Creative Background

Album Name "Romance" The concept of "Romance" is a fragment of life, as long as you look at the romantic mood, you can become romantic, daily size can It is your own Romance.

"Romance" This album is made by Wang Zhiping, Shi people, Olivia, Terrylee, Pear, Zheng Nan, Chen Xinyan and other musicians to create a warm creation. , Popular rock, circular dance music, etc.

Olivia Ong also revealed such a positive concept in many of the many creatures of the album, so this album is not only a self-challenging force behind Olivia followed by the English album of Olivia, and it is Olivia investment. The most hard work and soul work, from the creative period, experience the singularity, the production of singing period, the post-mixing project, etc., each link is personally involved and provides ideas. Among them, the single "Haishi Shi" comes from the true real thing around Olivia ONG, including many sentiments in Olivia, this song conveys a concept: the world is really a late love, everyone must be firm, there must be responsible, Assign each other. Even if the distance is far away, you can carry love in the end.

Olivia ONG mentioned that the album "Romance" can represent the mood of everyone's first love, which can be used as the first song of love trilogy.

Album track

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Orchament track 作 作 Compound

01 Romance

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"Haishi stone"

Shi people, singing

"let it rain" < / p>

olivia = "153"> Pear

" ready for love "

Xu Wei Bell Zheng Nan


Liang Yongtai Liang Yongtai / 王 知 音
Olivia ONG Wang Yajun

"To manage"

Chen Xinyan Pear


"Want to see"

Chen Xinlang

"Back to Life"

Lolene Everett


"amazing grace" john newton john newton

Album appreciation

"Romance" This album color is fetfalt and fast, sweet feeling is full of loving love. The album did not continue to expose Olivia ONG to the style of jazz and Posanova, but to interpret the title from a popular, brisk perspective. Obviously this is the most appropriate way. The romantic itself is a feeling of fantasy and passion, and it is more likely to hide in it, and the sweetness of the fashion is just a fused.

"a lovetheme" is the main song of this album is a song that is full of happiness, with BOSSA NOVA's flavor. Olivia Ong observed a wonderful phenomenon in life. The men and women in love will meet with the opponent's eyes, as if the eyes of lovers are kaleidoscopes, you can take a colorful world. Sing through the whole song, sing "Iloveu", so that this song becomes more sweet. Although it is an English work, simple lyrics are full of romantic experience. Lightly piano sang simple and eternal three word "i love you", then gradually increase the rhythm, in the medium speed, sunshine's accompaniment, Chen. The love in the heart is sailed by the song, showing in front of people, where is the firm belief, can not separate the people in love.

"Sea Shi" gave up the style of the South American style, and built a world of peace in the most popular way. The pronunciation of Olivia Ong does not look away, maintains a consistent intimate and beautiful, and the violin that appears when combined, it sounds more feeling.

"ready for love" is a kind of secret love, no bitter love, relaxed folk songs and stories, there are many memorable, and the emotional emotions have stimulated romantic.

"To manage" is a bit rural music style, and people are not shaking from music. Little girls are eager to look at it in the heart, all of which are manneited by Olivia. It is rare that she can sing in such a quick rhythm to sing accurate and have a song itself, it seems that she has a lot of effort in pronunciation.

"Sing" uses a hundred years of unparalleled songs to rendering the songs very dynamic, a bit of "rainy songs" that is the same as the dance.

"I want to see it while walking, she opened her boyfriend and started to travel alone. Light rock style is suitable for the road, happiness is like this, and there will be a lot of missed things slowly.

"let it rain" with slow three beats appease the gray heart.

"back to life" is the first time to try rock style, although it is not the kind of heavy metal, it is also Olivia Ong to go to the most open, or sang the power in the song. Disappointed, heartbreaking, exhausted all over time, returning to life, finding yourself, nothing.

"Amazing Grace" is a traditional gospel song of the cover, rising emotions to the big love, and will return the gorgeous return to peace.

Winning record

Time Award Winners
November 2, 2012

The 12th Global Chinese Song Ranking Year 20 Big Golden Music Award

"Sea Shi Shi"
September 11, 2011 The 17th Singapore Gold Song Award Year Best Local Singer Award Olivia ONG
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