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Social Security is one of the guiding framework of public safety education in primary and secondary education six points out of public safety module.

The main contents of the public safety education, including prevention and response to social security, public health, accident, networking, information security, natural disasters and other accidents or incidents affecting the safety of students of six modules.

Social Security is a social event for the security measures, measures knowledge. Social events including terrorist attacks, ethnic and religious events, economic security incidents, emergencies and foreign mass events.

social events Example: In case of robbery, thieves, liars, others in distress and so on; unexpectedly lost ;; student stampede.

overall level of social security depends on the degree of social development of a country. Economic growth, the degree of social justice, political system, history and other cultural reasons are likely to have an impact on the level of social security.

When we are concerned about security issues, the real concern is the security risk and its prevention.

must understand that people seeking safety as a value, which may be inherent efficiency and value, freedom, innovation and development, human rights, conflict, the extent of any pursuit of higher value than the more well, the key is within the grasp of the ever-changing.

Modern concepts

concept, referred to as the concept, it is an expression of knowledge is the basis of ideas, code of conduct. It is the basis of methods and strategies, active art and skill of the soul. Modern safety activities carried out, the need for proper security concept guidance, only with proper understanding and awareness of human attitudes and perceptions of safety and security operations with a clever and artistic skills, human security activities considered into the civilization era. So what kind of security concept of culture in modern society needs it?

1. "Safety first" culture concept:

"Safety First" is a relative concept of dialectical, it is in the way of human activity (or the level of production technology) relative to other ways or in terms of means and principles to be followed when conflicts occur with them. "Safety first" principle embodied in the following way: On the ideological understanding safe than other work; on organizational security authority greater than any other organization or department; on the funding arrangements, the degree of emphasis on safety is more important than the intensity of other required work funds; on the renewal of knowledge, safety knowledge (regulations) to learn before any other knowledge of training and learning; on the inspection and evaluation, safety inspections and appraisals stricter than other assessment work; when safety and production, economy, efficiency conflict, security priority. Security is both a target company, but also the foundation of the work (technology, efficiency, production, etc.). Establish dialectical "safety first" philosophy, will be able to handle the relationship between safety and production, safety and efficiency in order to better secure enterprise work.

2. Pay attention to the emotional life concept:

Security to maintain safety of human life and health, "only one life", "health is the life of this"; on the contrary, the destruction of the accident on human security, it means survival, recreation, happy, beautiful destruction. Thus, to fully understand the value of human life and health, strengthen the "treat life, cherish health" of the reason, every person in our society should establish emotional outlook. Different people should reflect the different levels of emotion, employees or citizens in general emotional security mainly through "love, love yourself," "virtuous, no violation." The leadership for managers and organizations.

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