Reflected solar radiation

The reflection of solar radiation from the atmosphere

It can weaken the solar radiation reaching the ground. The reflection effect is the clouds and dust in the atmosphere, which have the function of a mirror, which can reflect part of the solar radiation projected on it back to the universe. The scattering effect is that when solar radiation encounters air molecules or tiny dust in the atmosphere, part of the solar radiation is scattered in all directions around these particles, changing the direction of solar radiation. 3. Various wavelengths of reflection are also reflected without selectivity. Scattering blue and purple light are most easily scattered and have a certain selectivity.

Parameterized calculation method of solar radiation reflected on the surface

Starting from the law of conservation of energy, an analytical calculation model of the sky brightness changes caused by the reflection of the Lambertian surface on the downward radiation is established. Using the principle of ray tracing, a theoretical model of multiple reflections between the earth's surface and the atmosphere is proposed. An impact factor of multiple scattering is introduced, and the additional sky brightness is corrected. Using the hybrid modified !? 2DDEFGH&F approximation and the principle of reciprocity, the atmospheric transmittance, albedo and hemispherical average albedo are calculated. Finally, the ground surface albedo is calculated as *("B, *($B and *(AB) the sky brightness increment in the case of AB. Experimental measurement data confirms these results. The results show that: when the surface albedo is not *, There is a "limb brightening" effect, and this effect becomes more obvious as the surface albedo increases.

Reflected solar radiation

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