Definition of the

Mode and radiation angle is the two basic elements represented by the plural triangle, and the vector length corresponding to the plural is referred to as the magnitude of the plural, the vector and the real shaft The angle of the angle is the inclusion angle. The size of the radiation is infinite, but the radiomor is uniquely determined.

Due to a plural

can be determined by the ordered real number to
, an ordered real number pair with a plane right angle coordinate system
Correspondingly, the plurality of points can be represented by the point
of the coordinates, at this time, the point of the
axis corresponds to the real number, The point of the
axis, the point on the
axis (except for origin) corresponds to the pure amount, namely the
axis is a virtual axis, as in this way The plane of the plural is called a complex.


is used to indicate
is vector in
axis. In this way, the plural
establishes a corresponding relationship with the vector
on the plane.


is called the mode or absolute value of the plural
, record
, so

is not the original point, ie, multiple
, vector
The angle of the axis is referred to as the radiation angle of the plural
, which is recorded as
. The symbols of the radiation are specified as: from the front-axis inverse clockwise direction to
is positive, and it is negative in
as a negative.

Obviously a non-zero-recollection

has an endless multiple values, they differ in the integer multiple of
, but
There is only one value
satisfying the condition
, called
is the radio angle of the plural
, records
, So


, the radiation angle of
is meaningless.

Calculation of radioactor


of the main correspondence
and annectable primary value
has the following relationship:

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