robes, for big stagnation, flat sleeve, disk buckle, left and right straight robe, this gown of the robes without horseshovets in the Qing Dynasty It is a convenient service, called "Sweeping", "", commonly known as "big jack," to the Republic of China as a "robe" as a dress used as a dress. The garrogous clothing of the dress is a dark pattern, and the color woven embroidery is not a color woven embroidered pattern (the use of non-dress is still used in the Qing Dynasty "long shirt" "big jack" and other styles, the color is not limited).

Robe mad (5 photos)

horses, on a flat, flat sleeves, head to the waist, before the buckle 4. The horsema is the "equipment" of the Qing Dynasty (the male dress "robe" is longer, long and knee or more, and different from the short horse), gradually become a daily wear. At the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, there was no collar to the end of the Qing Dynasty.


"Robe (Crash) Horse", becoming the most common male casual packages in the late Qing Dynasty. After entering the Republic of China, ordinary people have gradually decreased in the usual life in the daily life, and if the hood hooded in the robe is very grand, the blue robes are mixed with black horses.

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