Rexham neighboring England, including population concentrated east low, Esclusham, Northwest, Ruabon Mountain The southwest extends to the Ceiriog Valley and its surroundings. Most of the Denbighshire's historical counties, but the southeastern part is a history county.

Rex Sham has lived in ancient Roman era, and the industrial revolutionary age is the main mining area and winemaking center. After the Second World War, it gradually becomes slightly smaller than other British industrial cities.


There is evidence that Rexsem has human activities around 1600 BC. However, the first settlement now knows is the Wristleham Castle, which is built in 1161, located in the current Erddig Park. The Rexsham's Industrial Revolution began in 1762, when the entrepreneur John Wilkinson's Bersham Iron Factory opened. Lexsham's first newspaper was issued in 1848, and the market was also based in 1848. A volunteer fire brigade was established in 1863. Rexsem has many wineries at the time, and the tanning is one of the main industries. The mid-19th century Rexham was awarded the BOROUGH position. Today's Rexsem Autonomous County was established on April 1, 1996.

After the Second World War, the new industry produced and the traditional industry decline. In the 1980s and 1990s, part of the Wales Development Board was partially invested to build a trunk double lane fast road (DUAL carrierway) A483. A483 extends an existing branch, connects Chester and Shrewsbury, which is connected to large cities such as Manchester and Liverpool.


In the past 20 years, Rexsem's economy has mainly transformed into high-tech manufacturing and technical and service industries. The Wrexham Industrial Estate is the second largest industrial park in the UK and one of the large industrial parks throughout Europe. Other industrial parks are distributed around the A483 corridor in the west of the county. 25% of the number of practitioners belong to manufacturing, service, financial, and high-tech industries are also growing. In 2007, entrepreneurial success companies ranked fifth in the UK. The average price of 2007 is 8% higher than Newport and Swansea, 6% lower than Cadiv. In recent years, counties have conducted a large number of revitalities, including new and rebuilding public event places such as Queens Square, Belle Vue Park, and LLWYN ISAF. In the Henblas Square and Island Green, the new shopping area is established. The Eagles Meadow is open on October 30, 2008, with a business area of ​​more than 40,000 square meters, including shops, bars, restaurants, theater, Bowling Course and Apartment.


Greeno University was established in 2008, his predecessor is Northe East Wales Institute (NEWI), and its history can be traced back to Leke established in 1887. Sam Science and Art School. The main school is located in the West of the West, North Wales Art and Design Academy is located in Regent Street. GLYNDWR University is a university that is certified by Wales University, opening undergraduate and graduate education.


The Lexsim Football Club is a professional football team, founded in 1872. Now in the England National Competition, the head coach is Den Sanders. Rank 4th in 2010-2011 and enter the addition, the other three teams ranked second, third and fifth team compete for the upgrade quota, reported in the semi-finals, missed the England.

Name: Lexhem

English Name: Wrexham

country: United Kingdom

League level: British FRE


Rexham has two railway stations: the Wrexham General and the Lexham Central Station (Wrexham Central). Double lane Expressway A483 is the main road of Lexsem.


  • Irai Huaye: Businessman, Yale University Donate Rexham

  • Mark Hugh Scar: Football Name, Has been working in the England Team Manchester United team

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