Red lotus flame

Role Set

Official Setting of Honglian Flame (4 photos)

Name: Red Lotus Flame (グレ グレ ファ ファ ヤ ヤ)

Special: strange, flame operation, self-explosion

weakness: battle desires are Sheng, often fighting forget the original purpose; blind confidence, it is easy to be flopped by opponents.

Weapon: Flame Bar

Ethnicity: Red Lotus Flame "

Responsibilities: Inflammation Pirate Bodyguard, Caesar Bei Lia Resistance Alliance Member

Character: The surface is very rude, like sports power. In fact, it is very gentle, but it is always in your mouth. Some blind confident.

family: Honglian Flame Indigo, Red Lotus Flame New Green, Red Lotus Flame Zhu Hong

Role experience

super decline! Belia Galaxy Empire

In order to find the legendary Paraji shield, Rio, small straight, the princess of Emei La came to ask the inflammation of the hairdressing, and the red lotus flame is a pirate of inflammation Bodyguard.

Red lotus flame will spend the dark Lapus under the Hand of Beilee, and the two hands with Rio, and therefore I will meet. After that, the Beli Yinhe Imperial Legion suddenly appeared, the Red Lotus flames and Roose were fighting, but the enemy, I was very unfavorable. After the Red Lotus Flame Informs the Shield of Paraji, release the whole body flame to detonate the sea of ​​nitrosylmethane space, covering the colors and others retreat.

rescued Rio from the hands of the arc Belia, and brought the aid soldiers against the Bayi Yinhe Imperial Legion, and everyone was still invincible against Berija. In a critical moment, Noa Altman appeared, giving the shield of Rio Paragi, and the mirror knight, Jenbrt covered together, and finally Rio defeated the electric Arc Bailea. At the end, with Rio, Mirror Knights, Jenbrt set up a new universe guard team - the ultimate game Luo Police preparation team (Type Around Colora).

Killer is more than the special star

story happening in "Super Decisive Battle! After a year of Beli Yeha Empire, Jenbrt was taken away by mysterious celestial body, Rio, Honglian flame, mirror knight, into the internal investigation of the celestial body, defeating dreams in the case of weakening in the power of fog , No enemy killer. After the hamlicer changed the evil, the new partner Jennag was the ultimate competition.

Super Rio Game

and Jenbrt, Mirror Knight, Jenna walked together to understand Gauss, Dai Ji gave him the true meaning of the power.

When the crisis is caught in the crisis and other armed race members debut, and the galerzathy family, the frozen Gro Sword is not equal. Then the Dark Colorant appeared, and it was easily destroyed by the general armed ranro. And other armed members called in the inner motivation of Rio, and finally Rio resurrected, turned into glory, and returned red lotus flames, mirror knights, Jenbert, and Jenna all resurrected.

Gilbaris in order to erase the whole universe wisdom life, the whole universe sent Galatlon, and the army was destroyed all of the planets. Latron. Later, I came to the Jiede worldview, but I was blocked in the earth, Gilbaris was destroyed before entering the earth.

Zeta Color Radio Drama

Loguo to find Saoro, I met Zen Tower, and flicked Zeta flew around 100 circles around the Milky Way.

Role skill

Honglian flame "

The general attack of the gathered flame energy "Rio Tightman's foreign killings compared with the special stars" gathered in the knee, attacking the Ice killer.

Head flame Red lotus flame

like human beings to make your head like Release the flame's handsome posture, if the head can't release the flame, it feels no spirit.

In "Super Rio Game" in the form of impact, the head of the wound flame is attacking one of the Diablinza people in the Diabloza.

Honglian Flame Punch (グレ グレ ファ ヤ ヤ パ パ チ / glen fire punch)

Free fists around the flame attack enemies, can attack continuous attacks, "Saro Altman The Movie superfunction! The Beli Yeha Empire is used when playing with Rio.

"Rio Tightman's rumored killer than the special star" in a boxing dream than Yishens killer.

Honglian piling fall (グレ グレ ド ド バ バ / glen driver

Put the enemy's head downward, and heavy towards the ground. When using the battle with Rio, it will easily defeat the dream than Youzhis killer.

PS: Name comes from professional wrestling piling (PileDriver

Fire stick (ファ ヤ ヤ ティ ティ ク ク ク / fire stick)

summoned a rod weapon wrapped around the flame, spike a large number of Lejina.

Honglian sparks (グレ ス ス パ ク ク / glen spark)

Light of the flame core of the chest, release the flame surrounds the whole body, detonate the sea area of ​​the inflammation filled with cosmithane, eliminating a lot of Beli Yinhe Imperial warship.

"Rio Tightman's extinguishing star killer" is released in the form of huge fireball.

"Super Rio Game" in the Diabloza of the Diablo, a frozen Grosza, one of the Diabloji, one of the Diabloans, and the whole body.

flame flash (ファ ファ ヤ ヤ フ フ シュ シュ / fire flash) < / p>

Release the flame energy with a flame stick to attack the enemy, and will form a fireball after hit the enemy, so that the fireball explosion causes harm to the enemy, "Cyro Altman THE MOVIE overturch! In the Beli Milky Empire, in order to give the Silver Emperor's electric arc Beilea.

flames (ファ ファ ヤ ヤ ダ シュ シュ / fire dash) < / p>

Use the Red Lotus flame to enable the flame around the whole body, and seize the pose of Belia Altman's soul of Rio's physical birth to show continuous violent attacks. But it is completely invalid, you are also killed by Dark Colorant Darts (after being resurrected by Glorious Rooster).


Flame Superman (ファ ファ ヤ ヤマ マ) On January 7, 1973, "The Red Lotus Flame

Honglian Flame also pays tribute to the famous role of the sound of Qi Zhiyi --G high-reached the male protagonist Montenest. Whether it is a "fighting idiot" in the brain, it is still the bloody shout, and the various postures of "Red lotus flame

and the ancestors : relative to the ancestors of the air - handed "B> Fire Superman Red Lotus Flame is more good at stick martial arts. In the ancestors, the ancestors gigmined into the fierce style, it is more powerful to make him more powerful. However, the Red Lotus Flame did not inherit ancestral careful personality, often in the battle in the battle.


2010 " superfunction! Beli Yinhe Empire "

2011" Cyro Outman 外 传 killer than Tet Star "

2012" Super Rio Glight

2014 "big monster Rush"

2018 "Jette Ottal Edition: Connection! desire! ! "

2020" Otte Heroes: Rio and Jied "

2020" Rio Zea Radio Drama "

< H2> Red lotus flame family

The family of Honglian flames (they are the red lotus flame indigo, red lotus flame new green, red lotus flame Zhu Hong. Only in the big monster Rush Arcade]

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