Reread syllable

Reread the syllable, for free accent language, the word accent is generally marked with the accent symbol on the front or vowel of the reread syllable. Reread syllable

The word contains at least one syllable.

The syllable generally divides the vowel, and each syllable is generally combined with a vowel letter or a vowel alphanumeric. Or several consonants composition. Such as: DOG [Dɒg], Head [HED], etc., these words are only one syllable called mono words.

The word containing two syllables is called dual soundparts, Student [ 'Stju: d [NT]. With three or more syllables called multi-soundwords, such as: Medical [' Medik [L].

has one in the double syllabby word and multi-sound The syllable reads particularly heavy and strong other syllables are relatively light or weak, and the strong phenomenon of this pronunciation is called word sound. The word stress is stress symbol / '/ said, the bilin is used to use the fourth point, and the syllable is divided into two kinds of reread syllables and non-repetition syllables, and the recipient is read more and more clearly.

Non-reread syllable refers to a single syllable. It mainly includes opening a festival, closed sound festival. Non-reread syllable: refers to a lighter syllable, such as: Worker [wɜ: kə (r)]. When we When you have finished learning, you can summarize the pronuncies of the vowel letters.

It is especially important to distinguish the opening and closure festival:

open festival: below The sound festival is called the opening a) means the syllable ending the vowel alphabet ending, such as: no [nəʊ], he [hi:]; b) with "viny letter + consonant letter (except) + non-pronunciation E "The end of the syllable, such as: Face [FEIS], Home [həʊm]. Rereading the vowel letters in the opening of the opening festival often press the letter name. Such as a read [Ei], e reading [i:], i read Make [AI], O reading [əʊ], u reading [ju:].

Close sound festival: End with one or several consonants (except), only one vowel letter in the middle The syllable is called a closed sound festival, such as: Desk [Desk], BIG [BIG]. Voninths read their short sound in the closed sound festival. Such as: a read [A], e read [e], i read For [i], o reading [C], U read as [u] or [q]. Letter AEIOU open festival [Ei] [i:] [ai] [əʊ] [ju:] Closed sound festival [A] [ e] [i] [c] [u] [q]

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