Rural economic total income


Does not include income that cannot be used, belonging to lending nature or temporary quality, such as loan revenue, pre-purchase deposit, national investment, farmer investment, disaster relief relief, etc. The national institutions, which are collective in the country, such as chicken farms, pig farms, etc. If the land ownership remains homing, the village collective, local farmers participate in production labor, all of their income should be statistically The land has been expropriated, and the ownership has been transferred, and only the peasant participates in labor should be divided into.


Rural Economic Income: Refers to the unit (including unified operation, contracting and operation, new economic consortium and farmer self-employment) economic income can be used to counter-money and in the country , Collective, farmers, industrial, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, transportation, business, catering, service industry and other business income and interest, tax deposits, etc., but not including those who cannot be used, Revenue of borrowing nature or tentative nature, such as loan revenue, pre-purchase deposit, national investment, farmer investment, etc. In the total income, rural collective enterprises income is calculated in accordance with all industries, including operating income, product sales revenue, labor income and other income, etc .; planting industry, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries in family management, harvest hands according to the year The main by-product calculation revenue, including the main by-products sold, self-sufficient and stored.

Rural economic total income

The total revenue should be accountted according to the price of the year, which is the current price at the time of economic activity. The specific accounting method is: various primary products, by-product Sales Part of the actual sale price; agricultural and sideline products that are self-suited and stored, compute according to the sale of all the products (including selling to the country and selling) in the market) . Since the national market price is large, all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government can unify the comprehensive average price of the region according to the local actual situation.

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The difference between the total income of the rural economy and the total output value of agriculture,

1. From the purpose of statistics: the total output value of agriculture is from Production angle reflects the total value of the rural business units to create a variety of material production activities; and the total economic income of rural economy reflects the rural business units within one year of productivity and non-productive activities from the perspective of financial accounting. , Can be directly utilized.

II: Analysis from statistical form: The total output value of rural society is statistically (including state-owned farm output value), the output value of entering the city (output value created by labor into the city) is not included; The total revenue of rural economy is based on the statistics of the region (excluding state farm parts), and the income from entering the city should also be calculated.

Third, from the statistical scope: rural total output value includes only the labor results of the five major material production sectors of the commercial (large agriculture), the industry, the construction industry, the commercial sector, whether these results are used in this year And the total income of rural economy includes not only the income of the five major material production sectors, but also all income available for allocation of non-biological production sectors and non-production.

four, from the statistical caliber: the total output value of rural society should calculate all the production results created by the year, and the total economic revenue of the rural economy does not include the portion that cannot be used for allocation.

5, from the calculation price analysis: total output value of rural society is generally calculated by unified price, there are two types of current prices; and the total economic income of rural economy is generally calculated, and it is self-produced by national pricing. And self-price calculation.

6. The trend of the two developments should be basically consistent with the factors of total output value and total revenue of rural economy.

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