Salman Khan

Personal Profile

Salman Khan is a Bangladesh. He is not only an educator, but also the founder of Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a non-profit educational institution. The website provides more than 6,500 videos. These teaching videos are shown on YouTube, and the field covers mathematics, history, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, economics and computer science. Salman Khan was born in New Orleans, USA, father is Banglades, mother from India. When the sweat is very small, the parents are married. At the age of 13, his father died of illness, and his mother has become the only loved ones. Khan has been intelligent from a small study, and it has been speaking as a student representative. Later, he entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a bachelor's degree in mathematics, a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and computer science. Since then, he took a master's degree in business administration at Harvard Business School.

Khan Academy

(khan academy)

2004, Salman Khan Yahoo Electronic Drawing notebook remotely teaches him in New Orleans Mathematics of the cousin. When other friends also need his help, he began to put his professor video on youTube, and the pageview increased.

In 2009, because many students start using his professor video learning, sweating will decide to resign his work to make a new job into his new job. Each educational video is averaged more than 20,000 times.

Work experience

June 2002 to August 2002, Schlespark Research Center Summer Intern.

May 2003 to April 2008, a senior analyst of the Wolle Fund Management Company.

2009, Connective Capital Management, LLC, senior analyst.

September 2009, the Executive Director of Khan College.

Education Background

1994-1998, MIT, Bachelor of Mathematics, Bachelor of Motor Engineering and Computer Science, Motor Engineering and Computer Science Project.

2001 to 2003, Harvard University Business School MBA.

Development and Influence

Khan University has received more and more social recognition, and its scale is getting bigger and bigger. Since 2006, Khan College has only a teacher in several years, and now there are 32 teachers to join, and there is a huge volunteer team. The field of video tutorials is also expanding, from mathematics basic core courses - arithmetic, geometric, algebra, calculus, physical, biological, chemical, medical, art, finance, historical courses involving "French Revolution", "Vietnam War "Wait, the content is very broad." Khan is expanding the teaching video in more fields, such as accounting, credit crisis, SAT and GMAT exams. As of July 2012, the video tutorial has been hit by more than 160 million, and the world's specific users exceed 5 million.

analysis believes that the success of the "Khan University" is a challenge for the current educational system. According to the statistics of the YouTube website, the Khan's course is also popular than free online courses made by his alma mater Institute of Technology. Many universities online courses, but it is the process of teaching the processes of classes, emphasizing "teaching"; and Khan's teaching video, highlights the process of "learning". It is said that "Khan Mode" makes people have questioned many "non-two truths" of higher education - if only experts are the best teacher, each lesson is not about an hour, the most suitable ... In American education, there is also a video teaching class, but the effect has been in a bad, and the students have a limited share of a computer, and the exchange of teachers is limited. Nowadays, two schools in California, California have been tried in the fifth grade and seventh grade teaching video. The students watch video self-study at home, and the teacher answers questions in the classroom, and counseling students to complete their homework. Khan said, this is what he hoped: "My goal is to make a video course that everyone is willing to follow. Seeing people entering the university with the help of the 'Khan College', I really have achieved good results. It is too happy. "The next goal of Khan is to make all the courses from kindergarten to high school in the next five years, as well as some university courses such as computer science and electronic engineering.

However, some people pointed out that "Khan Mode" is insufficient. Walt Scacad, a professor of the University of Miami, believes that the teaching method of Khan has "excessive simplified" defects, "he always uses specific examples to explain the concept. If people encounter other examples, they may be confused ... this The surface is a small problem, but it may be a hidden danger for future learning. "But no matter what, exploiting the power of the Internet with the help of the Internet, the" family teacher "is given to the people who are eager for knowledge, indeed gave it. Modern education more inspiration.

Today, Khan has created an educational non-profit organization that relying on the Khan University, the main purpose to use the online video to conduct free teaching, existing mathematics, history, finance, physics, chemistry, creatures, astronomy The content of the subjects, the teaching film is more than 2,000 sections, and the mission of institutions is to accelerate the speed of learning of each age. Khan's career has received more and more social recognition. The material support with this is more active. On the one hand, since the teaching video is extremely high, Khan can obtain an advertisement of approximately $ 2,000 (about 13,000 yuan) from the YouTube website. On the other hand, many students will spontaneously give him money, from dozens of dollars to a million US dollars. According to reports, the famous American risk investment at Doliff has donated him 100,000 US dollars. With these money, Khan will translate existing video into more than 10 languages, French, Russian, and Chinese, and hire some assistants.

2009, the "Khan University" was awarded the Education Award in the Microsoft Technical Award. He I also became the object of media chasing. In 2010, "Khan College" has received two important contributions: a charity fund donated by Bill Gates, another is $ 2 million sponsored by Google.

Highly evaluation

Bill Gates is obsessed with online education. A colleague of Gates Small Wishelin "BGC3" introduced a non-profit website named by email. The site contains a large number of free electronic micro counseling courses, and the narration of the course is recorded by Khan. Gates will reply in less than a few minutes after receiving the email: "This guy is too god." He wrote, "he can do this with a very limited resource to do so big career, it is amazing!" Therefore, Gates and his 11-year-old son Rarley began to bubble in these video courses, learn from all aspects of algebraic to creatures. In the face of ASPEN Ideas Festival, Gates appreciates 33-year-old Khan. Gates Zipelo said in this "psychedelic configuration" known as extracurricular education resources. He is full of praises for Khan Academy "unbelievable" 10 ~ 15 minutes. : "I have been using the children."

In March 2011, Salman Khan was introduced at the "TED" (ie, technology, entertainment, design abbreviation) conference held in California. The growth story of "Khan College", at the end of the speech, the host Bill Gates took his hand before he stepped forward and said: "Too good! This is really amazing, I think you foresee the future of education. ". Many business stars and technological leaders become the sweat of jelly. Gates is one of the most fanatical fans. He said in an interview with the American cable news network. In order to teach 3 children's mathematics and scientific basic concepts, he spends a lot of time, but the children are still understanding. Understand. At the beginning of 2010, friends recommended him a Khan website, magical, how he also explained the knowledge points that he could not explain, sweat, through a short 12 minutes, let the children integrate through. Gates' s "is incredible" and say "I am really awkward." Gates' evaluation of Khan is: "He is a pioneer. He uses technical means to help the public to get knowledge, recognize his position, which is a revolution!"

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