Retinal identification


The retina is also a feature of biometric identification. Some people even think that the retina is more unique than iris, and the retina recognition technology requires laser to illuminate the back of the eye to obtain a retina. Uniqueness of features.

Although the technique of retinal scan is high, the retinal scanning technology may be the oldest biometric technology. In the 1930s, the blood vessel distribution in the back of human eye was obtained. Theory, further research shows that even twin sons, this vascular distribution is also unique. In addition to being abandoned with eye disease or severe external injury, the structure of the retina is quite stable in a person's life.

Physiological structure

The retina is some nerve (one inch 1/50) located in the back of the eyeball, it is a human eye feeling the light and pass the information to the brain through the god. Important organs, it is similar to the functions of film, and the farten of the biometric vascular distribution is around the neurosent retina, i.e., the farthest retina four-layer cells.

Accuracy and Performance

The distance from the retinal image user should be within half an inches, and the eye must be in a stationary when the image is read, the eye must be in still When the user's eyes are watching a rotating green light, the entry device can obtain 400 feature points from the retina. Compare the fingerprints, the fingerprint can only provide 30 to 40 feature points to enter, create a template and complete confirmation. .

It can be seen that the entry rate of the entry apparatus of retinal scanning technology is less than 0.0001% (one millionth), of course, some other biological scanning technology can reach 0.0001%. (FAR), and the level of rejection rate will continue to increase.

FAR refuse rate means that the system does not correctly reject a user who has already obtained privileges, using retina entry technology, such as some military facilities, 10% of the rejection rate is a very headache problem. Even so, it is still an important part of providing security, of course, in the field of sales, some descriptions of untrue the rejection rate are a very difficult problem.

For unable to enter the rate, it is not possible to obtain a reliable statistical number, because the number of people who want to be able to enter is very difficult, from experience, it is estimated that the entry rate may be around 5-10% .

Advantages and Disadvantages


The retina is an extremely fixed biological characteristics, no wear, not aging, not affected by the disease; users do not need and equipment Direct contact; it is a system that is the most deceived because the retina is not visible, so it will not be forged.


Unti-test; the back of the laser irradiation may affect the health of the user, this requires further research; for consumers, retinal technology is not attractive; very It is difficult to further reduce costs.

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