Residential building

Building Specifications

The Ministry of Construction of the Ministry of Construction of the People's Republic of China No. 385 of the Ministry of Construction on issuing national standard "Residential Building Specifications" is now approved "Residential Building Specifications" for national standards, numbered GB 50368-2005, is implemented since March 1, 2006. All provisions of this specification are mandatory provisions and must be strictly enforced. This specification is issued by the Ministry of Construction Department Standard Setting Institute. The Ministry of Construction of the People's Republic of China November 30, 2005

Design Specification No.

Residential Design:

  • Residential design should meet the requirements of urban planning and residential area plan, and the land and space should be utilized economical, reasonable and effectively.

  • Residential design should be coordinated with the surrounding environment and should be reasonably organized and comfortable.

  • Residential design should be people-oriented, in addition to meeting general residential use requirements, it should still meet the requirements of special groups such as elderly, disabled people.

  • The residential design should meet the requirements of the sunshariness, natural lighting, ventilation, and sound insulation required.

  • Residential design must meet energy conservation requirements, and residential buildings should be reasonably utilized. It is advisable to combine energy conditions for various localities, and the energy supply method of conventional energy and renewable energy is adopted.

  • Residential design should implement standardization, modal quadrature and diversification, and should actively use new technologies, new materials, new products, and actively promote industrial design, construction technology and modulus. Application Technology.

  • The structural design of residential buildings should meet safe, applicable and durable requirements.

  • The residential design should comply with the relevant fire protection specifications and should meet the requirements of safety evacuation.

  • The residential design should meet the basic requirements of equipment system functions, operational safety, and convenient maintenance, and should reserve reasonable installation locations for related equipment.

  • The residential design should take into account the possibility of future transformation while meeting the recent use requirements.

  • Space requirements

    Residential should be designed, each residential should have a bedroom, living room (hall), kitchen and toilet basic functions space.

    Residential building

    made of bedroom, living room (hall), kitchen, kitchen, etc., the area of ​​use should not be less than 30 m2;

    by the living bedroom, kitchen and bathroom The minimum sleeve of the composition, the area of ​​use should not be less than 22 m2.

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