Reclined Curtclite, belongs to the green curtain stone mineral, chemical composition is Ca 2 aLAL 2 [SiO 4 ] [Si 2 o 7 ] o [oh]. The homogeneity of stones, and the green curtain composition is a completely class.

Physical properties are similar to green curtains, shallow color, often gray, pale yellow, light green, brown and other colors. Common granular and radial collectors.

Physical properties

color shallow, common gray, pale yellow, light green, transparent, glass gloss. See the two groups of fractures, {001} is complete, {100} is not complete. The Moh's hardness is 6, the relative density is 3.38-3.49.



The resected stone belongs to a single allantin system. The crystal can extend in columnar shape along the B shaft, but often in a granular shape.


in the sheet colorless. High protrusions.

NP = 1.697-1.714, NM = 1.699-1.722, NG = 1.702-1.729, NG-NP = 0.005-0.015.

The highest interference color is I-gray-ie yellow.

Parallel B shaft is parallel to parallel, other cutting surfaces are lateral light.

delays can be negative.

Sometimes the polymeraldic double crystal can be seen.

two axes (+), 2V = 65 ° - 90 °.

Causes and production

The production of green curtain stone minerals is related to hot fluid (mainly equivalent to the medium temperature heat medium), mainly formed green curtain, that is, the original A surrounding rock formed by the lanstrite and metamorphic rock and deposition rocks. In the back deformation of the power crushing, Ca 2 + can form a green curtain stone mineral from the oblique graft, 石 和 and angular flash. The green slices in the regional metamorphic rock are also widely developed.

The resected stone is the elongated product of the slope of the stone, which is centered in the flaky and contact amphibia.


columnar crystal form, a set of completely fractures of parallel {001}, and the characteristic yellow green.

The difference between the stone is: except of the outer side of the radiant B shaft, all of which are laterally light, and the diagonal curtain is 2V.

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