Remote camera


HD cable controller type recorder

● Price:

Built-in memory 1G (can enable exhibition)

< P> Special Tips: It is strictly forbidden to use (sneak shots, etc.) illegal purpose.

Product Description:

For the majority of customer requirements, the company specializes in the latest remote pendant video recorder, the product has a small size, strong function, good camouflage, and is very suitable Detective staff is a must-have for detectors. The product has been fully launched. Welcome to detect

to order.

Related parameters:

Photo 1280 * 690

video 640 * 480

working hours


After the new machine is fully charged, you can work for two hours. Around, with the growth time grows, the battery work time will be shortened.

Long - term unused, please charge the battery before use.

Battery type: High capacity polymer lithium electricity.

Charging voltage: DC-5V.

Interface Type: Introducing Standard USB.


Use occasion: Please strictly abide by the national laws and must not use this product for other illegal purposes, otherwise the consequences are at your own risk.

Software Upgrade: In order to make the product better, the manufacturer will continue to improve the product software. This product has the characteristics of convenient customers' own upgrades. Please ask the local dealer's information and upgrade methods. .

Operating temperature: Please use it under natural temperatures, do not work at temperatures that the human body cannot be adapted.

Working: Please use the humidity of humans in humans, do not place products in a humid working environment, and the products do not have waterproof functions.

Shooting illumination: Please use it in a sufficient light source environment, please do not direct the camera directly to the super light source such as the sun to prevent the optical device to be damaged.

Cleaning requirements: Do not use in an environment of excessive dust density, so as to avoid the lens and other components to contaminate dust, affect the image effect.

How to use:

1. Enter the video mode, under shutting down, press the OFF / ON button to open, at this time, the yellow light is on, it is indicated as standby state, this time long press (video / camera button) yellow light flashed three times, the light is off to enter the record Icon mode, then press (record /

camera button) The yellow light is on stopped the video and saved. At this time, the yellow light is on, indicated as the standby state, press the OFF / ON button.

2. Enter the camera mode, press the OFF / ON button in a long time, then the yellow light is on, indicated as standby, short press (video camera button) yellow light flank once, take a picture, and weighted. Long press OFF / ON shutdown.

Light indication status indication

charging: Yellow light is bright, full of backlight, USB file reading and writing: Yellow light slow flash

standby status : Yellow lights Long bright

Card full: yellow light bright

battery low: yellow light slow flash

video format: avi

Image format: 640 * 480

Take a photo format: 1280 * 960

Battery capacity: 280 mAm 3.7

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