Roman story

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This cover is written by American writers, written in 5,500 most common words, language modern, authentic, standard. The original flavor, and it is easy to understand. You can lying on the bed without dawning the Dictionary. There are people in the novel, some people eat, drink, pull, withdraw, sleep, some people's seven-like six want, some people complicated between people, and people and nature, conflict with society and the society. From the perspective of language acquisition, this set of dysfun realizes the details of using 5,500 basic words to expressly express and explain the details of life and people's rich inner world. I actually live in a "English World" in an English world, which is the best way to solve the Chinese English language environment. Reading a few textbooks want to learn English, this idea is unrealistic.

This cover is selected to have a literary work worth reading abroad. Read these works can not only master English, but also increase the Western culture, improve personal taste and cultivation.

This read book really helps you realize the living standard of English learning! You can read 20 this year, and read 40 this two years. After reading 40 books, it is equivalent to living in the English environment for two years, absolutely learned from the ability to use. Remember, there is no English input of millions of words, it is impossible to learn English.



Lin Zhongxian said what

Luo is suffering from pain

Rome The second founder of the city

expecting the great man

How women saved Rome


strict plus Figure


red general

battlefield and garden

钱心 窍 窍 窍 将

< P> White deer

Conquer the pirates

Caesar's fate

Male Han

two noble brothers / p>


Men's Han,

Caesar's friends and enemies

Caesar's friends and enemies

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