Respect for the old

Idiom Analysis

Dear elders, love your young.

"Old, the old, the young, the young, the young people, the world can be carried out in the palm." Mencius's meaning meaning of this teachings

Respect Young is the essence of my country's excellent moral tradition. Respecting the old and loved the young, human beings respect their own performance, everyone has their own children's age, everyone has an old day. A generation of people from the child to the elderly, whether it is in the Sheng Tang or today society, one thing is common, that is, promoting the excellent tradition of respecting the old love.

Respecting the old and young, starting from the primitive society, the productive power is low, in the middle of the clan commune, in order to the human prosperity and civilization, the old man who lost labor, there is no labor and life ability They allocate labor fruits and implement volunteers. This simple moral concept that is gradually formed is inherited.

From the original society, there is already a thought of respecting the elderly, which makes people feel very happy, and can also see the kindness of humanity. "Respecting the old and love" has her life-threatening vitality. This traditional virtue will definitely be inherited forever.

In 1986, according to the National Committee of China, the State Council decided to set the Chongyang Festival of the annual lunar calendar as "China Elderly", with the traditional Double Ninth Festival, I wish the national elderly health and longevity. . After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the December 1949 is set up on June 1st for Children's Day.

The Chinese have always said that he is a nation that knows the elderly. We are also educated from the small age. Adults have a lot of invisible responsibilities, their work, love, family, children, I believe that adults will have such troubles: working hard, in order to fight in the future, but how many children can experience their parents Love?

Respecting the old love is a traditional virtue in ancient my country, we must carry forward this excellent tradition. Contributing to the spiritual civilization construction of New China.


Supporting the old, explaining: Dear elders, love the people, and describe people's morality.

idiom usage

Why is marriage law to regulate the old love?

Marriage law stipulates that you must respect the old and love you. The main reason is:

1 The old love is the fine tradition and virtue of the Chinese nation. We should inherit and carry forward this fine tradition.

Respect for the old

2 This is the requirements of socialist moral legalization. We know that the marriage law has a strong ethical morality, that is, moral ethics and law have compatibility, moral provisions have corresponding provisions, and legal provisions have also been moral strong support. The virtue of respecting the old people who loves the old people, we should rise to the height of the law, use the law to protect the elderly, and the child has taken care.

3 This is the need for real life. Although most people in our country can make old love young, there are still a few people who cannot fulfill their legal obligations to the elderly, and abandoned unsuitable abuse, abandonment, so it is necessary to legally constrain these people.

Idiom Motto

Traditional virtue

  • Old, old, people, young, and young people. The world can be shipped. (Mencius)

  • Tamashan is superb sea, this can't be, it is not too; for the elderly, it is not, it is not possible. (Menci)

  • Chen no grandmother, there is no day; the grandmother has no minister, there is no year. The ancestors are more beautiful. (Li Mi)

  • The mother's hand is in the middle of the brother, and the coming is topped. (Mengxia)

  • will be sent to the Halloween. (Huang Zunxian)

  • family harmony

    1. 母 手 手, 游 身. (Mengxia)

    2. The heart of the mother is a heaven of children. (Italian proverb)

    3. I looked at the cradle, my son is growing, I don't have a rest right! (Marti)

    Personal moral

  • is old to respect, is the most beautiful in human spirit privilege. (Sika)

  • Dear for the elderly is nature and normal, respect not only in the oral, but also in practice. (David Dekel)

  • All mystery of education skills is how to love children. (Suhuminski)

  • to criticize children, it is better to make an example. (Ru Bell)

  • Heavy in love

    1. must take out all the love of the parents, all wisdom and all talents In order to cultivate great people. (Maca Leo)

    2. people who have no parents have cultivated, often have a defective person. (Macalen)

    3. The child has the obligation to support the parents. (General)

    4. You don't have the old man who falls into the ground, and no one will help when you wrestle. (Hindu Proverb)

    5. educating children with beatings, but it is similar to that of the class. (Maca Leo)

    small things to do

  • Do not leave your beloved son in your side, let him go out Exercise will be famous in the world. (Thai proverb)

  • For children, my move must be very gentle and cautious. (Marx)

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