai Liberation, the new Samson Ocean is arbitrarily debt in October 1958, which is transferred to the Chinese enterprise company in October 1958. . New Samson Ocean ended its business in mainland China.

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