Republic of Chile

synonymous with the flag of Chile generally refers to the flag of the Republic of Chile


1817 February "liberators" Jose Francisco de San Martin and Bernardo Las Mato O'Higgins Riquelme and other Patriots led the Andean Army at the battle of victory in Chacabuco, Chile war of independence great victory. To celebrate the victory, the Andean Army in San Diego raise a flag of Argentina, but this time the Chilean people want to be able to have their own country's flag, to distinguish it from other countries.

established history

1541, Chile became the Spanish colonial empire, colonial, Chilean sovereign state using the Spanish Empire flag.

1810 Nian 9 18, Chile declared its independence, the Patriots have mastered the power, Chi Li Hongda first government was established the following year in November, the radical military Jose Miguel card Cabrera grasp the real power in a military coup government, after Carrera in power, ordered the use of rectangular tricolor equal top-down blue, white, yellow parallel symbol on the three colors, circulating two versions, one that three colors symbolize the dignity of the law and the power of the people, and the other said three colors representing the blue sky, the Andes snow and golden wheat fields.

History flag (3)

1812 Nian 7 March 4, the US consul in Chile Joel Robert Poinsett held to celebrate American Independence dinner on the 36 anniversary of the first time raised the flag of Chile by the sister of Hawera Carrera Carrera sewn - blue and yellow tricolor flag. September 30 the same year, the Chilean government officially approved the flag as a national symbol, and held a flag-raising ceremony at the La Moneda Palace in Santiago.

1814 Nian 5 on 3, Chi Li Hongda government signed with the Spanish royalists of the "Montreal Kayes Treaty" royalists who Francisco de la Lastra helm, he ordered a halt Patriot flag and used to restore the national flag and the use of the Spanish Empire, the same year in July, Carrera return to power, announced the blue and yellow tricolor flag used before resuming in October, Patriot troops defeated the battle of Rancagua Spanish royalist occupation of San Diego, announced the resumption of use after the Spanish Empire flag.

1817 Nian 2 12, the Patriots defeated the Spanish colonial army troops in the Battle of the investigation Ka Buke, a great victory of the War of Independence, to celebrate the victory after the Patriots were raised in San Diego Argentina flag on one side, then on May 26, battle of Chacabuco hero, Argentine Juan Gregorio de las Heras, General Chilean design blue, white and red tricolor flag equal parallel, blue, white, and red Chilean Mapuche indigenous people in opposition to the color of the flag of the Spanish colonial struggle that was used; this is called the flag "transitional national flag", it is liable to the same French flag and the flag of the Netherlands confusion, the flag is used only five months, the Chilean government decided to change the flag style.

1817 Nian 10 18, the Chilean consul highest Bernardo O'Higgins Riquelme decree, approved by the Chilean flag Antonio Arcos Ibn al-Horner designed for flags; February 12, 1818, formally established the Republic of Chile, Revolutionary war hero Thomas Guido in San Diego "independence Palace" (now the national Museum of History headquarters Chile) for the first time raised the flag of Chile.

design elements

flag pattern

Chile Republic flag rectangular aspect ratio of 3: 2, the flag of blue, white, and red composition the upper left corner of the flag half blue square, a central painted white five-pointed star, a white rectangle on the right side; the lower is the red rectangle; wherein the blue portion equivalent to one-half of the white portion, white It is equivalent to two-thirds portion of the red part.

Color Standard

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color standard Chilean flag Republic

color models




Pantone color card (Pantone)




mode printing CMYK color card (CMYK)

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RGB color model color chart (RGB)


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(220, 36, 31)

hexadecimal color codes (HTML)

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the flag of the Republic of Chile, the red symbolizes the hero martyr Chile's independence, freedom and liberation spilled blood (red blood of martyrs on behalf of a say than the national flower of Wei), a symbol of the snow-white peaks of the Andes, blue square drawn from the Mapuche people used flag, symbolizing the sea and sky, white five-pointed star glory days of guide stars, symbolizing the three highest powers (executive, legislative and judicial powers) Chile country's territorial integrity and sovereignty represents national unity, but also represents the incentive heroism courage of the Chilean people.

using the principle


1912 Nian 1 11, the Chilean government issued a decree on the national flag colors and proportions of the number 2597.

1975 Nian 8 26, the Chilean government promulgated the "National Security Law" provisions of Article 6, the flag offend public who will be sentenced for crimes against public order.

2011 Nian 10 3, the Chilean government promulgated Decree No. 20537, the provisions of the people in Chile Chilean flag hanging all year round, but the need to comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and the proper use and care of suspension, or They will face fines.

Article 22, "the Chilean Constitution of 1980" provides that every Chilean residents should respect the national flag and national emblem. Chile's National Guard (Carabineros de Chile) is responsible for overseeing the use of standardized national flag.


At any time, the national flag of the Republic of Chile should be suspended from the top of the flagpole, the white five-pointed star side must be near the flagpole; if it is not the case in the interior of the flagpole or next, it should be horizontal or vertical expansion hanging the national flag of the Republic of Chile, five-pointed star on the national flag must be located in the upper left corner.

Republic of Chile

Using the Scene

public place

government organs at all levels in the Republic of Chile, the judiciary, the legislature, military bases, schools and squares in need of full suspension flag of Chile, Santiago, the presidential palace La Moneda Palace, Plaza de la Constitucion and Plaza de Armas and other iconic locations throughout the day also need to hang the flag of Chile, the Chilean border strip and institutions abroad also need to fly the flag throughout the day.

The annual May 21 and September 18 - 19, the Republic of Chile domestic public buildings and private buildings must fly the flag.

cultural features

Source color

According to the description Chile epic "Aarau Ghana," the Chilean flag on the red, white and blue colors from the earliest in Mapuche flag in the anti-war colonial rule used.


1843 years, the Chilean composer Francisco Bello Boylan and Jose Seppi Ola created a "hymn dedicated to the flag of Chile" With the help of the president when Ren Zhili Manuel Bulnes Prieto, the success of the song sung in Chile the country.

1917 years, the Chilean pianist Enrique Soro wrote the song "Hymn of the flag of Chile."

1928 years, the Chilean poet Victor Domingo Silva wrote poetry "at the foot of the flag" to express their patriotism.

1935 years, the musician Donato Roman Heitman wrote the song "My Chilean flag."

Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda, Chile and other writers have been creative literature on Chilean flag, such as "national colors" (Mista Lal a), "Chile flag" (Neruda author).

Flag Day

Chile Flag Day each year on July 9, commemorates the date (1882) lost their lives in the battle of the Pacific War Weng Concepcion 77 Chilean soldiers.


Antonio Arcos Ibn al-Horner (1762 --1851), the Spanish military engineers and bankers, was born in southern Spain An Dalu West of Malaga, had joined under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte's French army, after the defeat of Napoleon went into exile, the United Kingdom, the United States, in 1814 went to the United provinces of La Plata, Buenos Aires, later went to the library Mendoza province and joined about Jose Francisco de San Martin Mato Las arm of the Andean Army, has been involved in exploration work in the Andes, as patriots after successfully crossing the Andes foundation, 1817 Follow the Andean Army took part in the battle of Chacabuco, after the design of the Chilean flag, after doing business in Chile independent and joined the Chilean nationality, died in 1851 in Paris, France. Arcos with local door Isabel A Laiji married in Chile after independence, the two were fathered four children.

Chile generally considered to be domestic Spaniard Antonio Arcos design of Chilean flag still in use, but some historians believe that the real designer of the flag of Chile since 1758 should be settled in Chile Spanish businessman Gregorio de Andi Ya Barrera.

extended banner

  • presidential flag

President of Chile flag is President of the Chilean flag and one symbol of presidential power, plus the central Chilean flag of the Republic of Chile became the national emblem of the Republic of Chile presidential flag. President of Chile's capital Santiago flag fluttering in the presidential palace La Moneda Palace, the president has appeared on the participation of important events or ceremonies, and hung on ships and vehicles travel presidential ride.

When the President raised the flag, the flag can not be raised in the same place, ordinary Chilean citizens without permission is strictly prohibited without permission president raised the flag.

  • bow flag

Chilean naval ships are usually suspended while suspended flag bow flag, represents itself by the command of the Chilean Navy, Chile flag pattern Li Hai warships heading for the central flag painted blue flag white five-pointed star, equivalent to the upper left corner flag design.

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