Relationship concept


concept is the general characteristics of the human brain on the realistic object and the general characteristics of the phenomenon, and is the most basic unit of thinking activities. The concept of relationship is the concept of interrelationships based on things.


Classifying the number of things attributes in accordance with concepts and other interrelationships, concepts can be divided into partnership concepts, drawing concepts and relationship concepts.

is divided into natural concepts and artificial concepts based on concepts.


"High" is defined according to location relationship, "size" is defined according to an area or volume relationship.

Conceptual related theory

Hierarchy Network Model

Proposed by Collins et al, the main content is the concept in nodes in the concept network, each concept Has a certain feature. The concept of the concept is hierarchically stored, and the concepts of various books are organized together in a logical top-level relationship, form a concept-related network. In the network, the higher the hierarchy, the higher the level of abstract summation.

Feature Table Theory

Proposed by Wurta et al., The characteristic table theory is decomposed into the semantic feature of the concept into defined features and specific features. Definition feature is to define a concept that must be available, it is equivalent to the essential characteristics of the concept. Specific feature is characteristic of the description function, which is equivalent to the non-essential characteristics of the concept. The structure of the concept is constructed by the definition characteristics of the concept and the rule of integrating these features. These rules are also known as conceptual rules, including affirmation, negation, analysis, condition, etc. The definition feature and conceptual rules of the concept have formed a variety of concepts.

Prototype Model

The concept is primarily characterized by prototype. The prototype refers to a typical member that is most representative of this category in the category. Prototype Theory believes that the concept is made of a member of the prototype and the prototype characteristics similarity.

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